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September 10, 2011

Two Months In

I wasn't sure I'd stay on this healthy kick as I can be lazy and tending to your hair can be tedious sometimes.  I still need to step up the regular moisturizing but I like the routine I have established now and have eliminated some products and gotten one or two others that have helped tremendously.  The homemade leave in conditioner in particular has been great so thanks to my hairdresser for reminding me about it and kimmaytube for posting it in the first place.  I have noticed that since I used it that my roots and most of my hair will dry pretty straight with no effort on my part.  The ends are curlier than I would like which is why I normally wrap it or roller set my hair BUT I don't really have to at this stage.  My hair feels thicker to me and is closer to NL than it was when I started (was just past my chin in July).  It's holding the moisture I give it better and after I decided to drop the color (my gray was winning the battle faster and faster each month) it has felt stronger too.  Tying it down when I work out has helped me not have the same kind of issues before with my hair getting kinda cruddy after it got sweaty.  Glad that I'm still working on my hair and hope to get to shoulder length by my birthday (mid December) or early January.  Right now I'm just searching for more hair styles to rock because braiding my own hair is still a work in progress lol and I feel like I look 12 with the curls so any suggestions would be welcome. HHJ all.