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November 18, 2011

Today Was a Good Day

So I wrapped my hair for a change and went to sleep after actually staying focused and doing my cowash as soon as I got home.  Short of it being kinda poofy and thick as all heck my hair was actually straight which is a miracle.  No ridges, no dents just straight.  I bumped it slightly with my flat iron because it was lacking definition but took about two seconds and I remembered the heat protectant.  Left the house happy and work was eh but coming home was great. Sometimes you just hear things when the moment is right. I love my random feature on my Zune. There's a reason Christina Aguilera is one of my favorite singers, I Am is totally my new theme song. Put me in such a good frame of mind I did my shopping in record time, grabbed the garbage and mail, put up the groceries, heated up my leftovers and gave the last three cupcakes to the neighbors so I wouldn't eat them and to just pass on some good will. Dinner time now, sorority meeting tomorrow, miss my baby but life is good.

November 12, 2011

Clarifying Night Woohoo

Was not my plan, it's just wash day but it dawned on me I hadn't clarified in a LONG time so I went ahead and let the Carol's Daughter out of it's hiding place and took care of that.  Followed up with some great conditioners and after finally remembering my setting lotion I did my roller set on the larger rollers I bought today.  It actually rolled a lot easier on these so I guess I have to get used to the fact that my hair is growing more than I thought it would.  Since I found the photo from last December I'm really interested in what it will look like a full year later.  It will only be six months of hair journey but will be nice to chart the progress.  Just gotta be careful and not get lazy on the moisturizing as the wind is picking up and the temperature is dropping in these parts.  Tried a Shea Moisture masque today for the first time too, as part of the deep conditioning, so I'm interested to see if there's a major difference tomorrow when I take these down from the air drying.  Hair growth is fun---don't mean that sarcastically at all.