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August 16, 2021

Three years and counting

So I'm a bit closer to the retwist this time.  First let me drop the photos.  



Okay now that I have done that let's drop in some updates.  I am officially three years locked now.  Most of my hair is hitting my shoulders or longer depending on front vs back and what spot it is on my head.  You can see the hair in the back doing it's own thing entirely which is probably the coolest part of this whole thing for me.  My hair hasn't been this length is a month of Sundays.  When I was wearing braids it would be closer to my butt and would annoy me after a while so I often kept it up.  Before my locs got to this length they were annoying me too.  Hair brushing my neck is weird for me.  Where it is now is kind of cool.  It feels like a really nice caress when I move my head from side to side which I do a lot now because it is flipping cool.  My hair right up front gets in my way which is why it's up again.  Seat belt, clothes, when I'm trying to focus.  All of it is tooooooo much so up it goes.  I saw my campus mom a few weeks ago so she could bask in the growth and we relived the moments she was straight worried about my very much so scalpy head.  I get it, I was worried too.  That first year was kind of all over the place.  And while it was fuller halfway through year two the growth didn't kick in until well after the pandemic.  I had shit else to do apparently so my hair said bet I got this.  From February of 2020 to now my hair has gone from around my ears to below my shoulders.  I wish there was someone to play with it other than me but maybe it wouldn't be that healthy if there were extra hands in it.  Right now I'm just excited about life so there's that.  Well maybe my hair.  The pandemic is slightly terrifying.  Haiti is in trouble again.  I have no words on the Taliban situation in Afghanistan.  The world is on fire and it's hard to keep finding bright spots in it sometimes.  On the upside I had a great lunch with a work friend and the semester starts next week.  It's a battle in contrasts always.