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November 30, 2012

30 Days Has November...

April June and September all the rest have 31 except for February which has 4 plus 24--leap year brings it one day more.

That poem has been stuck in my head for HOURS as the end of the month and the National Blog Posting Month.  I wasn't sure I'd make it the entire thirty days posting because let's face it I can be a bit spacey.  But I did and now that it's over it was fun.  Can't say I would be able to do it every day every month cause I'm bored often and easily distracted.  Turns out though, this was such a rousing success (or it could be every month and I only caught on for November--edit yeah I just looked back at the site to make sure yep I'm super late lol) that it will reboot in December for those that are interested in joining up and trying to take on the challenge for themselves.  Next month's theme is WORK.  I am seriously looking for a new job and have ups and downs with this job but don't think I have 31 posts about work in me at all.  For those interested in signing up and joining the blogroll click HERE.  You need to fill out a quick form but then you're added to the other tiny legion of blogs that will gain new readers for the next month.

I'm super excited because my order from Cupcake Provocateur shipped today and will be here early next week.  That means if I space it out right and don't go into massive OMG yummy mode I will have a cupcake left to enjoy on my birthday because I'm sure mom won't be buying me a luscious birthday cake and sure as heck won't be making me one.  She's kinda mean like that.  She used to have one every year on my birthday at work but in seven years with me no cake lol.

Yesterday I was checking out The Bloggess's page and she posted a great charity group.  For some reason I haven't been inspired to get my annual angel this year but this touched my heart.  Project Night Night is a group that creates gift bags for children living in homeless shelters.  It gives them a book, a toy and a blanket that's all theirs.  Twenty bucks creates a bag for a child.  And you can donate in honor of someone else if you so desire.  Check it out.  And if you are so moved as well there's another little girl in need of some help.  She's eight and is fighting brain cancer.  If you're in her area there will be a party.  Tickets are 100 dollars for that event.  If you're not then you can donate via PayPal if you like and any amount large or small would be appreciated.  Her name is Jada and she looks like a sweetheart.  The links will both take you to the same place--a site called Giants of Generosity

November 29, 2012

Cute Kid Video-Dino Lingo

For the parents out there if you are looking for a new video or learning tool for your cutie pies you should check out Dino Lingo.  It's apparently in SEVERAL different languages but my French is rusty so I only watched it in English.  It's kind of in the vein of Dora the Explorer in that the friendly creatures (dinosaurs) go on random adventures together to explore the world.  Except I really hated Dora after a while and these characters seem much more friendly.  There was a little gap between the initial conversation the dinosaurs had but they were very friendly and had a good time as they explored together.  The language is appropriate for youngsters and easy for them to follow along to while they watch.  My initial thought was it may be more boy appropriate but for lack of a better phrase they are pretty cute dinosaurs that girls will like as well.  Check it out below.

Random Hair News

Okay so I was recovered enough to get back to work today.  Work was good, devised a new system for when I need to take a wee break in the day and I'm on this side of town--quick trip to the library.  Let me write my notes in peace, pick up a cd I had on hold, and scour for a few books.  Side note I know that people love their ereaders and digital books but I really don't.  I'll be really depressed if and when there are no more paper books.  I love the pages and the smell and book shelves damn it.  Okay back on track.

It was windy today but not so windy that it was annoying like a few days ago.  My hair was blowing around and being a tiny bit of a pain for a few seconds until it settled.  And when it settled I discovered something.  My hair is just long enough to not annoy the crap out of me like it did last relaxer.  I think the point on my neck that it was hitting in August is just a sensitive area and doesn't like anything there.  When I had weave that length it was annoying to me then as well.  Today not so much, it felt nice brushing against my neck and top of my shoulders.  I will be getting it up and off my collar soon as the weather keeps changing and the collars keep getting higher.  I've been better at moisturizing and sealing before bed as well so that's another plus--especially as it is wrapping so much easier now as well.  And while I was in the library I saw a strand of my hair on my sweater.  It was perfectly even in gray/black combination.  So clearly it was broken off of another strand cause the strand wasn't that long.  I saved it cause it made me smile for some reason.

Ahh well that's all I got for today.

November 28, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well it is for advertisers and stores and Charlie Brown.  I really do still like to keep my holidays separate but I did enjoy the Prep and Landing short in the middle of the Charlie Brown episodes.  I did not win the ridiculously large powerball so I guess it's back to work and the ever present hustle.  I did get an interview in with a local agency that seems interested in my credentials.  A few opportunities there but they are gonna double check what makes sense for both of us.  I may not get offered a thing but at least it's an interview.  Tomorrow I need to work on stuff for my class and an application that is pending.  I really just need to write a teaching philosophy statement but that just seems unnecessarily crazy since you'd have to interview me and talk about those things with me.  I'm recovering from another round of the weather going crazy and hope it doesn't crush me again in the morning.  I hate being this kind of sick, just makes me achy and cranky.  And I eat too much lol.  And for those who like myself were hoping Lauren over at Filing Jointly finally would get her Christmas wish and her post would get the requisite likes to get her husband in a Santa suit on a jaunt around Chicago.  Turns out 1500 likes and the earnest please of people like myself got him to agree to do it well before the deadline.  So we'll have Mr. and Mrs Claus along with two friendly elves to giggle at sometime next month.  Oh well enough of my moaning.  Nothing else to tell ya.  How is everyone doing?

November 27, 2012

Life is Terribly Funny

As the blogging month comes to an end soon I have to admit it hasn't been too hard to keep up.  I will most likely slow up again in December cause I feel like I'm boring the crap out of people.  Work was slightly better, saw more of my clients and touched base with all but one who will be in the hospital for quite a while longer--hoping she fully recovers.  I left and went on day two of my mission to get some much needed new glasses.  My prescription keeps changing a tick but after not getting a pair in two or three years it's time.  I contemplated going home and getting a cheap pair on Coastal.com but in my ongoing desire to stop being so cheap with myself and make sure they fit and could be altered if needed I went ahead and got the pair I wanted.  A cute pair from Jessica McClintock.  My vision insurance is actually pretty good.  It didn't make the glasses FREE but it took about half off to make sure my lenses were really thin and anti reflective and had transitions.  It covered all but fifty on the frames and gave me 20 percent off those.  I could have gone cheaper but ehhh the only cheaper ones I really liked were plastic and I have an aversion to plastic frames.  I think because I had to wear them as a kid and be careful so they wouldn't break.  Ehh just not loving them anymore.  When I get them I'll take a photo.

So my precious Cody went home on the Voice tonight but I can't wait to see what he does next cause I heart him totally.  Dez went home too but he's not my style.  I'll let the 21 and under crowd handle him.  The New Normal and Go On were both hilarious and priceless tonight.  Gotta love em both.  Not a lot else to tell you tonight.  No need to recap the craziness that is living with mom.  It's just another day in crazy town.  Oh and I didn't forget the photos I was just being lazy but here they are.  Not the best shots ever but you can see the length better without the curls.  And you can see all the pockets of gray too lol.  Oh well such is life.

November 26, 2012

It's time for the Voice or Why I totally love Blake Shelton

Okay so it's Monday and that means the first two hours of my prime time (for now) are occupied by The Voice.  I will admit that I had maybe heard a song or two that belonged to Blake but had not really a clue who he was before the first season of The Voice.  However, watching him, Adam (hey scruffy hubby to be), CeeLo (my funky soul brother) and Christina (hey girl, totally love you) over the last three cycles of this show has endeared him to my heart.  Let's face it he's a strapping young man who's nice to look at BEYOND being totally adorable with his wife and possibly one of the funniest parts of The Voice.  He says and does all the inappropriate things I'm always thinking when I watch the show.  And surprise for me, I actually like him singing.  Honeybee and Drink on It are two of my faves.  The show is fantastic.  The judges seem genuine and are enjoying each other as well as their contestants.  It's gonna suck for me when Christina and CeeLo take their break.  I'm hoping that Blake and Adam take one too cause really I don't want anyone else with them.  Unless of course it's me and you REALLY don't want me to sing a thing outside of the car with the music blaring.  Anyhoo, here are the numbers for tonight if you would like to vote.  I won't no vote anyone tonight but Team CeeLo is where it's at.  And one final thing, I'll take a picture and show you tomorrow but after the curls fell I could see where my hair really is.  Yeah for growth and health.

Amanda Brown (Team Adam) 855 VOICE 01 / 855 864 2301
Cody Belew (Team CeeLo) 855 VOICE 02 / 855 864 2302
Terry McDermott (Team Blake) 855 VOICE 03 / 855 864 2303
Melanie Martinez (Team Adam) 855 VOICE 04 / 855 864 2304
Dez Duron (Team Christina) 855 VOICE 05 / 855 864 2305
Trevin Hunte (Team CeeLo) 855 VOICE 06 / 855 864 2306
Nicholas David (Team CeeLo) 855 VOICE 07 / 855 864 2307
Cassadee Pope (Team Blake) 855 VOICE 08 / 855 864 2308

November 25, 2012

Fantasy Football and Cupcakes

I still haven't rocked my aprons when I'm cooking but it's no fun when the only other person here is my less than wonderful companion--mom.  She's still cranky about not going shopping on Black Friday and I'm so beyond over it that I can't begin to explain.  I made a nice brandy infused marinade for the steaks and sliced up some potatoes and added some garlic salt, soy sauce, Italian seasoning and butter.  And I'm making cupcakes again cause I'm almost out and I love them.  Last batch is done and they are cooling.  The leftovers are in the fridge and the kitchen is mostly clean save the dirty dishes and I'm not touching those.  And my fantasy football win is teetering on the last game of the day.  I'll probably lose at the rate it's going.  Had I gone with my gut and not the expert recommendation it wouldn't be so tenuous but such is week to week in the stupid league.  Ahh well enough rambling.  I really don't have much to tell ya at this point.  I am thoroughly loving my recipe binder though.  I still have to consult it before I make things but I don't have to run back and forth to the laptop now.  I'm in flux about life again but I think I know what I want to do I'm just over thinking it.  I know I'm over thinking it but I always do.  Sue me.  Back to tv and not the game so I don't make myself nervous as all get out hoping for fumbles.  I'll turn it on in a few hours and suck up the loss lol.  See ya

November 24, 2012

The Wonderful thing About Tiggers

Well you know the rest.  I actually got in and out of the hairdresser in under two hours.  Minor miracle yes I know especially on a Saturday but things are good.  We had another good conversation about what I'm doing well, both remarking about how well my hair (and her hair since her big chop) is growing out.  Knowing that I need to do better in some areas and giving me some tips on what else I can do to keep my hair healthy and growing.  Love my stylist really.  We also talked about Cupcake Provocateur, may have snagged her another customer lol.  So I relaxed at 13 weeks post and knew I was in need of a trim. For a while I was thinking it was a slow growth three months and with a trim of around an inch I was prepared for no net length.  However, the longer I was away from the shop and subject to the wind I could tell it was longer than I thought but still not quite where I would mark it to claim full shoulder length.  I'll find my last relaxer pictures and make a comparison shot in a second.  I never know why I type that.  You don't care if it's in a second or five years, just want to see the photos.  And I was right, there's some net growth just not a lot of it retained in the way I would enjoy.  I'll keep tending to my ends and try to do better.  But hair in the back was above my necklace after the last relaxer and is just under it or touching it after today's relaxer.  The side shots show more fullness to me not necessarily a lot of growth on the side I shot but more on the left side.  Either way growth and thickness is good.

I also boxed up all the gifts for my line sisters and after another address check I'll get these out into the US mail.  Without the fresh dye job the hair is looking a little dull in these shots but it could also be the lighting.  I know I took them in the same location so I must not have had on the same amount of lights or did something goofy with my camera which is so not out of the realm of possibility.  Oh well, I think that's it for today.  I love being able to touch my scalp without getting into that mini afro that was hanging out there lol. 

November 23, 2012

Who Gets Sick on Black Friday?

I do I do I do.  Felt like I was being smothered when I woke up and I did a bit of nothing when I woke up before I gave in and took some cold medicine.  Which knocked me out and means I was really sick because cold medicine usually does nothing but clear me up for a while.  I woke up four hours later and scrolled back to the post right below this one.  I picked up the Truman dress and a pretty necklace at Shabby Apple.  Then I went back to Cupcake Provocateur and got another Harlow apron in a pattern I love oh and some more cupcakes.  I did the math and based on my previous order, current order and just placed order I'll have a nice round number to return at some point in the future if I ever return them.  Remember the jars were freaking adorable so I may just turn them into something else.  I need to grab something else to eat so I can take my meds for the night.  Tomorrow is creamy crack day lol.  I'll try to post a photo when I get done.  It will be a few week shy of my birthday but that means by birthday the volume will be back.  I may take some photos to commemorate my 37th year on this earth and I can send some photos to my nieces.  Plus it may help me really kick start the healthy physical side of things in the new year.  Ok, all done updating the world now.  Have a great day ladies and whatever gent stops by.

Oh and I deleted the link to makin' cute blogs.  The page hasn't been updated in a while--which doesn't really bother me--but the tutorials don't work and neither do most of the other pages.  Just gives a 404 error.  So sorry if I referred you there recently and if it ever gets up and running again I'll let ya know.

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Phase Three--Black Friday Shopping from the Sofa


For those of you that are like myself and truly hate going out to shop or the things you want are no where near you I have a treat for you.  Both of the sites, that I adore, that I am an affiliate for are having sales tomorrow and both of them are for the ENTIRE site.  For the Shabby Apple lovers just click the link below to go the sale/site and remember to type in JOYFULSEASON at checkout to get your discount.  The sale WILL NOT start until tomorrow so don't get angry by clicking all early and getting frustrated because the code doesn't work yet.  The sale won't end until November 30th so if you need to wait till payday go ahead but don't forget.  I'll try to remind you again before it ends.

Dresses from Shabby Apple

And in hot off the presses news Cupcake Provocateur has also joined in the Black Friday fray.  Not only are they doing 30 percent off the ENTIRE site they are tossing in free shipping as well for US & International orders.  Use code THANK30 to get your discount and free shipping.  This sale also WILL NOT start until tomorrow so do not head over the minute you see this to get yourself some goodies.  Yes I know I just bought something for myself but I may have to indulge in both of these sales, within reason, as part of my not being cheap with myself mindset besides you can't beat the discounts AND free shipping.  
Okay that's enough out of me.  Get ready to get your desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones ready to do some retail therapy in your pajamas.  I'll be doing so after I get out of bed in the morning and/or after I get in from a day of work.  Either way I'll be clicking away.

Happy Thanksgiving Phase Two

Dinner was delicious.  I haven't had seconds yet and may not, I'm not super hungry today.  I got to talk to my cutie pie nieces and understood almost all of what both of them said so WINNING there.  I'm watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving after seeing how may fantasy team is doing.  I was worried cause my opponents players for the day severely overperformed.  Thankfully the only player I had playing today did as well, almost doubled his expected points.  So yea winning there too.  I managed to get a co-wash in and was only a little off my normal be done by schedule.  Granted it may not have been the best idea to wash two days before a relaxer but my hair was looking a hot mess and I didn't want to put heat on it since I haven't in the last six weeks at least.  I'm pretty sure I did it the last time I went in for a relaxer as well and short of super curly hair to work through to base it was okay.  Either way one more day of work, extra payday tomorrow and fresh relaxer on Saturday.  Even more winning.  Plus hair loss was minimal today thanks to that lovely three comb detangling method.

Nothing else to tell you about the day but there is one more post in me because of things I just found out and it deserves it's own post.

Happy Thanksgiving Phase One

Okay I've had a post in my head for the last few days that was sounding kind of morose.  It wasn't my intention but that's how it was dancing around in my head.  So here's the deal.  I am cheap, I think I've mentioned it before but I'm all for a good deal.  My parents were both cheap too so I think it wore off on me and my brother.  We'll splurge on things that make sense and that will last a long time but in general big silly expenses we skip.  And almost anything can be classified as silly.  My brother is a little bit better than me but I am just flat out cheap.  Then a few days ago I restocked my gingerbread creme Oreos and got my custom cupcake and apron order from Cupcake Provocateur.  And a few days before that I bought myself a cd and the small humans (and myself) a copy of Brave.  And in a few days I'll get my quarterly dose of creamy crack which shouldn't be an expense that I'm quantifying but recall the previous I'm cheap statement.  Then it occurred to me.  I don't do that when I make donations.  I mean I don't make huge ones but I donate without blinking if the cause is important to me.  I usually don't do that when I'm making gift purchases--like I didn't think twice about buying a copy of Brave for the ex's kids cause that's just not something to be petty about.  I am the cheapest freaking human being when it comes to me and me alone.  I make the money that's making all of those purchases for everyone else but for me I limit my expenses as much as possible.  And that made me sad.  Why was I such a low priority for me?  Honestly there's not a good reason but I am cautious with money and the things I tend to want seem frivolous as a result.  Mind you I have more money in the bank now than I've had at the end of a month in God only knows and I'm working very hard to keep it that way (yeah side hustle a.k.a. teaching lol).  And the cheap is beyond money, I've not done a great job of taking care of much other than my hair and my teeth (very recently) and I need to do better.  Some days I'm just in need of a break and other days I deserve to have the unnecessary lunch at P.F. Chang's.  Either way I'm thankful for recognition and I need to do better.  Are you being cheap with yourself?  If you are what are you willing to do in order to take better care of you?

Thanksgiving cooking update: Cupcakes are done, breakfast muffins are done, duck is in the oven, turkey fryer is prepped with fresh oil and when the duck is closer to being done the turkey will get dropped into a vat of hot oil.  Then the fixings will get the hookup along with crescent rolls.  Somewhere in there I need to make a fresh pecan pie cause the one from last night went to hell.

November 21, 2012

3D Crest White Update

I'm in the middle of cupcake baking in preparation for tomorrow but while round two is baking I went ahead and took pictures of the results of the 3D Crest Whitening Strips.  Looking at the photos I can see a slight difference but they look whiter in person (at least to me).  They aren't WHITE but it's only been 20 days and I haven't had a whitening in forever because they are so darn expensive.  However, from the tinge of yellow when they started to the last treatment yesterday my teeth are on the path to white.  Because of that I'll probably revisit them again in a month or two to make sure I start the month off with them and go for the full 20 days without getting distracted because I forgot what day I'm on.  No more stalling, here's the photo of my teeth and extra full lips.  I also noticed I was giving you less gums in each shot lol.  Mom would be proud she hates the gum shots lol.  There will be another post tonight maybe after I'm done baking.  I've got 42 Gingersnap Crumble Cupcakes cooling and a pecan pie in the oven to destroy the whitening power of the strips.

November 20, 2012

10 year old boxes and Voice Results show plus....

Okay this will be super random and nothing at all to do with my hair (except I found a huge knot that somehow escaped detangling and I had to keep toying with it until I got it out because my brain was hurting at the thought of having to show that to my hair dresser and get it cut out--lots of innocent hair would have been lost.  Oh and I'm going in for my creamy crack dosage on Saturday cause my new growth feels like it's gonna leave my scalp and go handle it for me.) for the most part.  Mom has already started putting up the Christmas tree which is in violation of my strict one holiday at a time thing plus I'm a December baby and feel it's semi blasphemous to put up the tree before my birthday even though I realize my birthday is December 16th and it's unrealistic to put it up a week before--it's still my preference.  In her closet clearing endeavor she found a crate I put away a long time ago and really don't ever touch.  I forgot what was in it until today.  Turns out it was lots of my dad's old service awards and plaques.  There was pictures and mementos from when he was in Korea and at the Olympics.  After I finished being sappy I called my brother to ask how many he wanted or if he had a preference for anything in particular.  He didn't so I did a very random selection and boxed up things to send him tomorrow.  Dad has been gone since 2001 but there are some years when we are sappier than others and this is one of them.  On the upside we've both rediscovered things that have made us smile so that has been pretty cool.

November 19, 2012

It's Monday lonely Monday

Okay so not really.  I saw more of my clients than I thought I would and touched base with all of them at least.  Gonna turn down another out of town work option in the morning.  I applied for several jobs yesterday and will apply for another two or three tomorrow after work.  I can't keep pretending this job is going to be my be all end all even though I know the work I'm doing is good.  I'm ready to move on to something else now and I'd like it to be teaching.  I will get another class in soon so that's good but we'll see what happens.  Tonight was the Voice live show and the numbers to vote are listed below.  I'm very biased as you will see a few NO VOTE folks.  I want them to go away lol.  Vote Team CeeLo cause they rock.  Team Adam isn't too bad either and I like Terry from Team Blake.  Dez is okay but I'm not sure if he knows what his style is yet and that's hard for me to identify with.  Other than that everything is okay.  Hair feels good, need to text my stylist to find out when I can get in.  Gotta order a transcript too so I can get this thing in or explain to them that it will be coming soon.  Have a great holiday for those that are in the states and getting ready for Thanksgiving.  See ya.

Sylvia Yacoub (Team No VOTE) 855 VOICE 01 / 855 864 2301
Terry McDermott (Team Blake) 855 VOICE 02 / 855 864 2302
Melanie Martinez (Team Adam) 855 VOICE 03 / 855 864 2303
Cody Belew (Team CeeLo) 855 VOICE 04 / 855 864 2304
Bryan Keith (Team Adam) 855 VOICE 05 / 855 864 2305
Amanda Brown (Team No VOTE) 855 VOICE 06 / 855 864 2306
Nicholas David (Team CeeLo) 855 VOICE 07 / 855 864 2307
Trevin Hunte (Team CeeLo) 855 VOICE 08 / 855 864 2308
Cassadee Pope (Team No VOTE) 855 VOICE 09 / 855 864 2309
Dez Duron (Team Christina) 855 VOICE 10 / 855 864 2310

November 18, 2012

Wash Day, Spaghetti & Boo Football

So it's six o'clock and I'm pretty much done for the day.  There's something I should do but no idea if I am going to do it or not but I should.  Anyhoo, I got my hair washed and noticed it was drying a bit faster than I would like today while I was detangling.  I sat down to detangle so I wouldn't get as frustrated and be tempted to yank at it.  I think that was a good idea but it does take longer.  There was a nasty tangle in my hair and I had to take more time to get it out than I normally would there too.  Added some more leave in conditioner and took my time.  I took lots of photos post detangle and it made me rewet my hair and take some more photos. I think we're gonna have to do some edging/trimming on the hair in the back.  It's just looking weird to me but that could just be because my ends are screaming for some heat that I don't intend to give it.  There were a few tiny knots this week but nothing like last week and my hair still feels pretty good week to week.  I probably won't get a relaxer until next week.  I forgot all about the holiday coming up and I think my hairdresser normally heads home for a few days.  We'll see but I'm sure it won't be before Saturday in any regard.  Hair loss was much less this week too.  A little more came out as I was doing the final pull through before I rolled it but I think using less curlers created less opportunity to tangle.  If I hadn't skipped the rolling or good tie down the last two nights I don't think there would have been as much as there was.  Photo below.

November 17, 2012

Tiny Chorus of Thank Yous

This may not be very long.  So on Tuesday I sent copies of Brave out to the different sets of small humans I know.  My brother let me know that he got their copy yesterday but I hadn't heard if the other made it safely.  I inquired about it but forgot cause I was running errands and getting dinner for mom and I.  Right after I got home my nieces called to thank me for their new movie.  Neither one of them talks too long these days but they were very excited to be able to watch the movie after they took their bath tonight.  They are adorable so while they are short on conversation they both said thank you and were excited to know I had all the same movies here in case they come visit and can watch them as much as they like.

Later on I got a call from small human set number two who oddly did the same thing my brother does in that I recognize the number but the small voice is not anticipated.  She seemed a little hesitant at first but wanted to let me know that she had gotten the movie Brave and she was happy to watch it tomorrow.  I totally forgot her birthday was coming up so I'm sure she'll receive it as a birthday gift but it was really my Disney movie gifting spree.  Really if I care about your kids and we chat a lot you'll probably get a copy later too.  It's what I do especially during release weeks as they are discounted and I'm cheap. 

I also got a lovely card from a sorority sister today thanking me for being a good sister which was unexpected that just added to the thank you fest.  All in all it gave me the warm fuzzies.  As did finding out some more info that ancesty.com came up with was valid for my family tree.  I didn't add any new recipes to the binder but that's okay too.  I'm on day 17 of 20 on the 3D White process too.  Three more days and we'll see the final results.  Have a good night and Sunday everyone.

November 16, 2012

A bit sadder than I wanted to be

Well not long after I posted last night I got some bad news.  One of my sorority sisters who I've known for more than a decade passed away unexpectedly yesterday.  She hadn't been ill, had no issues that we are aware of but she is dead.  It's hard to even put it together.  We weren't super close but she was a big spirited kind person who told a good joke and loved the Lakers.  Just another reminder of how short life is and how nothing is promised to any of us.  Hug the people close to you tightly whenever you can.

I went to work and it was almost a total wash.  I did a few more errand running escapades and called it a night.  Waited for a phone interview that didn't take place and finally got over my lazy streak and found a fillable printable recipe template and printed off all the recipes I've loved in the last few months and some that I need to try out.  Since I hadn't printed them I would have to keep running back to check measurements or drag my laptop into the kitchen with me which didn't seem like the best idea.  So my long ago purchased recipe binder from zazzle.com is finally being used.  I need to find some recipe dividers and possibly some page protectors but I'm not that pressed on that aspect of maintaining my recipes just yet.  I clearly need to expand my side dishes after organizing the ones I do have into the right categories.  And congrats to What's Cookin' Chicago for being three of the recipes that got immortalized tonight lol.

I did hear from University of Phoenix today and I'm totally official.  I also got more feedback from one of my students and it was positive as well.  Life continues to ebb and flow as usual.  No hair updates tonight.  Gonna finish watching tv, drinking my Hard Pink Lemonade and relaxing.  Have a good one ladies and gents.

November 15, 2012

No Snappy Title

The amazing brain has nothing for you in the way of great titles tonight.  I'm sleepy again and it's too early for bed unless I plan on being up at 5 and pissed by 9 when I go out to see clients and I'm exhausted.  So I was planning on washing my hair last night and again tonight but ehh didn't happen.  And I'm kind of glad that it didn't go as planned because after an odd roller set to combat the EXTRA straightness of the roller set from Sunday I liked what happened this morning.  I used a few more flexi rods but like ten total instead of my normal head fool of curls.  And I was able to finger comb it into a style that was acceptable and made me happy.  Not so curly that it was making me nervous but enough bounce and body to be pleasing.  I used As I Am's Moisture Milk on my hair a few days ago (and sealed with Organix Macadamia Dry Styling Oil) and I must say that my hair felt great today still which is another reason I think I'll skip the wash for a few more days.  Anyhoo, I actually took photos for a change and while I was prepping to take them I noticed that days 11-14 were starting to noticeably make my teeth whiter so we'll see what days 15-20 do.  Sorry for the closed eyes.  I smile big and my eyes do their own thing lol.

PS the Regimen, Food Lust and Vintage Leanings tabs have all been updated too.

Vintage Leanings

Vintage Leanings

I'll come back and expand this more later but suffice it to say I love vintage things.  If I could be a pseduo 1950s housewife I'd so do it.  I'd have to work for at least 6 hours every day because being home drives me crazy lol.  But if I could be home to cook at a reasonable time when I wanted, and he could do it when I didn't, and have really cute hair all the time, i.e. more trips to see my stylist lol, then I'd so sign up for it.  Plus I'd learn to walk in cute heels so that would rock too.

So finally expansion:

I am weird.  I like very simple things in almost all possible avenues.  Solid colors, classic lines, tailored suits, pencil skirts and heels with just enough height to give the calves a tightening but not so much that my very clumsy self will fall in a lot.  I like the simple makeup and perfectly curled hair.  I LOVE snoods (I'll give you an example in a photo so you aren't going what in the world) and simple flower adornments for the hair.  I like cooking from scratch--I totally understand the pour till it looks like mentality for making anything lol thanks to Grandma.  I am highly offended by box cakes but not brownies--no passion for them at all, I love figuring out how to make recipes that other people have made or that I like from other places at home because it makes me feel good to make it cheaper at the house.  I like old fashioned relationships with a modern day twist of course but I'd appreciate a strong partner who allowed me to be weak and girly from time to time.  Handling life on my own is tiring sometimes.  I like a man that looks good in a nice suit and who understands WHY he should have more than a few of those.  I like talking, reading, I like gardening even though I've never had any patience for it since my dad passed away.  I love being a homebody and I'd adore having dinner parties with friends and couples but we all seem so busy and disconnected that we never sit down to do that.  

I'm a weird mix of traditional girl with non traditional occupation and living situation.  I'm taking care of my mother after she got ill several years ago.  She's mostly okay just has memory issues and can't drive--at least not my car.  I have no kids and never imagined having my own even though I did imagine being a kick ass stepmother to someone's rugrats.  I love cartoons more than most real tv shows and I love a good tragic love story but City of Angels still pisses me off.  I'm totally romanticizing parts of what I consider vintage but I miss the days when people took care of how they looked and what they did in public and women wore gloves just because.  I totally don't have a hat head so I wouldn't wish that on anyway but it looked classy.  Maybe because I've never been what I'd call dainty I miss things that I think would make me feel soft or warm and fuzzy.  I'll be sharing more stuff in this vein soon I hope.  I've not really talked much about the Pecan Pie side of things with the exception of food.  And as you can tell I LOVE food.  Okay enough for now.  Here are some photos:

 Snood with a bow

Man in a nice suit hee hee

updated November 15, 2012

November 14, 2012

Just a Gigolo...well not really

First let me say that Lauren at Filing Jointly...finally cracked me up today and is responsible for the video I'm going to share later in this post.  If you haven't checked out her blog please do because she's freaking hilarious.  I adore anyone honest enough with themselves to share their ups and downs and goofiness without fear.

So this post was going to be a mope fest and I've decided against it.  Last Tuesday my sister in law sent me new photos of my adorable nieces which made me have the same standard reaction.  Oh my god they are freaking gorgeous and getting so big and I miss them so much and I am never going to have any of my own.  Isn't that a depressing train of thought?  Yeah I thought so.  I miss them and they are so gorgeous I pray their potential boyfriends are very good to them or their father (or I) will have to kill them.  Granted they are 2 and 5 so we have a while before the serious ones show up but gotta be ready to hide a body in the future.  I'm approaching my 37th birthday so it is becoming more likely that I won't have any of my own.  I haven't given up on it entirely but time is a ticking and I'm single.  After seven years in two different long term relationships and no babies natural conception may be out of line.  If I can find a job I love again so I'm not moody when I get home and not worried constantly about finances I think I may adopt.  Those kids need homes and I kinda like the idea of not being pregnant.  Pregnancy scares the crap out of me.  I mean IBS and pregnancy seems like a horrible combination and I can't shake the IBS lol.  For those of you that are not afflicted or familiar with a gastroenterologist IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is the catch all for you have no other identifiable disease but still have gastro issues.  Very few treatments and those that exist can cause OTHER issues.  I'm totally off tangent.

Speaking of single, I kinda hate it.  I like it more than not being happy in a relationship.  I realized that I'm really a serial monogamist with the exception of a few years during undergrad.  That was FUN lol and I could write a few smutty books inspired by that time of my life but don't want to spend the rest of my life dating like men cause they suck at dating till they find the right person.  So I'm hopeful that someone I like to snuggle with and reminds me of my dad and my amazing brother comes along so that we can dance with the Wii, watch basketball and then make cookies.  Yes a little simplistic and probably way not like what is happening in my brain right now but I have really cute hair and I'm wearing one of my Cupcake Provocateur aprons so at least I look good in my fictionalized romantic daydream.  And I'm looking up at him as he does a half assed job filling the cupcake liners.  I have to look up cause he's at least four or five inches taller than me cause yeah I'm short and he can't be my height at all.

On the hair front, my hair has grown more than I think and my new growth is a bit out of control but it held the curl from the rollers last night.  I'll take a photo after next wash day.  I was going to on Sunday, even had my length check shirt on but it was cold and I got lazy and yeah no photo.  K I think that's enough rambling today.  Enjoy the cute 2 year old shaking his groove thang.

November 13, 2012

Hair Therapy Wrap Update & Other Stuff

Okay this post may be rambling but first things first.  A few days ago I mentioned that despite recovering from Hurricane Sandy that Thiago from Hair Therapy Wrap reached out to me about replacing the gel packs for my wrap. I expected to pay for them but they shipped them free of charge and with a discount on a future order.  The new ones are a bit nicer and look like they'll hold up to my weekly use a bit better.  I think my microwave is a bit stronger than 800 Watts though and that could have contributed to the other gel packs early demise.  Well I guess it wasn't too early since I've had them over a year at this stage.  Needless to say I swapped out the old packs for the new ones and can't wait for wash day to try them out.  But really again I need to commend the customer service from this company because it really is top notch. 

Side packs

Main pack (folded in half)

Today was new release day as well.  And after a so so day of work I was looking forward to grabbing Christina's new cd and pick up Brave for my nieces (and myself cause I'm a great big old kid).  I was planning on trucking into the heart of the city because the closest store to me, I thought, that would have an unedited version of the cd would be 20 minutes or so away.  But for some reasons I opted to check Hastings and was prepared for it to be so high that I'd truck into town happily just not to have to spend 18 bucks on it.  Surprised me for real when it was two bucks cheaper than everyone in town and the movie was the same price.  I grabbed my goodies, went to Wal-mart for envelopes, mailed things at the post office, got two bucks for helping a woman to her car with a large amount of mail, and printed pictures of my nieces and sent one to a former coworker who loved the girls cause she had none of her own.  Even though she does have two adorable son whom she adores.  There's some other random stuff in my head but no need to make this post depressing HA!.  I'm about to get ready for the Voice and my nightly fussing at the tv because America didn't vote the way I wanted it to.  Have a good one.

November 12, 2012

Hair Update

I should take a picture but I'm feeling lazy soooooo no snapshots lol.  I will say the folks that I talked to and who know what my hair normally looks like all loved my straight hair.  I will say it's super soft again and moisturized.  I'll try to do my scalp before bed and hit my ends before I wrap it and go to bed.  But here's my conundrum as I noticed my hair has grown out a bit it's back on my neck and was sooooo irritating the crap out of me for a minute.  It's better now but I guess it won't get better till it's down on my shoulders and not on my neck at all.  I'm back to watching the Voice now.  Join me if you don't have anything to do or watch right now.  Trevin Hunte is the TRUTH.  18668568308--you can vote for Bryan Keith too, same first numbers last two are 06.  Forgot about Nicholas Davis, his last two are 10.

Just so I'm not biased if you want to vote for folks here are there numbers


01 for punk rocker looking girl
02 for Dez
03 for the girl that stole Deborah's spot (adrianna for those that don't know my lingo)
04 for Cody B
05 for Amanda--stop voting for her please
06 for Bryan Keith
07 for Cassadee
08 for Trevin--yeah for good number 8 this week
09 for quirky girl/Melanie
10 for Nicholas David
11 for that annoying chick on team Xtina (sylvia again for folks who don't know my code)
12 for Terry

November 11, 2012

Wash Day and Thoughts

This weekend has thrown me off because I did everything I planned on doing besides applying for the teaching jobs.  I have no idea what's scaring me about that but something clearly has me terrified.  I may need to pray on that and get back to work because I love teaching and just need to get over it.  I ended up here longer than I planned because I couldn't get over my fear and no need to stay in place because of that.  The worst thing that could happen is they say no which sucks but if you don't ask then they definitely won't say yes.  Anyhoo, like I said I was super productive today which was annoying cause I really had crap to do after about 6 today.  I have hit phase two of cleaning.  I need to clear things off the bed to put in their proper place but the floors are clean, clothes are all hung up or tucked in drawers, towels are in their cabinet with dryer sheets so as to not start smelling like old wood like normal and as I mentioned yesterday their grades are all in and waiting to be submitted as final grades.  I also made pizza for dinner which was ready before I was done with my hair thanks to mom swapper hers out and mine in while I was in roller set mode.

I started on my hair EARLY too.  I put in my Strong Roots on my scalp and put the two deep conditioners on my hair and under a plastic cap which I secured with my scarf.  I only planned on leaving it on for about 30 minutes but then I started watching the rest of the episodes of Awkward and it was 2.5 hours before I finished them and washed it all out.  I did my normal wash routine and then added the Hydration Elation while I started on the Italian sausage.  I rinsed it out and let the drip dry start while I set up both pizzas and went to roll my hair.  Use the three comb method again and have to say that after the first wave the other two did not really feel super necessary.  Hair loss was minimal for a week with no washing but there were three knots in my hair.  Didn't lose a lot of hair with the knots but I hate knots.  If next week produces more of the same I'll just beg to get in to see my hair dresser cause that will probably mean my hair is pissed and this stretch is over lol.  Still trying to get closer to my birthday but that may not happen.

November 10, 2012

Partial Cleaning, Crazy Mom Moments, Normal Saturday

I was briefly inspired by my mother's insistence of hanging up my clothing to get some of the room cleaned up too.  I did and then got a headache and sat on my butt.  Just a little more to go and things will either be hung up, folded up or in the hamper to be washed.  Mom has gone off the rails momentarily.  She's been obsessed with Christmas gifts since September even though no one has the remotest clue what they want at this point.  Somehow that's not acceptable and whenever I point that out I'm a horrible child and she's mad at me again.  So really it's a totally typical moment in mommy land which is why it's not stressing me out so much lol.  No one cooked tonight so we're on forage duty.  I'll make pizza tomorrow night probably.  Or I may go on the lamb and resurface later in Antigua.  I'm watching a marathon of another teeny bopper show.  I'm violating my MTV rule but it's funny.  Tomorrow is wash day.  Yeah.

November 9, 2012

I need a new job lol

Y'all knew that.  While I love the work I do and think it's valuable, how I'm paid is definitely not and I don't get sick time so last week when I was down that was just lost income for me.  I'm still working on it cause something seems like I'm supposed to be here and not anywhere else unfortunately.  There are two teaching positions I'm going to apply for and I have another class coming up next month.  Will give me enough time to wind down from this one, brush up on the next one and then get started.  And we get two weeks off in the middle because of Christmas and New Year's Day.  I did get all their papers graded tonight and I'm just waiting on feedback from my mentor and then no more grading for a month.  How about that?  Thankfully I still have the nest egg in case I just have to walk away from this job while waiting on a new one.

I was disappointed to find out that my Shabby Apple order was cancelled BUT they sent me a full refund and a coupon for my next order.  It could be the Lord's way of saying get back to work on that exercise so that you can get the really cute dresses you want and not the really cute one that would fit.  Oh and Cupcake Provocateur just revealed a new apron style, The Harlow.  There's one I must have and one I MIGHT get as soon as my custom order is up so that I can get all my yummy goodness at once.  I think that's it for tonight.  Didn't wash my hair as planned, will do that tomorrow or Sunday.  Hope everyone is doing well.

November 8, 2012

Welcome to Post 100

Granted some of these posts were imported from my KISS blog so probably only the last 85 were written specifically for PPPC (yes I'm being lazy and don't want to type out the whole thing lol) but here we are at post 100.  Not a whole lot to say today.  Well I say that and may start rambling so who knows.

First let me say that I want to applaud and acknowledge both Cupcake Provocateur's Cynthia and Hair Therapy's Thiago for reaching out to me about orders/questions I had regarding their products while they are both recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Both have been super friendly and kept me abreast of what is going on with them and apologized for the delay that is certainly not their fault.  I have never been in a similar position but I don't know if I'd have the professional fortitude to keep in contact with customers while I'm waiting for power and heat to be restored in my home.  I'm not the best at adapting to things like that.  The one week we had the ice and snow storm and power was intermittent for four or five days I was stir crazy and bitchy by the end of the week.  Keep the East coast in your prayers as yet another storm has descended on them and impacting recovery efforts.

I'm letting my 3D White Strips do their work and it's helping me avoid eating right now.  Not sure how food would taste through the strips.  I am enjoying them for the most part and can see a bit of brightening already but I'm going to wait till Saturday to take a midpoint comparison shot.  I might have better results if I was using the 3D White toothpaste as well but ehh too late now. 

Was totally confused by the Voice tonight and who Blake and Christina chose to save but I think this may be Ceelo's year with Trevin and even though I don't like her Amanda from Team Adam has a good shot too.  She reminds me of Jermaine Paul--strong voice but nothing that connected to me emotionally.  Oh well my vote won't say things in this case.  Patiently awaiting the release of Christina's new cd though.  And then the Voice contestants may have a run in December which will be nice too.  Need to finish my blog stalking and get ready for bed.  Have a good one everyone.

Last Night, Last Class

Okay so I took a deep breath around 1 in the morning when Mr. Romney finally conceded the election but my natural pessimism wouldn't let me enjoy it till it looked like OH was safely in the President's pocket.  I wasn't afraid that Romney would catch up but I wasn't sure the President would stay over the required number of the electoral college votes.  I'm nervous about stuff like that.  I didn't mention this yesterday but I said a long prayer about the nation and the people I work with because their lives really depend on steady leadership and the ability for some social services remaining as intact as they can be and I admit to be deeply afraid that Romney's election would bring about the end of their lives as they know it.  That may sound dramatic but I work in elder care and most of them are receiving some level of governmental assistance to maintain their lives and get access to health care.

While I'm glad I am able to say that in some small way I helped re-elect President Obama, the level of hatred that resurfaced last night just made me sad.  And this morning it pissed me off.  I had to just start pulling people off of my friend's list on Facebook--need to do a good purge for other reasons too--because it makes no sense to me that just because your candidate didn't win you question someone's morals, religion or generally disrespect them as a human.  And I was tired of hiding them from my feed to avoid the foolishness.  My life is about bringing as much positivity to it as I possibly can.  People who can't see past their own front doors seem incapable of being happy so I can't keep them around anymore.

Moving on.  I taught my last night of class tonight.  It went well, we wrapped up about 15 minutes early but got a chance to cover all the material, quiz went well and got a few nice activities in as well as Cosby Show clips--can't beat that.  My next class starts in a month.  Just gotta get the grades in and take a deep breath.  Okay that's it for tonight.

November 6, 2012

Election Night Avoidance

So today was technically a great day except most of my clients were incapacitated so I couldn't see them.  But I ran into town and went to Sally's and GNC (yeah Gold Card week discounts).  I went to the store for mom.  Then I ran to the store to get supplies for my dinner tonight.  I also had a bright idea to see if my order was in at Lane Bryant since that's the one email account I don't have going to my Blackberry.  It was so I don't have to go there this weekend after chapter meeting on Saturday.  And since I was there I ran around the corner to my favorite burger spot and got food and a lovely chocolate shake.  I had hoped that I could make dinner and cupcakes tonight so as to not watch the live election results.  I'm pulling for President Obama but I can't take the crazy close states and the shenanigans that have already come to light with the cheating poll worker and machines misdirecting votes.  I'm trying very hard to ignore all things that are giving hard numbers and just hoping that he hits 270 before Mr. Romney.

What I did instead was make a hot steaming pan of lasagna.  And I made two cupcake recipes that I had been stalling on which meant I got to use my Cuisinart food processor to grind up the gingersnaps for the gingersnap crumble cupcakes that I found on What's Cooking Chicago.  I also made white chocolate cupcakes from a recipe I book marked an eon ago.  I didn't make the frosting for either of them because I'm going to take some to class tomorrow night for our final meeting and they are much harder to transport when frosted.  Plus after standing up and working the KitchenAid stand mixer--best 250 bucks I've spent ever seriously I love that thing--I was not in the mood to reduce more white chocolate and whip in cream cheese.  I took the lazy way out and just grabbed a container of frosting.  I'm done early and stalling clearly.  Now I'm watching my dvr'd stuff and chatting it up online.  Hope all is well with everyone else.

Photos of the haul:

 White Chocolate Cupcakes

 Gingersnap Crumble Cupcakes


November 5, 2012

It's Monday man & extras

Hey everyone,

Things are generally okay.  No stomach bug to interrupt my Monday.  Got in and saw all my clients in one home and most of the ones in the other two.  Gotta scan some stuff and send it in tomorrow.  My hair was actually dry this morning when I took it down even though it didn't get up on the curlers till about 7 last night.  And it was actually pretty soft and moisturized.  I may have to invest in the Hydration Elation and start doing my wash process like yesterday.  I'll try it again before making a final decision on changing up the routine.  If nothing else I'll have another deep conditioner I can add to the pile OR use when the other two run out.  I was actually touching it repeatedly over the course of the day which means it was softer than it usually is.  May help extend the stretch to at least 14 weeks again or maybe longer so my relaxer is more of a birthday gift to myself.  My scalp may need a little love but thankfully the Elasta QP moisturizer arrived today.  All six jars since it was a better deal to get the three pack and I don't trust them to put out the new jars locally before I run out again.  I missed the creamy goodness.  The old formula is so dang on thick.  Ahh well.

UPDATE FOR MY VINTAGE SHOPPERS: Shabby Apple is running a special.  They are giving 10 percent off of all their red dresses.  When you get ready to check out just type in RED as the discount and it should be applied.  I think I may have found a dress for any upcoming sorority parties.

And finally a tag from Tathiana over @ Pound Cake.  I'm not sure if you've seen the That Stuff I Don't Like Meme.  It has hit the hair blogging universe as well.  I'm not sure how many I'll come up with but here ya go.

  1. People who don't read threads before responding and repeating the same thing that has already been suggested five or six times.
  2. People who are absolute about hair regimens, how things should be done, and that everyone is doing something wrong.
  3. Youtube videos.  This will sound crazy but if you are doing a simple update I have extreme irritation about watching that for 15 minutes instead of reading for 5 or 10.  I'm less inclined to get bored reading or distracted by my tv.  I know it may just be me but makes me less inclined to pay attention.
  4. The lack of bloggers around my length that are active or posting photos.  I flexiset primarily because it's easy.  I'm just getting to faux bun length but I'd love to see what other folks are doing with similar hair and how they are doing.
  5. The fact that the products I really like are part of a search and destroy mission here cause I live in the boonies.  If Sally's or the one or two local BSS doesn't have it I'm seriously SOL.
  6. The fact that the products that work on my hair tend to be pricey.
  7. The fact that my mother who hasn't listened to me in the last year plus of my hair journey is so suddenly on board BUT gives up if something doesn't work in three weeks.  Can't keep sharing products if she's not gonna keep it up.
  8. And that I sleep some crazy that if I don't perfectly pineapple my hair at night then I'm gonna wake up with lopsided curls lol.

November 4, 2012

Wash Day and Randomness Squared

Let me start by saying that if all is right in the world that when I go to bed on Tuesday night we will have a president--none of this dragging into the next day or the next day mostly because I really want this whole thing to JUST be over.  No more emails, no more having to block people I'm finding intolerant or hateful on facebook, no more tv specials.  Really really hate election years.   Okay that diversion aside, it's been a pretty productive Sunday.

I finished grading all of my papers from last week--just waiting for the go head to publish the grades.  I have washed most of the clothes that I needed to.  Cleaned up the bathroom a bit and made my knock off flat melt for lunch--quite tasty and if I can just find a way to crumble up the bacon easier it will be perfect.  Heck I may make those again in a bit since mom ordered Chinese since she was tired of waiting on me to cook in the 30 minutes between her first asking and her ordering food.

National Blog Posting Month

As I'm fighting to stay awake for some unknown reason I hit my blog roll and discovered that it was National Blog Posting Month being sponsored by Blogher.com.  The goal of the month is to just blog everyday.  They have prompts there you can use (except on the weekends during which you can write about whatever you want).  I'll probably be using their prompts more on the weekend than any other time because as you know I can ramble about anything.  The last day to join in on the fun is November 5th so get to it quick especially if you've already blogged on the 1st and 2nd.

I don't really need a prompt because I could just ramble about how adorable I thought Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were on the CMA's that I didn't actually watch but got the gist of later thanks to videos and HuffPo.  But that would make me sad because there's no one that I have that makes people go they are so adorable.  Don't get me wrong my relationships tend to start that way but by the end it's just sad.  Not as sad as Nicole and Tom in Eyes Wide Shut but definitely sad.  I haven't had a Lazarus relationship yet (a la Mr. and Mrs. Smith--on life support and something makes it respark and life is fantastic) but I think it's because I'm not always sure I want them to come back and even when I know I'm never ever sure they can come back.  But anyhoo, they were adorable and kind of the perfect example of what I mean when I talk about someone that makes you feel safe.  Safe enough to explore the sore spots and not worry about how it will be perceived by anyone else because you genuinely have each others backs.

November 2, 2012

End of the week, time to sleep?

Probably no on the sleeping.  Still have papers to grade and hair to do and maybe food to cook depending on how well mom and I coordinate things.  And I have to correct myself from yesterday.  The strips need to stay on 30 minutes not twenty and I'm pretty sure that's how long they were on yesterday but today I stopped 5 minutes short.  No idea why other than I was getting a little sleepy.  They stuck better today since I was less wimpy about putting them on.  Even if I didn't have full sessions with all of the clients I have today I was able to sit down and talk to all of them for at least a bit (two were just not feeling well which happens).  I followed up on a position and was happy to find out they were still taking applications so I will do phase two of what should have happened last weekend this weekend.  And I was able to clear out the wedding magazines when I drug the recycling bin (and I mean literally drag, years of bridal magazines are HEAVY) to the curb this morning.  I was slightly terrified they would still be there this afternoon when I got home but all was gone.  A few more to go and then I can shed the sad skin that was perpetually planning bride to be.

And I have come to terms with the universe keeping me in this location for a while longer.  The jobs out of the area have not panned out--partially because they really aren't what I'm interested in doing save one and I'm not quite qualified for it lol.  While the new job can be overbearing with presentation, a few of them seem genuinely on board with me building myself up in this area instead of just killing myself as I used to do with the old job.  And despite my fear about NEVER being able to teach again, more opportunities are coming that way as well.  I will keep seeking new ground and experiences because I don't think this is my perpetual (used that word twice tonight) home but clearly I'm not meant to leave just yet.  Was also feeling a little cranky about the people that I did kind of break my neck to stay here for not remotely reaching out but that was also my choice and I can't blame them for not seeing things the same way.  Life is what it is and I'm playing the position that I have to right now.  Whatever is on the other side of this will be enjoyable and wonderful I hope.

Until then you can tag along with my weirdness lol.  Provided there's no stomach flu revenge I'll try to snap some photos of the hair process this weekend.  All I know is it's feeling extra bushy around the scalp right now.

November 1, 2012

New month, new opportunities, new product

Call it amazingly good timing but I got a new product to try yesterday.  Amazing since I can take the first three weeks of this month to test it out.  I mentioned a few posts back that I was under consideration for a mini vox box from Influenster.com.  I knew it would be about dental care because that was the mini survey but the product itself was a mystery till I got home from class last night.  There's an update with class too but I'll get to that later.  Turns out it was an opportunity to whiten my teeth using Crest 3D White Professional Effects whitening strips (with advanced seal--not sure if that matters but they are sealed pretty tight to my teeth).  Oh and since this post will be super long there's a break immediately after the photo--please click for the full review and other information.

Photo credit: Crest.Com website