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May 31, 2016

So About that Trim

 photo HairFrenzy_zps227f41c9.png

I took my hair down on Friday and went to sleep.  Saturday I let it deep condition with a plan to wash it that evening and yeah my lazy took over.  Sunday I finally washed it and something that has been bugging me about my hair came to light.  When I rinse out the oils and conditioner my hair is happy as hell.  Some shedding happens of course but nothing crucial.  The first wash through my hair is good and acts like yes queen hook it up.  That second wash though.  It might as well be the flying monkeys from The Wiz cause all I end up hearing in my head is Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News.  Tangles just pop up randomly but usually towards the front and are not even pretending like they are going anywhere.  But I'm in this new enlightened place so I didn't panic.

I loaded in my product and spent forty five minutes finger detangling my hair and I got out most of the minor tangles no problem.  And then the front territory remained.  Four major tangles took another thirty minutes and the addition of more product and a comb.  There were minor tears but once I was done I was satisfied with the basic end result even though it wasn't even or quite what I was shooting for when I started.  This was my out about the town look for the day lol.  Had a research meeting, got my nails and toes done, ran to the store and then came home.  Promptly went to sleep and yeah totally flat head in the morning.

So I woke up and washed out as much of the product as I could and just did a simple cowash.  Hair was much happier and then I added in minimal leave ins, sealed with some grape seed oil and then added some Eco styling gel to try to get some curls defined up front and maintain the ones in the back.  I left with wet hair cause I wasn't in a drying frame of mind and my wet hair stays stretched better for a while but yes shrinkage is a evil evil thing.

Some of the ends weren't feeling fantastic which is why I went on in for the trim.  No need to have length if it's not healthy right?  I told her what I was looking for, not a shape just nix the split ends where they were and in a few months I might ask for it to be shaped.  Right now though let me be delusional about how much it's grown.  She laughed at me and said no it's growing.  It's not doing the weird split mullet of stress that the relaxed hair was creating in the back.  And it's much thicker than it was.  So yeah there was more length to lose than my delusional self wanted to believe but there's still a fair bit of hair there and looks dramatically different than my first cut it all off day.

I can't say it's massively longer but it's so much fuller than it was.  It's also a bit grayer than it was but I'm okay with that.  The sides look to have maintained the most length along with a bit of length up top.  The back is so much thicker and fuller that it's weird to feel honestly but I'm so happy.  Now I have to do a better job of tending to the length and ends of my hair as they are tucked away.  Yay for progress even if it wasn't what I was initially hoping for.  Anyhoo.  How was your wash day?

The Wash Day Experience

May 27, 2016

Almost Four Months Natural

 photo HairFrenzy_zps227f41c9.png

Around the time I get my hair twisted again I will be a full four months natural.  I thought about letting it go au natural for a few weeks before getting them put back in but I still deep in classes, got a conference to attend, and really am just not wanting to deal with it for a while as it continues to grow, gray and thicken up as it so desires.  After I took them down a few months ago it seemed like it was growing slowly and felt all around thicker than it had after I chopped it all off in February.  Right now it's feeling like I have a tiny lion's mane on my head and while yes it's growing it felt more like it was just so much thicker and fuller all over.  The very back when stretched is close to my collarbone or on my neck.  I haven't played with the front too much how about yeah hair at this point.  I'm fighting a cold so I don't plan on washing it tonight but since all the hair is free here are some comparison shots from February 2 to know.  I may keep an appointment to get my ends trimmed on Tuesday or I may skip it until August installation and yet another conference.

The Wash Day Experience