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August 29, 2012

Today was a good day

Not sure why but that made me think of Ice Cube cause that wasn't my intent when I started typing it in.  Anyhoo.  I got back out to work, had a really good set of sessions with the clients I could see.  Looked at another teaching job I may apply to at some point.  Consulting with a friend about it first.  I'm slowly getting used to my hair being on my neck and shoulders even though I'll be happy to wash it in a few days or week so that I can curl it up and keep it off the treacherous shoulder area lol.  In the mean time I did moisturize and seal it all up before I wrapped it.  And there was no awkward bump this time so that was good too.  I've been checking out everyone's blogs and so impressed that there's a good supportive community of folks all striving to take care of themselves and by default a world of others by sharing their experiences.  I also found a good set, well three or so, of thank you cards that I'm going to use for my thank you project.  And I avoided Cinnabon today since I have ice cream (the heath toffee bar mix I made this weekend) and cupcakes.  That seemed like it would indulging too freaking much.  Still looking forward to the phone interview tomorrow and chatting with someone else after that to see what can be done here if I really can't find a way out.  Either way, I'm feeling positive about it right now and I am going to hold onto that for right now.  I need to moisturize my hair and seal it up for bed.  See ya later.

August 26, 2012

Could have been a bad day or Why I Heart Williams-Sonoma

Ok so yesterday was good, first year of hair journey went outstanding, had a good dinner with mom and tried to get her to chat about our relationship and we didn't end up fighting so that's a win right?  I forgot to take my meds but in a shocking twist I feel great today so gonna have to check my meds and things when the insurance kicks back in.  And before I went to bed I said hey old lady do you want to make ice cream and bowl tomorrow.  She says yes once she finally hears what I said lol and this afternoon I ask her to pick a recipe after figuring out the black walnut recipes all want long rest times for the mix (from four hours to overnight) so that wasn't going to work with the timeline of ice cream after dinner.  She picks out butter pecan, cool there area pound of pecans in the baking drawer.  Then I get the look that someone gives you when they did something that you are going to get upset about.  Nope no pecans in the drawer, well probably not enough for the recipe.  Someone has eaten all but 3/4 cup from the pound of pecans that were stashed away in my drawer specifically not to be eaten by her grubby paws because when I go to bake something I don't double check the ingredients I bought and HID for that purpose haven't been devoured.  Then I get the pout and pitiful well you don't have to make any for me spiel.  Ehhh, frustrated or not we're all having ice cream.  I added enough walnuts to make it a cup and made the batch which is now in the freezer chilling.  That whole exchange, that has been summarized mightily due to not wanting to be more irritated than I was lol, made me hyper and I decided to go ahead and make my red velvet cupcakes from the kit I got at Williams-Sonoma.

August 25, 2012

3 Hours Post (LOL) and One Full Year of Hair Growth

As I mentioned yesterday, today was relaxer day.  My hairdresser and I have synced up ridiculously and she keeps letting me be close to the last person in the shop so it's laughing, relaxing and no trying to work around folks who suddenly want more stuff done.  Anyhoo, I was expecting to be close to where I was last year when this whole thing started.  My last relaxer in May didn't seem to net much in the way of growth and I wasn't expecting too much retention because I hadn't been the most attentive to my ends.  I fully expected there to be some major clipping done today as a result too.  Let me just say it's good to be wrong.  I have done much better over the last year than I thought I would honestly.  I still need to do better with the moisturizing and sealing and I have no excuse not to do better with my ends now that I think I can do a low bun or a fake ponytail like my hairdresser suggested today.  She snipped a little hair here and there but for the most part most of my hair wasn't touched by clippers.  And nothing beats length but length and thickness.  I know I've been saying that too for the last few days but I haven't had to spend more than thirty minutes under a dryer in quite some time.  Even after an hour there was a spot dead center that was going ehhh I'm almost there but not quite (my hair was wrapped).  Looking at photos from a year ago my hair looks kinda pitiful now that I'm really getting healthier hair.  It was thinner, looking kind of dull and about to let that beautiful burgundy disappear.  Now there's a black dye fading off but hair looks totally different.  I'll let you be the judge of that though.  Pictures are after the break.  Thanks for going on this journey with me from KISS to here and offering words of support and ideas while sharing your own journeys.  I'm still going to make shoulder length the goal for December but if it's January or February I'll take that too.  Another 14 weeks will put me near my next birthday in December so we'll see if that works out lol.  And I even ran by  Red Lobster and had dinner with mom.  Endless shrimp and a mostly good convo plus fresh hair made for much better day.  Hope the mood holds lol.

August 24, 2012

my hair took forever to dry

My hair was washed and ready to air dry in my braids by 7:30, normally 12 hours later it's good and dry, sometimes sooner.  Today around noon it was still noticeably wet in places and still feels a little more moisturized than normal.  That could be the Shea Moisture curl setting lotion I used this time so my hair does feel good but if I need to add three or four more hours to air dry time then co-washing mid week may not be an option anymore.  Which becomes a problem with styles that tangle up my ends because they need a good separation.  I may just have to brush down and try a new style mid week.  I was just playing with my hair a bit and granted I'm 14 weeks post today so of course it's kinda of think, plus the braid out, but I have an actual thick ponytail happening now lol.  I still need the back to grow out and catch up but at least it's a covered slow growth section.  I'm craving food and sweets but have no desire to cook a thing.  Someone please come bring me food, preferably cupcakes.  Preferably in cute jars like the ones from Cupcake Provocateur.  K I'm gonna go finish reading your blogs and checking my mail.

August 23, 2012

Body still hates me, but my hair is clean

My stomach is feeling a bit better but still not completely settled.  I may have to go back to the IBS meds for a few days to see if  I can get it under control again.  Dinner was good, Chinese delivery is good when it's edible.  You have to know the area to know why that's a big deal.  Mom ate a chunk of what I ordered but left the spring rolls alone.  And the boneless barbecue too but that may just be a matter of time.  I should just consider the lost Teriyaki chicken to hair braiding services.  Co-washing my hair works much better when I'm not on my behind sick.  My hair seems to pick up on that and gets more tangled.  I lost no hair in the shower and much less during the detangle but There was another knot high up in my hair and I had to sit down find a small tooth comb and take my time cause it was not coming loose easily.  But as I was reading earlier on another blog---patience is almost always key in this process.  Healthy hair is more important than long hair and if we sacrifice health for length it won't matter eventually.  We'll see what the outcome of this stretch was this weekend. 

My Body and I Are Fighting

Yesterday was long.  I went to work after not sleeping well, wasn't feeling great but let it go.  I tried to take a nap but then my ever present mom knocks on the door and totally interrupts the wee bit of rest I was getting.  I had to go observe a class as part of the faculty certification process with University of Phoenix.  Oh good Lord in heaven that was kinda crazy.  It almost nearly killed my desire to finish this process which was one of the only things (like one of five) that was making me want to stay in this area.  And that killed my ability to wash my hair last night because it would not have been done before this morning when I wouldn't be able to start on it before 10:30.  My Waffle House meal was delightful though.  I woke up this morning and sounded like a troll.  It got slightly better after I took some non drowsy cough medicine but that actually made me pass the hell out again.  Someone woke me up from that as well.  My throat feels crazy.  Every time I clear my throat it sounds like I'm 90 years old.  So I just gave up on talking.  But now my stomach is feeling goofy too.  I think it's stress because after last night I wasn't sure how many classes I'd even want to teach now lol.  Ahh I slacked up in July I should have kept exploring potential options.  I'll keep praying that everything works out ok and that my body quits throwing a tantrum.

Off now to detangle and rewet my hair at the least.  I may not fully co-wash it because I have a hair appointment on Saturday.  But fourteen weeks post I think my new growth is gonna absorb the creamy crack no matter what I do before then.

August 19, 2012

Feeling kind of Productive

I'm sure it won't last lol, okay I hope it will.  I washed my hair, cooked dinner, set my hair, need to update my hair regimen cause I'm gonna skip the overnight prepoos.  Cursed at my hair and myself because there were a ton of knots today so either it's time for a relaxer or this longer hair thing may not be for me cause knots are not the business lol.  I'm used to detangling being a pain in the behind but I have never had knots.  Just some serious tangles that were a pain but came through with minimal hair loss.  I'll call my hairdresser tomorrow and see what we can set up.

Ate dinner, had another batch, ate some ice cream and now I'm updating all of you.  No pictures tonight but the rollers look pretty much like they did last time.  I keep considering the Split Ender and just started a post about it on KISS.  I think I may invest in one but I have all but given up on using heat on my hair between salon visits and really don't want to have to blow it out and flat iron it to use the Split Ender but I also don't want to lose a half inch ever three to four months because I wasn't taking care of my ends the way I needed to.  I need to do some more research on that.  They look frizzy but unless they are split high on my hair then they aren't split.  They just aren't protected the way they need to be.  I need to work on that as well. 

And another tick in my darn I'm girlier than I thought box, I kept stalking last Monday's episode of Hollywood Heights which I missed because they changed networks all randomly and while Tuesday and Wednesday are On Demand right now Monday is not.  Okay my cable is pissing me off--sorry for the random aside there.  Someone posted a way to watch it on TeenNick which was not loading either for the last freaking week.  Saw it all, not that I hadn't seen the last four days of it so I knew essentially what had happened but there were a few conversations I wanted to SEE. 

And since I got my University of Phoenix homework done yesterday for the faculty certification class I really am not scrambling to do anything tonight.  I'm just relaxing and praying that tomorrow will be good and the job will continue to pick up.  I'll also be praying that one of the opportunities in Texas comes through in case this job will not.  It will put me off my teaching schedule maybe but I nee to have a dependable income stream so that I can take care of my mother and myself and maybe put myself in the position to be someone's mother in the future.  I haven't ruled out adoption yet, I just would like it to have a dad around because I know what my dad meant to me.  I have two years to sort that out though.  I doubt the stars will align any sooner than that.  No more ice cream tonight lol but maybe a cookie and I'll start a new book.  See ya next go round and have a great week.

Entertainment Weekend

I'm going to start my deep conditioning pre-poo soon but I wanted to write this before I got super distracted.  I've been feeling kind of crappy the last few days but it's given me time to watch movies and finish a book.  I watched Thor which I didn't really find all that intriguing even though Thor is nice to look at as is the Gatekeeper.  That led to me watching Burlesque and Salt again.  I love Burlesque, yes it was a little too nicely wrapped at the end but you can't beat Cher and Christina singing in the same movie.  And something struck me about that movie.  The same thing that keeps me watching Hollywood Heights.  There's a look you give someone when you're falling in love and just in love period that is unlike anything else.  It's one of the only things that taps into my sappy zone but I love that moment and miss it.  I just like watching Angelina beat people up and her fellow Russian spy (name escaping me but he plays Wolverine's brother) is nice to look at as well.

Now I mentioned A Simple Act of Gratitude before.  I grabbed the book a few months ago and planned on reading it last month during my down time.  I didn't of course but finished it in two days when I finally sat my behind down and read it.  It's a good book and I think it comes into your life when you need to read it.  It would be trite to say a man rediscovers his life after he stops focusing on lack of and focuses on what he does have.  After the first day I tackled part of it, I felt that spirit come back into my life and it needed to happen.  Now that I've finished it not only has it given me more ideas but may have led me in the right direction on a few other things.  I need to be happy that some things have come into my life at all and not be upset about how they ended or where I am now.  I'm going to try to do that more.  It needs to happen.  I may give a more thorough review in the working on me section but if I don't start my hair now it won't be dry tomorrow morning.

August 18, 2012

Today was Rough but Continuing the Thanks

Still didn't see all of my clients do to random issues but I saw four of them and checked in on three others who weren't well enough to chat.  However, the email I sent to my recruiter was well received and we're going to discuss how to maintain this job from her point of view.  I'll still be applying for other jobs just in case because I like to eat and pay my bills.  And I was able to apply for a different kind of forbearance on the student loans while I get income sorted out.  The woman I spoke was very nice and even thanked me for being so patient and friendly.  It's always nice to hear especially when one is in a funk.  And then to round out the day of positives outweighing the momentary negatives I heard back from campus on why my COBRA form had been delayed.  My address was right everywhere but the benefits office.  She apologized profusely and will email me the form as soon as she can get access to it as well as get it remailed to me.  I don't know if I'm going to sign up but I need to see the prices to make sure if it's worth it or not.  I need to call the gyno too and make sure it wouldn't just be cheaper to go in for my depo shot without paying for the insurance.  It's free with the insurance but it may just be around 75 bucks without it.  Granted the insurance would cover my other doctors but as I think I mentioned before my body has been cooperating with me much more than it had been when I was still at my old job.  My hair is thick as all creation and doing well to be 13 weeks post.  Clients all loved it which is saying a whole lot cause it was looking a mess to me lol.  Don't need the IBS meds as much and my blood pressure meds are 4 bucks with or without the insurance lol.  We'll see if the price doesn't scare me I'll go with it.  Plus the minute I decline it something may go to pot.  Again life is in flux, so many decisions but the setbacks are small in relation to the fact that I have the options to do better and get better.  Yep and my last Cupcake Provocateur red velvet cupcake was DELICIOUS.  Have a good night everyone.

August 16, 2012

Lots and Lots of Thanks

Ok I was cranky when I went to work today and none of my clients were available to talk to.  However, it was early enough in the day that I decided to have my brakes checked out since six months ago they said I had 20 percent left on the pads and should have them looked at eventually even though it wasn't dangerous.  And I really haven't been driving that much BUT I wasn't sure if I had one of those new fangled cars on which the brakes just wouldn't start giving you the audible squeak to say go change me as they still weren't doing that as of this morning.  Long sentence I know, forgive me.  I was going to go to the dealership as they do GREAT work but they were charging 50 to 100 bucks more than everyone else for the same kind of work.  Went to a local shop that had done work for me before and 86 bucks later new front brakes and turned rotor.  Back brakes are good for a while longer apparently--I don't know how that works but they are still at 50 percent.  I had to wait because no one could pick me up and take me home and while home I finally started reading A Simple Act of Gratitude (I mentioned this book on the Working on Me page).  It's a good book.  And while my life didn't magically improve, my insight and mindset on some things did and for that I have to be grateful.  I'm about halfway through and it's not like he went on a magical mission that changed his life but in looking for the things he could be thankful a lot of it didn't seem as heavy.  I'll give a more thorough review when it's all over with but it inspired me to list a few things I'm grateful for and to come up with a giveaway.  Giveaway is a copy of How to Be a Pinup Model: Release Your Inner Bombshell because while it contains great info on makeup and styling, it's not the tool that is going to release my inner pinup model.  The rules are simple--either post in comments or email me (pecanpieandpincurls at gmail) a short letter you would give to someone for something you are truly grateful for.  Entries are accepted from now until August 31st at 10pm CST.  Winner will be posted in a blog entry and your dvd will be on its way.  I know it's a specific kind of gift that may not appeal to everyone but I don't want it to waste away on my shelf and the only other extra video I think I have is Queen of the Damned and that seems sort of counter thankful.  But hey let me know and I'll check for any other duplicates and maybe you can choose something else IF I have it.  Here's my non specific list even though I think I am going to write the auto body shop.  Here's a small list of what I'm thankful for:

  • For being employed 
  • For having people that love me
  • For a mechanic that was honest with me, did a great job and was friendly--and didn't move my seat around too much as I'm a munchkin
  • For being around groups of people that make me smile
  • For having a loving family to drive me crazy
  • For being in mostly good health
  • For still being able to read, sleep, goof off on my own accord
  • For Cartoon Network, ID, and a small host of other channels

August 15, 2012

No Creamy Crack for Me (Yet) & Relationships are Weird

My hair still feels okay right now so I'm thinking I'll keep stretching.  I know I haven't hit my 13th full week post but my brain isn't doing the panicked please get thee to the hairdresser thing.  Which is good because the rest of my life is feeling funky.  I'll get to that in a second.  Let me first commend Walgreens (and thank Gina at My Own Beautician again) for shipping my products in record time.  Everything but the Macadamia Oil shampoo got here today, well packaged, no spills and ready for me to dive into.  Which is good because I'm still slacking on the moisturizing and sealing (which thanks to someone @ KISS I finally REALLY understand and don't just nod like a stupid child when I see the term).  My hair likes moisture and I should stop ignoring that.  I have two new what I consider scalp moisturizers that I need to get used to running the length of my hair too and two new oils as well as a curly setting lotion from Shea Moisture.  Everything else is Organix which next to Moroccan Oil is my favorite product line.  Ahh well I can do better with the hair thing I just need to do better.  Now if you don't want to see whining and complaining under the guise of introspective thought run now.  You've been warned.

August 12, 2012

Wash Day Woo

Before I start blathering too much, thanks to all the new followers who stopped by and commented on the blog.  Hope I don't bore you too much.  And they are now featured on the blogrolls to the left too so check them out--actually check out everyone on my blogrolls--they rock.

So another wash day is in the books.  I actually did a brief pre-poo and used my heating cap again.  I haven't used my Hair Therapy wrap in a minute because I had been doing the overnight deep conditions.  Liked I mentioned a few posts back I don't think my hair is liking that so much anymore because there is way more hair loss when I do that compared to a quick pre-poo or skipping it all together like when I co-washed last week.  I love the Hair Therapy wrap and should use it more often like I did before.  It does a great job of providing a blast of heat without having to stay under a dryer or be tied to one location.  If I can get my lazy behind out of bed I can use it while I work out again.  The combination of heat from the wrap and my body heat did a great job getting the oil to sink in and then set up for a great wash.  When I pre-poo I always use Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil from Tropic Isle living which I order from Jamaica Hut because the price is better and shipping is AMAZING.  The customer service is great too. 

August 11, 2012

12 Weeks Post, Cupcake Bliss, and more rambling

So my insomnia is all out of control again.  I skipped the b-complex vitamin hoping it wasn't the cause of the extra energy bursts that were keeping me up till 3 or 4 in the morning.  So far it's not that late but I really wanted to be asleep by now.  So in big hair care news (oh boy a yawn) I have hit 12 weeks posts.  The second braid out came out less dry and more curly but the roots are still dry.  On the upside the new growth was much more tame and easier to play with.  After this weekend's wash I'll see how many weeks more that I can stretch without my hair going to hell in a hand basket.  I'm just happy that it's still growing and playing nice with me.  On a similar note I saw a post on longing for length about a year of growth that didn't necessarily net major length.  That is kind of where I am at this stage.  My hair was a little bit shorter than it is now last year.  But the ends were thin and my hair was just thin in general.  Right now my hair reminds me of the thickness right before I got my first perm--well maybe not right before cause that was a bush sometimes, tameable but dang it was a bush.  But it's much thicker and retains a style easier than it used to.  It doesn't seem as subject to weather issues (not going limp the minute there's humidity in the air) and in probably the best moment ever for a brown girl with relaxed hair: I'm not terrified to get my hair wet anymore.  I walked out in a rainstorm, albeit quickly, without panicking.  At worst I would need to wash my hair at some point that night but i wasn't in a hellish styling nightmare that would require intense prayer, a voodoo sacrifice and epic begging to get an immediate hair appointment to fix the issue.  I don't think I'll ever be one of the girls that abandons her stylist (1-I love her and 2-there's just some stuff I don't want to do and 3-nothing beats a wash at the salon--oh the scalp massage) but I'm getting much better at adapting and making note of what needs to be changed.  Since mom wants to get out and about we may go tomorrow for her to check out fruit while I slide by Wal-greens and try to get some buy one get one free Organix products.  I'm running low on Argan Oil and I could always use some more Macadamia Oil shampoo since I'm WELL stocked on the Moroccan Oil products.  Thanks to My Own Beautician.org for sharing about the sale.

August 9, 2012

Having the Funkiest of Moods

Not a clue why my mood is all over the place the last few days.  One minute I'm happy, next I'm not wallowing in despair but I'm definitely not on top of the mountain.  What cheered me up slightly tonight?  Some home made ice cream and Hollywood Heights.  It's very sweet rock and roll stardom kind of thing very appropriate Disney channel/Teen Nick kind of thing.  But it makes me happy so I'm enjoying it.  I did get in a cowash tonight WOOSAH.  But before I did that it occurred to me that I hadn't clarified my hair in a month of Sundays.  I did and I love the Rosemary Mint clarifying line from Carol's Daughter.  My hair always feels all tingly.  And I'm not sure if it was the twist out or that I actually got a co-wash in for the week but hair loss was minimal.  Detangling came out much smoother.  And I skipped one of the protein conditioners tonight and added an old moisturizing conditioner since I wasn't doing the full wash and my hair has been super dry.  So far it's feeling good.  It's twisted up again and I rolled all the ends on the gray perm rods after adding some Argan oil to them.  Hoping for some more uniform curls this go round and hopefully when I take my hair down it won't be as stressful.  I talked to my cutie pies tonight (my nieces).  That's always a bitter sweet chat.  They are so cute and bubbly but they barely know me since I'm so far away from them.  I miss them and my brother and was hoping some of the San Antonio mojo paid off.  I guess in a way it did because the company that hired me is based in San Antonio but wasn't quite what my brain was envisioning. I feel like I'm still tripping over my own feet even though I'm trying to get better and do better as much as I can.  I'm not sure what's missing right now but something is on the emotional side of things.  Professionally I'm rebooting.  Socially I'm trying to make plans again.  Sorority year will kick off again soon.  And my getting longer by the minute hair will be welcoming in new gray buddies soon enough.  Ahh to that end I noticed something else tonight too.  My wet hair is on my shoulders.  Not brushing it, not grazing it but totally on my shoulders.  Ha.  So maybe after the next relaxer it will be shoulder length or at least most of it will be.  The middle section still needs some help.  Oh and I totally forgot that tonight was the first night I haven't prepooed or seriously deep conditioned in months.  My hair may not like the overnight prepoo as much as I thought because everything was easier today.  Will have to try to take another crack it during a full wash.  I may need to deep condition then.

August 7, 2012

And still more photos ha ha

So I totally did not do a huge surprise for my first hair journey anniversary and I still haven't lol.  I went to work and class yesterday and literally came home exhausted.  However, I was super happy with how thick and wavy the pseudo braid out turned out.  Mom didn't totally love it because I didn't put it in any particular style but she's VERY old school and when I twisted one side today she was so tickled it was out of control.  I wasn't totally thrilled with the hair loss I experienced mostly during detangling but had another major tangle result in some hair loss when I was washing my hair.  See the photo below for the tragedy that was my hair loss.  It was a small puff in actuality I know and fit quite easily in the palm of my hand but it was annoying.

August 5, 2012

This May Be The Post that Never Ends

Well ladies and gents,

I guess there could be some gents reading this too.  Anyhoo, there are some updates that I need to make because I've been slacking.  So bear with me if this post is wordier than most but I'll add a page break if it looks like I'm gonna ramble for a moment.  You've been warned lol so buckle up.

I hit my first anniversary on my hair journey.  Technically it was Friday so yes I'm late but I was working and thinking about things so forgive me.  The year went pretty quick and I was a little upset that there hadn't been more length retained but my hair is thick and happy and healthy.  I gave my ends a peak yesterday before I started to prepoo and they were looking pretty good as well.  So I was chalking things up to yeah health.  Today I was going to do a twist or braid out on my hair.  I have no patience so I asked mom to do it and she did but as she finished the braids I noticed something.  My hair is eons longer than it was the first time we tried a braid out.  That was many months ago but I was pretty set on not doing it again until I was sure my hair was long enough to not make me look 17 when I took it down for the wavy look that braid/twist outs give.  I had totally forgotten about that today.  I just wanted to try something else that didn't tangle as much as the flexirod sets so I was a bit shocked to see the length of the braids.  I rolled them up and now they are under my bonnet.  We'll see how it looks in the morning.  My next relaxer will depend on how this week of hair behavior goes.  If it looks okay and is holding the style well I'll do what I mentioned before and just let it ride another week or two at least.  If not I'll beg to get in this week or early next week at the latest.  Can't be looking a mess with my cute new clients.

August 4, 2012

Enjoy my Randomness Please

So I mentioned The Husblog yesterday but didn't elaborate on what had got me thinking.  Maybe a week or so ago he asked was your marriage (since I'm not married I extrapolated to relationship) was a product or a brand.  A brand being long lasting, able to withstand change and grow into different areas.  A product is great while it lasts but only fits a specific need and after that it tapers off depending on the need.  I mean foil paper has stood the test of time as has duct tape (well in terms of recent history lol) but is anyone going to want a stichky (or however it's spelled) in 10 years or those fans that you would put on the car window to suck out the hot air--well I might want that right now cause it's blistering freaking hot.  Regardless though it got me to thinking.  I don't know if any of my relationships have been brands.  Almost all of them have been long-term and great for a long while but when they go bad oh they have sucked big monkey balls.  They have each fit a need for where I was, some growth I needed to have in order to keep evolving (or my partner needed to keep growing) but when that point was reached they started to fizzle.  And I know that part of my issue has been a desire to NOT repeat the mistakes of my parents so I don't want to run away prematurely but I also have this intense desire not to get hurt as well so it's a hard balancing act.  Maybe I've been blocking my progress to being a brand because I don't want to perpetually be hurt.  Or maybe they weren't meant to be GM relationships and instead were meant to be Sit & Spins (the originals, not the bootleg reboots kids are playing with now).  I've dated a few people that have gotten to see me, bumps, bruises, warts and all but as of today I'm still quite single, in terms of not being married, and have nothing  on the shelf to say look that one was GOOD STUFF.  It's frustrating.

August 2, 2012

Photos as promised

Okay I know these are late but someone tap danced on my last nerve yesterday and I hate blogging angry.  It's not the purpose or spirit of what is going on with me now.  The curls are not as crisp as they were when I took them down Tuesday night but holding up well thanks to the snood.  And apparently lent everyone to thinking I looked quite young when I went to see the staff and residents at the new homes I'll be taking over.  I really am doing this random growth thing.  I'm nervous about being good at this even though I'm good at this lol.  And each day I go in and it's a rewarding experience to share what I know and try to make connections with people.  It's a good feeling.  I think I'll like this experience even if it's a long term one.  I need to do a power point for class on Monday but I think it will be easy to pull together.  In light of what has been happening with the Olympic gymnastics team I'm thinking a brief ethnic identity model discussion could be fun.  At least more fun than stats.  Which is hard to grasp and even harder to make interesting.    There are like six other things in my head but this isn't the post for them.  The Husblog keeps generating good thinking points as does the reset--still need to talk to my lizard brain lol--and if you need a good laugh PLEASE go to the Life is Funny section and go to HaHas for HooHas and read the post that talks about flatulence almost ruining her relationship.  Oh God it was priceless.  Without further blabber on my end here are side and back photos of the last flexirod set I did.