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April 15, 2017

Life Lessons Learned

So this post is going to be super random.  I have gone through another round of install, take down, let my hair rest and reinstall of my twists.  I didn't take any photos cause I was like seriously done when I took my hair down.  Let me pause for a second.  I'm so damn tired I cannot see straight some days.  Work is as always hectic.  Mom is woosah it's time for mom to visit my brother and she's going through fifty million machinations to not go visit right now.  I still have grading to do, entitled students to entertain, evaluations to conduct and somewhere in the middle of that I still have to escort students to a field trip, present at a conference, present an award to one of my favorite students (ok that will be fun) and attend graduation.  There are good things in the middle of there for sure but a sister is exhausted.  It's that time of the year and if there was a teleport a la Star Trek I'd be on Riza on a quick trip getting massages and booze and sleeping in.  Oh sweet precious sleep.