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January 26, 2016

Influenster Updates: Slim Fast and new age Vaseline

I'm sure some of you know that I love Influenster because it gives me a chance to test products I probably wouldn't even know were out otherwise and in several cases I've been so impressed that I have added the product to my daily routine.  Over the last few months I've gotten two different VoxBoxes (what Influenster calls their test boxes) that I'm going to update you on now.

The first is the Vaseline Lip Tins that they have had on the market for a few months but that we got slightly ahead of the release.  There are several different kinds and I ended up with Aloe which I really like.  It's scented but very lightly and as soon as it hits my lips they feel nice and moisturized.  That's great considering the temperature around here has "warmed up" to 40 but can dip with the sun and any addition of wind so my lips are taking a beating.  The tin is pretty compact and if you slipped into your pocket you probably wouldn't notice it 90 percent of the time.  The only warning I could add is if you don't want your lips extra slick then keep it light on your lips before you test out the consistency.  All in all a good product and I like it better than the Vaseline stick.

Now the Slim Fast box was a more intriguing one.  There were several different products included: shake, snack bar, popcorn and chips.  The old shakes were not all that interesting to me so I was least excited about that addition but figured it would be worth a try eventually.  The baked chips were your standard healthy alternative to traditional fried chips but with more even distribution of flavor in the chips themselves.  They were actually pretty good on the calorie count (100 or less I believe) and there was a decent size serving.  I had the sour cream and onion so I can't comment on any other flavor.  It was decent but wouldn't be my go to snack compared to the popcorn which was delicious.  It was a caramel and coated popcorn and tasted kind of like Popcorn Indiana's offering in that line.  In short it was great and I was sad there was only one bag in the box.  The bar was equally good and the shake was okay but it hadn't improved enough that it would be a go to option either.  I think the entire line though could help those that are short on time add in healthy versions of products so you don't feel deprived of things while still remaining healthy or within your calorie count for the day.

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Definite buy on the popcorn and bar but you may enjoy the chips and shake more than I did.  Still another great box from Influenster and I was happy to test it.

January 23, 2016

Snowstorms and Sweat

This will be another somewhat random post.  I have been super sick, then ok, then kinda sick and okayish again.  Add into all of that another of those lovely skin flare ups and it has been a rough few weeks.  I only made it to the gym once last week due to just being ridiculously off my butt sick which I'm sure is partially what led to the stress related flare.  This week I managed to get into the gym three times but had to skip a day as the skin condition was at its absolute worse.  I need to make sure I get there at least three times next week otherwise I'm sure I'll be off pace for that 150 workouts for the year goal I've set.  Of course I can step it up in other months and tend to go nuts in the last few weeks of the year but I want to be well balanced this year if I can.  Now if the snow holds off for my area for a few more days all will be well in that effort.  So far we've only had one or two snow dumps and outside of the cold that came with them nothing has been major. 

How goes life where you are?

January 2, 2016

Fitness Friday Weekend Again

 photo WorkingItOut_zps3b12a038.png

Yeah I know this is late but there's a good reason for that.  I was trying to psych myself up to make sure I made it to the gym today and go figure I did.  I came back renewed and energized from my vacation and my new found spiritual awakening--ok that sounds pretentious but energy is too mild--said it's time to get focused on getting and staying healthy.  I wanted to get in two more workouts before the end of the year so that I'd hit 100 and I did that on Wednesday. I figured what the hey let's shoot for one more and got one in on Thursday too which set me at 101 for 2015.  Two more than 2014 so not dramatic but all the same some improvement.  As I had done so well I was considering skipping Friday but the gym was open and I was bored so in I went for an oldie but goodie combination of 30 minute express, 12 minute abs and a bit of time on one of the bikes before I made it home.  And today I went in for a scheduled workout as part of Operation: Get Serena Fine.  It was a great workout.  Loved it.  That's five workouts for this week in case you were trying to keep track lol.  Here's a photo of me post workout.  And now I'm going to enjoy my Sunday of prep and sleep lol oh and getting ready to go back to work.

Fitness Friday