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January 31, 2013

Insomnia I wish I hardly knew ye

Okay you have been super warned.  This is going to be the most random of random posts.  Clearly it's after midnight again as I'm posting.  My sleep cycle is all jacked up because I haven't go anywhere to be in the morning.  At least for the moment.  I have one interview confirmed and just had the phone interview for another position on Tuesday afternoon.  It actually went the whole hour which is different for me as I talk really fast.  But in this situation I wasn't, it was nice and relaxed--there were only two people on the call which could have helped.  Either way, I'll find out in a few weeks if I'm going on to the next stage.  I think I had stressed myself out cause I was having some random chest pains and that sucked but after the interview I felt much better.  And after escaping another bout of massive rain storms and potential for tornadoes I got out and about for a bit to buy groceries, printer paper and mail back the adorable but too freaking small shoes I bought.  Mom annoyed me but that's nothing new.

My hair is doing well.  Mom thinks I need to dye it before the next job interview and I'm considering relaxing early since I will be around 11 weeks posts before I fly out.  Or I may just go by the shop like I planned and see if she can't bun me up or something to get me through the trip and save the relaxer for when I planned on it.

I finally watched enough of a Twilight movie to say I watched it.  Kinda confused on what the whole hype is about still but it wasn't horrible.  The book made me want my money back but the film was paced evenly enough so I didn't have to beat anyone.  And now I'm up watching something on the Suicide Girls which feels like this weird combination of sexy gothy vintage rockabilly slightly creepy.  I remember being slightly fascinated by them when I first heard about them because it seemed kinda cool.  They keeping saying going pink which I guess is a good thing as she's been invited to the club.  They totally embrace themselves so that's great.  If more of us did that all of the time we might be having more fun more of the time.  I don't see very many with pigment but that could be because we don't know about them or it doesn't resonate the same way.  I love aspects of them seriously but I think my ideal community would be Claire Huxtable meets Donna Reed.  After all I need to be able to afford the cute shoes and fantastic dresses.  I even had a name picked out but then I was actually able to go to sleep and forgot all about it.

I like sleeping it's good for me.  The only good thing is that I can get rest when I'm not working.  The time off is helping me enjoy things a little more.  I still need to work out more than I have been but I'm not eating super late and not over indulging.  If you've made it all the way down here and really didn't care about the other stuff I have a question for you lol.  If you are single, what's keeping you there?  If you're dating, how did the small talk/getting to know you time move to the relationship/dating stage?  If you're married, what are you enjoying about it and what makes your head hurt?  I ask all of that because after 8 plus years of being in two different long term relationships I am very single right now.  A friend is trying to fix me up and initially he was coming on too strong and now between the hints about taking a trip with him this summer (not going on vacation with you dude especially not some where I have no desire to go) and disparaging tennis (I LOVE tennis) he's not doing much better.And I'm wondering if I'm just being hard on him cause I haven't been single very long or if we just aren't clicking.  So share whatever you want about dating.

January 27, 2013

So Sleep is For Loser Babies

At least some part of my brain must be stuck on that because at 5:30 I am no more tired than when I turned off my computer, I assumed for the night, at least 3 hours ago because the tennis match had not yet started.  As it stands, the tennis match is almost 3 hours in, Novak and Andy have split sets and they remain on serve in the third.  I also watched Beastly because Novak was frustrating me and I was hoping to fall asleep without the sounds of screeching sneakers in my ear.  Alas that has not happened.  Beastly wasn't too bad either.  And much like I did with the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, I was finding the beast side much more attractive than the prince.  Nothing wrong with him at the end but he was more interesting as the cuts and bruises healed as he got to know and appreciate himself and those around him.  If you know the story it's not a surprise how it turns out but it's a cute version.

I don't think I've mentioned it before but I have a skin condition that randomly flares, usually when I'm stressed, and is annoying because there's not a lot you can do about it.  My sweat glands can get infected for lack of a better explanation and it's any of my sweat glands even though it tends to center under my arms and primarily the right arm.  It's called hidradenitis suppurativa (or acne inversa since the swelling stays internal until it either goes away or breaks the skin) and it really didn't bother me till late middle school and HS.  I tend to cover the swelling with band aids because as the skin puffs up it gets hot and the skin on skin contact can become VERY painful.  Painkillers and antibiotics have been on tap the last few days and that may be messing up my sleep too.  Minor interruption here, Novak just won the third yeah baby.  I slept off and on all day today for no apparent reason.  I say today, I mean Saturday.  I'd be up watching tv or reading or something and before I knew it I'd wake up two hours later and would be super confused.  I was also getting overheated which could be a reaction to my body fighting the inflammation.  It's an annoying disorder and short of experimental treatment my only other options are to have the repeatedly infected areas surgically removed.  Doesn't that sound pleasant?

I did wash my hair today.  I'm convinced mom is going to make me leave the house and I really didn't want to be dealing with the birds nest on my head.  I just let it dry straight and rolled the ends up on a flexirod before bed--well yeah haven't quite gotten there yet.  Some hair loss on the detangle but not nearly as much as last week.  I skipped the prepoo again too--last minute wash decisions tend to make me do that.  Minor interruption here again, Murray looks tired as hell right now.  I tried the LOC method today along with my normal 3 comb detangle.  Except I did the cream before the oil.  I do like the new oil mix I bought from Tropic Isle Living.  The exact title is over under the random goodness tab.  I have to change the channel now, I think I jinx Novak when I watch too long lol.

I was thinking earlier that I like to watch sports I'm bad at.  I can't play tennis.  I lost interest in basketball.  And I'm too short to play volleyball after HS--had fun with that though.  I'm probably the same size as most of the divas on WWE but that doesn't seem like the best career option.  And I want to play with football players more than I want to PLAY football.  It's never too late for me to learn how to play tennis I guess.  I should work on adding more things to my self improvement list.

Okay gonna watch Hoodwinked Too and the rest of the match and hopefully I'll fall asleep soon.  Have a good Sunday everyone.

Totally forgot to share the youtube clips I saw tonight that made me bust a gut.  Thanks to Mommy Has a Potty Mouth and Ha Has for Hoo Has for sharing.  Both can be found to the right under life is funny.  One is a response to a nice facebook posting from a feminine hygiene product---I mean aren't you completely intrigued already.

And this one is an epic ASL (American Sign Language) final for class.

January 26, 2013

And the bell tolls for me

That lack of working out DID make a difference.  According to my scale, which I stepped on twice just to be sure says I'm three pounds heavier than when I started this whole thing.  I haven't been eating too much more to me but clearly my butt and belly and scale disagree.  So now I have no choice but to believe being semi lazy the last few weeks has not been in my best interest.  I may squeeze a work out in tonight but definitely back on it again tomorrow.  Boo hiss.  I need to do better.

January 25, 2013

I don't have a good name tonight

So I've been busy looking for jobs, lining up interviews and getting turned down for others.  I'm really ok with most of that.  I got my last W2 (I ended up with 3 this year because of the two main jobs and one side gig) and completed all the info for my taxes to be filed next week.  Return size keeps dropping as my income goes up even a tick but if I do end up relocating I can deduct moving expenses I think.  It's enough to cover sorority dues and put a bit in the bank which is all I'm ever hoping for at this stage. 

Anyway, tomorrow is the next checkin.  I don't feel any heavier but I haven't been working out either as my body fights out random germ after random germ.  I haven't overeaten and I actually have been processing those veggie things that I normally hate.  I made cupcakes for class and only kept the ones that I left in the first place.  I gave the rest of them away to the students or folks at Waffle House cause I really didn't want more than the 18 I had left at home.  I should say 16 because mom killed two of them before I left the house.  And when I've indulged in snacking it's mostly been nuts and my white chocolate covered popcorn.  Yeah that sounds worse than it is.  It's from Popcorn Indiana and is pretty low in calories.  Either way I haven't been stuffing my face with cupcake.  I've had one or two since Wednesday but not much more. 

I was really active a few days ago with the cleaning and washing and still need to work on tossing more things out.  Either way for now things are good, even with the crazy weather.  Finished the grading I needed to do today and no one failed.  And tomorrow they'll get posted tomorrow so I'll get paid for both of those classes next week.  Oh and get this.  I actually took time to watch a movie today lol.  I finally watched In Time with Justin Timberlake and the world of perpetual 25 year olds.  Wasn't at ll what I was expecting which I enjoyed.  I mean there's a part or two that super cliche but really there were some things I didn't predict happening and that's always a thrill for me when I'm watching movies.  It's good enough to add to my collection.  I'm mailing it back to Blockbuster tomorrow to get Immortals next I think.  All in all I'm pretty happy.  How are things out there with everyone?

January 22, 2013

Bonjour People

It's been a while since I posted about something relevant to the rest of me besides my free goodies.  Let's see first update--I didn't get the job but the more I thought about it--and this will sound super odd considering how excited I was to get back near family--I am kinda fried with the grind of clinical work.  And there's a level of sharing I'm good with and one that I'm not and at this phase of my life I can't pretend differently just to get the position.  I'm sure whomever they hired is a great fit and I'm sure wherever I end up will be a good fit for me.  And while I was waiting to hear from them I got an email about setting up a phone interview for a teaching position.  HA! I haven't stopped applying for other things and apparently I'm being checked out by at least one other place for a different job based on recent contact I had with a reference.  I'm still looking at places back near home too--that's actually why I was in contact with my reference.  There's still another chance to do some part time work with someone who also left my old company if it can get sorted out.  Regardless I'm feeling good about life and what I'm doing.  I haven't filed for unemployment and may not since I could tap my 401K if needed but I still have my next teaching gigs lined up and I applied for a bunch of other stuff today too.  I'll get back on that tomorrow too.

Hair care routine has been non existent because I really haven't been going anywhere and my hair let me know during the detangling process.  Lots of hair came out but since it hadn't really been fiddled with in days it was to be expected.  Yesterday was wash day and I was going to ask mom to assist with braiding it--well I did but her pulling on my hair made me say stop and I did some odd twists and rolled them up on flexi rods.  Here's photos of what happened, better than I thought it would be but I need to work on getting my hair caught up from the roots.  I couldn't get a good one from the front cause I'm having a hate my smile day and I deleted all of them. 

And just because I think it was super cool--2nd inauguration of President Obama on MLK day.  From never thinking I'd see it in my lifetime to a second term for a brown guy who gets all the pomp and circumstance on the day reserved for another brown guy who sacrificed so much in his life to make these moments possible.  Cool beans.

January 20, 2013

Eboost Review--Quickie Ish

Ok so this is the last of the reviews for the Holiday VoxBox I got from Influenster.com.  Eboost looks like a fancy packet of Crystal light honestly.  The packet is just big enough to add to a small ish bottle of matter (about 12 ounces) and then it bubbles up or effervesces for a while before you drink it.  I let it sit a little over five minutes and it was just clear and happy pink lemonade at that point.  I figured since I'd been sick a good pick me up would be fantastic.  And it would be, but this is not it.  There's an odd aftertaste that I really can't explain.  I'd say it was like cold medicine but after having so much of that in the last few days I'm sure that's not the flavor.  It's almost like the fake sugar taste when the packets were first released but I haven't had those in a while either so I can't nail it exactly.  If that taste could be eliminated I'm sure I'd like it more.  The lemonade flavor is tangy and a little tart which I like but this aftertaste keeps it from being something I'm likely going to finish or go purchase.  Another flavor may not have as strong as an aftertaste but this right here is a no go for me.

Overall, I'm glad I was chosen for the VoxBox.  The nails, brush, lip shine, face mask and oatmeal were great big hits.  The shoes were good but run into the same issue for me, found a cute pair or two but my style is so weird and precise what I'm looking for is hard to find online and in stores without paying a mint for.  And this eboost, just not a good flavor thing.  But hey six out of seven is GREAT since it was a total surprise to get it and what would be in it.

January 19, 2013

Another quickie--KISS Nails Review

So the KISS nails are an adorable pattern and I really wanted to like them a whole whole lot.  But applying them was odd even for me.  All the slicks were too long which is supposed to be rectified by filing down the strips to hit your nails.  I may have been impatient but they didn't seem stiff enough to file at all let alone with my cute baby file that was included in the package.  I do have to give them credit though they were wide enough for my nails and covered them well but it felt like it would need more of a clip down not a file.  Great patterns and rather affordable so if you're not a mani/pedi girl and want something cute to adorn your nails or to match a hot outfit these would be your go to products.  Especially if you have aren't easily frustrated lol.

January 18, 2013

Just a Quickie--NYC Lip Shine Review

This was another goodie in my Holiday VoxBox from Influenster.  I mentioned it briefly before that I appreciated the color was nude because it gave my lips a pop without being overwhelmingly girly and pink which is what seems to happen when I get nude lip color.  It's thick enough to notice but not so thick you want to pull it off immediately cause it's heavy--well that may be a me thing because I don't typically wear makeup unless I'm getting fancy.  This was more moisturizing than my chapstick too so I'd be more inclined to use this if I remembered to take it with me most of the time lol.  On top of the nice shine and wonderful color it's pretty cheap.  It retails for about 2 bucks in most stores.  Check it out and find a color that loves you.  The lip shine is on the left.  I still need to test out the nail slicks.

January 13, 2013

Happy Centennial Founders Day to my Sorors

For those that aren't big on sorority life all of these terms will sound silly.  My sorority sisters are affectionately referred to as sorors.  This year marks 100 years of existence for us.  We were founded at Howard University after the active body of another sorority decided to refocus their energy into different kinds of projects and thus wanted to rebrand themselves as well.  Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc has grown immeasurably since the original 22 trailblazers set out to change the world.  From the Women's Suffrage March through a myriad of opportunities and programs in the years since to today when we are representative of 250,000 plus women who saw a common goal and purpose in the confines of Delta.  I feel incredibly blessed to be a member and my linesisters are fantastic women who keep me inspired.  The elephants are an unofficial mascots that were a collection started by one of our Founders.  If you don't know much about the D9 (Divine 9/historically black fraternity and sororities) sororities and fraternities please check them out.  All 9 of them do great work but each are special to each of us in unique ways.

NPHC is our governing body http://www.nphchq.org/ and there should be links to everyone there.

My sorority has a stellar website up right now as the main site and a site for our centennial year.  http://www.deltasigmatheta.org/index2.htm

I love the organization and what we've been able to accomplish.  It has shaped my life in ways I can't begin to explain.  It's just a happy day.  Love ya.

January 12, 2013

My Hair did NOT like the co-wash & other news

A few posts ago I mentioned I had gotten bad news but really I got unexpected potentially great news.  I've been hating feeling like I'm milking clients for a few more minutes to get enough time to bill for.  My job didn't think I was billing enough and so they decided to let me go.  I was pissed about the timing BUT in reality I still have money coming in from my side hustle, it's almost tax filing time (come on other W2s) and if push comes to shove and I don't find a new job soon I can raid my 401K which is healthier than I thought it might be.  Plus there's that unemployment stuff that I should be able to collect too (not my first option but I'm not stupid either lol.  After I told mom about it, my irritation totally disappeared too and started thinking this could be a blessing in disguise if the other job makes an offer I can leave sooner as opposed to later.  I wouldn't be able to teach the other courses I'm signed up for but an opportunity to do what I love in a situation it may actually have more of an impact and near my family is worth the trade off.  If there is no offer I'm still in the pipeline for other positions and was recruited for another one yesterday.  Either way I'm loving NOT working for my old job right now. 

I did cowash my hair because I was planning to work yesterday and today and didn't want to do it after a long day of work with no gap really.  Since I then heard I wouldn't have to I decided to wrap it and I should have remembered I was seven weeks post.  One side was gorgeous and the other side was a mess.  On the upside I figured out how to do the quicky end tucked ponytail when I took mom to the store last night and today I didn't even bother. I put a scarf on my head and then covered my hair in my hat and matching coat and just went about my business.  Gonna pay more attention to it tomorrow and then work on the part that completely fell off this week.  Not my hair just plans for the week that didn't happen because I was exhausted.

The interview went well I think.  My lack of sharing everything about my personal life with coworkers may bite me in the butt but the fact that I had to wing my powerpoint cause their machine didn't work and the fact that I didn't get lunch really cause the VERY sweet guy kept asking questions lol.  Still waiting to hear a yay or nay and since I was one of two people it very well could be a nay.  However, today I had one of those recollections of a dream and in said dream I had lost a job, saw something funny on the net and within a few days had an offer on a new job that I wanted lined up.  I'll keep my fingers crossed there.  So between the four flights in 40 ish hours, day long interview two full days of work and two nights teaching I was good and tired by Thursday night so there was no working out.  Plus got the blessing/cursed call however you look at it and I was just emotionally spent.  I didn't work out yesterday because I was feeling kinda mopey and today I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  I was dreading my weigh in cause I just knew between dinners and eating on the fly I would have gained weight but to my surprise all that extra walking and what not due to the flights helped maintain the momentum from last week.  4.6 pounds lighter according to my scale.  A little better than two pounds a week so I'll take it.  Next weigh in will be on the 26th and we'll see if I can keep the numbers dropping.  I'm paying attention to what I'm eating and trying not to eat too late.  Work out must reboot.

For now I'm going to keep watching the football game and hope this isn't Ray Lewis' last game UNLESS he's gonna come rescue me from my humdrum life and marry me on Tuesday.  I don't have a fascination with Tuesday it just would be nice lol.

See ya later and welcome new followers.

January 11, 2013

Quaker Oats Real Medleys Review

So I told ya'll I wouldn't be eating that sample treat and I didn't cause me and oatmeal not so much.  Unless it's oatmeal cookies and then it's on and popping.  Well mom ate the goodies this afternoon and she was so thrilled with the taste she knocked on my door and asked if I had another one she could eat right now.  Of course I didn't because I only had that one because it was a sample in the Holiday Vox Box from Influenster.  BUT we had to make a run to the store and I went searching them out for her in case she forgot to get them and that's when I saw what COULD be a draw back for some people buying any in the future.  We went to Wal-mart and they had the Medleys for sale as individual packs.  Which wouldn't have been such a big deal except they were 1.58 a piece.  As much as she had been salivating at the house, it quickly turned into a "oh freaky Friday" situation for mom.  Oh and freaky Friday seems to be code for well ain't that a blip.  Her cheap killed picking up any for herself but I grabbed another of the flavor we were sent (Cherry Pistachio) for her just to be nice.  She said it was super flavorful and loved the nuts and fruits mixed in together.  So if you can get them cheaper or find a coupon dive in from mom's point of view.

ETA: That 1.58 appears to be a bargain based on what I saw on Amazon when 12 packs are going for 2 bucks and some change.  If I can get a coupon to print then it will only be a buck a container but I can still see my mom going hmmm baby I don't know about that one.

January 10, 2013

Goody QuickStyle Brush--Review

Just cowashed my hair after some bad news but I'll get into the bad news tomorrow.  I have to say it wasn't what I thought it would be.  The bristles didn't feel bad on my scalp at all.  Actually they felt like a nice massage which was good.  I can't tell how much water the brush sucked up but it did make it much easier to wrap my hair and set it than normal so that's a good thing.  And it did a great job smoothing the wrap after it was nice and ready for a tie down.  The only down side I can give right now is I felt a little tugging at different points and that felt like tearing.  No one wants their hair to tear when you're brushing and it may have just been because it was my first time using it.  I'll see what happens the next time I use it.

January 5, 2013

Length Check Updates and Wash Day

Can I just say it was awkward as I don't know what to wash my hair today.  I know WHY I was doing it cause I can't show up tomorrow with my hair in rollers but the whole thing felt off.  A major adjustment to my routine and I can't say I super liked it lol.  However, I did find out why my hair hadn't been feeling a lush and silky after the post wash deep condition.  I wasn't leaving it in long enough the last two washes.  For some reason my brain turned the 15-30 minutes to 5-10 minutes.  Ahh well, I rectified it today.  Hair feels good, I'm at the point my ends start to look a mess but haven't apparently split.  The lack of heat shows up at the tips from hear on in with the stretch.  I remembered to put on my length check shirt today and was pleasantly surprised.  Most of the other shots show my hair barely on the shirt or a long strand or two inching towards the 1st line.  HA, I'm mostly at the 1st line now.  But that is not the goal point so it's just a chance for me to see that this is all for a purpose and it's working.  I made spaghetti for dinner and managed to eat before 10 at night which is good.  I worked out for a bit when I was doing my prepoo with my Hair Therapy wrap but that made my scalp feel like it was melting so I stopped lol.  How's your Saturday going?

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque Review

Hey guys well gals,

since mom is still throwing her tantrum and I'm a horrible daughter I don't have to go out on 50 million errands before my flight tomorrow.  I'm going to start on my hair soon but I didn't want to do the face scrub afterwards because I didn't want stray face masque in my hair lol.  As I mentioned last week I got a goodie box from Influenster.com again and this was filled with a variety of things.  One of which was the Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie face masque.  I figured I'd give my face the million dollar treatment before the interview.  Here's the photo of the sample that I was sent again.  It's on the right in this photo.

So the instructions on the back informed me to wash my face first and then to apply the face masque.  I used my Neutrogena spinning scrubbing thing to clean my face again and then rinsed well before applying the masque. While it was hard to get out, there was a LOT of masque in the sample to use, the masque is very thick which is a good sign to me.  I almost wished it had been in a different package because there was definitely enough in there for me to use twice.  The photo of me with masque on is below.  The first thing I should say is the smell isn't overwhelming.  It's pleasant but not obnoxious so I'm not worried about it lingering.  The masque needs to sit on for 10-15 minutes and then you rinse it off.  The instructions literally say relax while it's on lol.  You definitely get a tingle on your skin while it's working and everything starts to get a little tighter.  The tingle isn't overwhelming either, it kind of just feels like things are being pulled into the masque to take them off/out of your skin.  The tightening is a bit more apparent.  The relax directive could be because the more you try to move your face the more the masque seems intent on not letting that happen.  Every facial movement is moving the masque a bit lol.  It's been an eon since I've used a facial masque even though I try to stay up on my cleansing regimen in general.  I'm actually still wearing it for another few minutes and it doesn't feel like a peel off masque so I'll let you know about the scrubbing.

So the masque is off now and it wasn't a peel off lol.  But it did flake up easily and came off pretty easily with a face cloth and warm water.  My skin doesn't look dramatically different but it feels nice and refreshed.  The smell of fruit is lingering but not in a way that's bothering me and believe me when I say I have a super sensitive nose so if it was overpowering it wouldn't work for me at all.

Final verdict: Definitely invest in it if you need a good masque.  The 0.7 ounce size easily could work for more than one application especially if you can seal it up or transfer it to an empty clean container.  My skin also feels pretty smooth which is nice as well.  Since I need a good masque this will be a product I go hunting for on my next shopping trip.  The others I saw didn't seem to be doing a whole lot.  I'd love it if this was a peel off cause I'm lazy but that's a small sacrifice if your skin is ultimately gorgeous.  Either way I'm glad this is one of the products that came in the Holiday VoxBox and thanks both to influenster and Montagne Jeunesse.

Yeah Me!

This isn't a humble brag but just better management of my life and my emotions.  Mom was still in tantrum mode even though she was doing it on the low key tip lol.  She cooked at some point but by 9 I realized she hadn't knocked on the door, as is our routine, to say hey food is ready.  When I asked she didn't apologize for not saying a word and this is the point that I'd normally go off the rails cause she was just being rude as all get out lol.  Tonight, however, I said okay and hopped in the car to head to Zaxby's.  I let Christina and Blake serenade me the entire trip which was good.  I brought my food in and then booted up the Wii again.  30+ more minutes in tonight.  So far that's a little over an hour for the week and 2 of the 4 days of the month lol.  I did more yoga and strength exercises tonight to loosen up the muscle that got tight from working out yesterday.  But it felt good and I enjoyed it.  I ate later than I wanted to but ehh.  I'll probably stay up later than I want too.  Either way I felt much calmer by the time I was done and now I feel like I should squeeze in another workout tomorrow before I leave for the interview on Sunday.  Tomorrow will be wash day and I'm going to use the Fruit Smoothie face mask I got from Influenster.com.  I would do it tonight but I'm too lazy to take photos. 

January 3, 2013

Working It Out

So today was a wash with work.  Saw one client at one site, rushed to another to evaluate an emergency, killed 90 minutes waiting on a family member to arrive, went to my final site for the day and half the clients were really not doing well.  Also got a chip in the window that pissed me off lol.  Thankfully my insurance will cover a repair for free if it can just be patched.  Going to take it in to Safelite tomorrow after work.  Going to try to see as many folks and take a nap before heading over to get the patch job.  I don't want it to sit and get worse with the weather going up and down as much as it does.  Then off to interview on Sunday.  I need to roll my hair up cause it fell in my frustration over not working much today.  That and the totally unnecessary fight I had with mom. 

I got out of the house for a bit afterwards, trolled through Hobby Lobby and got myself some takeout.  BUT before I ate it I made myself get up and work out.  I love the Wii because I won't stop working out until the time piggy bank dances which is 30 minutes in at least.  Today was 35 minutes and I could tell I hadn't worked out in a bit.  Will shoot for at least one of the next two days and then try to sneak it in whenever I can again next week even though Monday through Wednesday may be a wash since I won't be in for the night until around 10 each night.  But first work out is done and it felt great.

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

So I'm not sure what I expected for today but it was much better than I planned on it going.  I don't have magical things to tell you.  I did my work, didn't overeat, read a few chapters, did something that will hopefully help me get focused on doing research again and prepared mentally for the upcoming interview.  Plus, and I really do mean this, joy of joys mom and I had a good day today.  I mentioned last week about starting the new year with a jar of good tidings that I can read at the end of the year to remind me of my blessings instead of lamenting about what didn't get accomplished.  I'm not homeless, not really unhappy and I still have my wits about me so I'm ahead of the game compared to others.  Here's the photo that inspired it and if you decide to do the same let me know.  I added six things to my jar today.  The biggest of which is about my brother and how close we are--love that munchkin--he's taller than me but still not the point.