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January 20, 2019

How many locs and Random Update

Do you know what you do when you get bored because you are snowed in and nothing good is on tv right now?  You count your locs and notice some issues with your nape.  Some hair at the dead center of my nape has freed itself from the surrounding locs.  Where it is I think it was tucked into other locs but doesn't want to stay there.  I go in about two weeks from now to get my retwist so I'll talk to her then about what to do with that hair because I don't wanna be sorta loc'd a year from now because that hair keeps coming loose--to be clear this is the first time I've noticed it so it may just be how I was sleeping and my body generating lots of heat for a while because of weather and illness.  Depending on what we do with that hair I may have more or less locs heading forward.  I've twisted them to keep them from just being loosey goosey until I head back in but the back two rows may be getting adjusted to accommodate that hair. 

So after splitting my hair into four segments I started in the back of my hair and those two bunches, save the loose nape, accounted for 45 locs.  Seems reasonable enough and I wasn't shocked or disappointed.  The front half of my hair took much longer to count and was almost twice as many locs at 77.  The locs around my edges are much smaller than the others and I'm okay with that for now as they will likely continue to be much smaller going forward than the crown and other spots near the edges.  I can always combine them in the future if need be but I'm hoping the growing loc doesn't get too heavy to cause any thinning in the future.  Regardless, I have a count now and can stop wondering.  I'm not in the sisterloc range clearly but for some reason I didn't think I had 100 plus locs.

Anyway I'm going to try not to fall asleep again cause that's all I've been doing since we've been snowed in.

How goes life?

January 9, 2019

Six Months Down

I am just home from my loc retwist.  We may have to allot more time because it's always been thick but now it's getting longer and is taking more time to get her done but I was close to right on the time today so I feel good about that part at least.  It feels like the entire back row is hanging towards the base of my neck now instead of just brushing it but I'm sure there's some length disparity here and there.  I also have two or three locks where the loose curly hair is thinned away from the bulk of the hair that is loc'ing but the rest of it is thick and doing it's thing.  Should have remembered to asked about that today but this whole being sick and draining thing is effing with my sleep so I was just glad to sit down and let someone else play in my hair like for real for real.  The new shop is a little further away from home but it's bigger, seems more private and I think they will grow into it well.  Regardless, my hair still looks good, it feels good and I'm glad I started this journey.

Photos are below.