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November 19, 2022

This is late, really late

Howdy Folks,

My four year locaversary was in July.  I have no photos of that time frame really because I'm a horrible person in this regard.  I was just happy my hair was done this summer.  Add in lots of random travel and yeah, girl is tired.  On the upside, my hair is healthy and long.  On the downside, my monthly documentation will be lacking this year.  Maybe I'll get back on it with the birthday hair.

Here is four years and some change hair

May 29, 2022

Tap Tap, let me clear some things off here

Not sure why I keep forgetting to come post after my appointments but clearly I'm still doing that.  Here's a photo update of the last few months.  I seemed to have skipped a few months in there.  Okay I didn't skip, I reorganized and forgot lol.  Y'all I'm tired.  My hair is cute and growing and that's all that matters.

January 15, 2022

So yeah I suck lol

Hey People,

I disappeared and really hadn't realized it until a few weeks ago.  I'm gonna do a photo dump and just say my hair is LONG now.  I like it but it's in the way sometimes.  I love that it's healthy and feels good.  I'll try to mock up some length shots side by side as well.

October Shots

December Shot

January Shot

July to January Comparison