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January 9, 2020

Happy New Year, Yeah New Length

Hey everyone,

Super excited tonight for some reason.  I got my locs retwisted and as a coworker would say they are swing.  And as I have been want to do I looked at where I was this time last year and woosah the difference.  I'm having a good day even though it started out with me not feeling so good.  I was a bit annoyed on the drive home because I got held up by a train on the non highway highway and after we started moving again I figured I got delayed for a reason.  And that reason was to listen to Take Me to Church by Hozier loud and sing loud before I got out of the car.  I'm resting right now because in about twenty minutes top I gotta put my Invisalign trays back in.  Woosah they hurt but my teeth will be cute and straight by June. 

Okay here are photos from today and one from last January.

December 14, 2019

Birthday hair for the almost birthday girl

Hey everyone,

I am now about 36 hours until it's my official birthday and time.  I got my hair retwisted yesterday because I know literally no black hair salon (or really any hair salon that isn't one of those chain operations) that is open on a Sunday or Monday.  Had another person look at my hair and go yep that's what I want someday.  It's nice to be on this end of things even though I still have some unsealed ends and the hair at the back of my head stays unruly between retwists. 

Mom loved it when I got home and so did/do I.  I like that my hair is long enough to do things with and I LOVE still not having to do more than moisturize it and tie it down.  I'm starting to get to the phase where I am worried about fabrics and potential lint but so far so good.  I do need to moisturize my scalp better.  The harsh winter temperatures are drying it out even while the water and oil spray is keeping my locs healthy.  Looking forward to growth over the next year as we slide into the two year mark. 

Here are photos and I have no idea what appears to be on my face in the second photo cause it's not in any of the others.

November 16, 2019

Wakanda Forever & all that jazz

I didn't forget this time and am ready to talk about my loc update.  I'm 16 months or so into the process and my hair is still growing well.  New hair is starting to come in between the locs along with the standard new growth which is making me happy that my hair is healthy and strong.  Not that I would on a regular basis but I can whip my hair back and forth and it catches in the wind in a different way than my fro ever did.  From where I started to now I'm super excited about my hair and this part of the journey.  The ends are not all sealed of course but if I'm stalking blogs correctly that's normal and different parts of my hair will do different things at different times.  The portions at the end of my hair that I thought would be damaging or that I needed to pull off months ago have settled into the rest of the loc and just show a point where the hair was doing its own thing again.  In short, I'm loving my hair and the process it's gone through over the last year.  I need to figure out how to manage the length under my winter caps and with my clothing.  I tend to wear t-shirts so that doesn't create a snag issue but it's COLD in these parts so the winter sweaters will have to be chosen carefully.  I'm happy that I did this and appreciate that folks helped me find the people who will nurture my hair.

Without further adieu, my new photos.

November 2, 2019

boo, i forgot

I have gotten my hair done I swear.  I don't know why I forgot to post about it but apparently my hair is goals for a few folks now so that was a win.  Here are photos.

September 28, 2019

Fresh (ish) Hair Don't Care

Just a photo update.  Went in for my retwist on the 20th and my hair was cute.  I had to switch head scarves cause the old one was funky lol and needed to be washed but the new one restricts my hair movement so my hair is STILL cute.

August 22, 2019

No Snappy Title

Life has been a bit hectic around these parts since my last post.  I was enjoying life and playing tennis and then suddenly I was playing crash your car with a large green pickup.  I'm okay, the other driver was okay, my car went to the cute care graveyard in the sky mostly because it was old.  My twelve year old car's appraised value was just about the same cost as repairs so no more twelve year old car.  Into a two year old SUV now that I have not taken photos of but will eventually and while I like it, I miss the whole no car note situation.  I guess it's a good thing that it's coming around the same time as my promotion and negotiation for my job but woosah.  Bye bye no car note life. 

July 25, 2019

One year loc'd and loaded

I contemplated doing a big lead of things but let me be honest and say I'm still working my butt off so it didn't get done.  I'm finally planning a vacation to see the family and try to get everything else taken care of in the mean time in between time.  Today was my retwist appointment and it happened to be exactly 365 days after they were installed.  Not intentional, I swear.  It was just when I knew I could get to town and not be pressed for time.  This last year has been amazing in ways I cannot fully express but before I try here are some photos from today.

June 28, 2019

June Retwist

I just did the year of change update and there's not a lot to update you guys on right now.  So I'm just going to make this a photo update. Next month is one full year of being locked.  My retwist appointment I think is one day off from when I started the process.   Photos below are before tennis and then after tennis.