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November 12, 2023

Well damn I disappeared

This time last year I ended up getting some goofy traffic on my other blog.  Goofy in the sense that someone was arbitrarily flagging posts that were over a decade old.  As I had no desire to keep defending the reports I eventually moved the blog to a different host and that meant I wasn't logging in simultaneously to update both sites.  I kept saying I needed to post but I forgot until tonight when I went looking for a recipe.  This Pecan Cobbler recipe that I made three years ago but couldn't find for some reason tonight.  Wasn't in my email or on the blog.  It was only book marked on my tablet so yeah for me being kind of weird in that regard.  Since it looks like I have to make cornbread for mom's dressing I'm going to make my dessert as well.  

So let's get back to why I started this whole thing.  My hair is still amazing.  I haven't been taking as many photos each month so there's less to give you in terms of photographic evidence but let me see if I can grab one and add it to this post before I forget.  When it's down, it's past my bra strap which is great cause length but not great cause it is literally in the way.  I think I'll cut it on the sixth year anniversary because if my only option is to keep it up that's not great.  The middle photo is the oldest.  The top photo is from July and the costumed photo is from Halloween.  There's been a few week spot repairs over the last year and maybe one combination but I don't remember exactly on that one.  There's also been a moment or two when I thought let's just chop it all off and start over and then I went nah that's not the ticket.  I probably will trim then above my bra strap or at least back to where they are now.  I won't trim them now because I'm tied to the idea that any major changes should sync with my graduate students.  The next cohort will start shortly after my six year anniversary so that will be decision day.  My mother is firmly in team no cut so we'll see if she sways my decision as well.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving mostly because outside of the cornbread and the cobbler, I don't really plan on cooking.  I will be warming things up and calling it a day.  We got the turkey from Popeye's and I'll be warming up canned veggies.  Then I'm doing jack shit.  How are y'all?

November 19, 2022

This is late, really late

Howdy Folks,

My four year locaversary was in July.  I have no photos of that time frame really because I'm a horrible person in this regard.  I was just happy my hair was done this summer.  Add in lots of random travel and yeah, girl is tired.  On the upside, my hair is healthy and long.  On the downside, my monthly documentation will be lacking this year.  Maybe I'll get back on it with the birthday hair.

Here is four years and some change hair

May 29, 2022

Tap Tap, let me clear some things off here

Not sure why I keep forgetting to come post after my appointments but clearly I'm still doing that.  Here's a photo update of the last few months.  I seemed to have skipped a few months in there.  Okay I didn't skip, I reorganized and forgot lol.  Y'all I'm tired.  My hair is cute and growing and that's all that matters.

January 15, 2022

So yeah I suck lol

Hey People,

I disappeared and really hadn't realized it until a few weeks ago.  I'm gonna do a photo dump and just say my hair is LONG now.  I like it but it's in the way sometimes.  I love that it's healthy and feels good.  I'll try to mock up some length shots side by side as well.

October Shots

December Shot

January Shot

July to January Comparison

August 16, 2021

Three years and counting

So I'm a bit closer to the retwist this time.  First let me drop the photos.  



Okay now that I have done that let's drop in some updates.  I am officially three years locked now.  Most of my hair is hitting my shoulders or longer depending on front vs back and what spot it is on my head.  You can see the hair in the back doing it's own thing entirely which is probably the coolest part of this whole thing for me.  My hair hasn't been this length is a month of Sundays.  When I was wearing braids it would be closer to my butt and would annoy me after a while so I often kept it up.  Before my locs got to this length they were annoying me too.  Hair brushing my neck is weird for me.  Where it is now is kind of cool.  It feels like a really nice caress when I move my head from side to side which I do a lot now because it is flipping cool.  My hair right up front gets in my way which is why it's up again.  Seat belt, clothes, when I'm trying to focus.  All of it is tooooooo much so up it goes.  I saw my campus mom a few weeks ago so she could bask in the growth and we relived the moments she was straight worried about my very much so scalpy head.  I get it, I was worried too.  That first year was kind of all over the place.  And while it was fuller halfway through year two the growth didn't kick in until well after the pandemic.  I had shit else to do apparently so my hair said bet I got this.  From February of 2020 to now my hair has gone from around my ears to below my shoulders.  I wish there was someone to play with it other than me but maybe it wouldn't be that healthy if there were extra hands in it.  Right now I'm just excited about life so there's that.  Well maybe my hair.  The pandemic is slightly terrifying.  Haiti is in trouble again.  I have no words on the Taliban situation in Afghanistan.  The world is on fire and it's hard to keep finding bright spots in it sometimes.  On the upside I had a great lunch with a work friend and the semester starts next week.  It's a battle in contrasts always. 

July 25, 2021

Almost 3 Years

Today may actually be my locversary if we are being technical about number of days since this started but I think it's officially tomorrow.  Hold on, let me check.  So it's been 1095 days which is exactly three years if there had been no leap year which there was so that makes it one day, at a minimum, short.  Regardless, it's been an interesting journey.  From the teeny tiny goodness that's a lot of scalp on my head phases to now.  Looking now you would just assume they have always been healthy and long but that is thanks to the lovely ladies who have maintained my locs, gone alone with my weirdness and helped me learn how to take care of them while also not doing too damn much to my hair at the same time.  Each year has meant learning something new and as we slide into the beginning of marking this next year of growth, my scalp is demanding more attention but my hair overall looks better than I think I could have imagined at this stage.  I meant to wear the same shirt for the retwist so that you could note growth but yeah that didn't happen.  If you're on the fence about locs go for it. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made.   Photos or it didn't happen lol.

photo of woman with locs smiling
photo of gray shoulder length locs from the back

July 10, 2021

Yeah I'm late again

 Hello everyone,

I'm late like usual.  It's almost time for a retwist and I forgot to post again.  I'm not sure if I posted the May photos but I'll give you June for now.  Look at all this hair ha.  It's been down the whole month while I was working out more and I need to ask about that.  The back I think may need to be interloc'd instead of retwisted.  Outside of sweating out the retwist, my hair has been fine.  Well that's not entirely true.  My scalp was ridiculously dry when I got home.  Like making me unhappy it was so dry.  I hit it with some Haitian Black Castor Oil and all was well.  I've done that once since and made sure to spray it as much as I can.  I am two weeks maybe from my three year loc anniversary.  It's been interesting and I'm glad that I started it.  Happy girl, happy hair.

See ya

May 30, 2021

Hair Updates & Stuff

I'm not sure how much stuff there will be but I do want to include some photos of my hair.  We went from the very stylized crowns to a basket weave with some flair over the last two months.  The first two photos are from April and the last one is from May.  I pulled the hair back in both cases so it's not bugging me cause y'all know I'm weird about hair in my face.  We combined two locs up front to secure the base on one that was super thin.  I've twisted it and secured the ends with thread for now but I've ordered some loc clips to pin that one and one in the back together.  Can I just say I'm loving my hair again.

So for the stuff part.  I watch Youtube videos randomly and felt better to see a few folks say that you will randomly think about cutting off your locs when you have them.  I have no desire to come them but it makes me assured that I'm not a weirdo.  I made a new oil mix to help with the itchy scalp that I should probably use today.  Saw it online and I think I need a dropper but didn't grab one yet.  Something shifted at work but it may work out to my benefit for a few months.  Just gonna sit back and enjoy doing nothing today.  I need to take a nap y'all lol.