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May 30, 2021

Hair Updates & Stuff

I'm not sure how much stuff there will be but I do want to include some photos of my hair.  We went from the very stylized crowns to a basket weave with some flair over the last two months.  The first two photos are from April and the last one is from May.  I pulled the hair back in both cases so it's not bugging me cause y'all know I'm weird about hair in my face.  We combined two locs up front to secure the base on one that was super thin.  I've twisted it and secured the ends with thread for now but I've ordered some loc clips to pin that one and one in the back together.  Can I just say I'm loving my hair again.

So for the stuff part.  I watch Youtube videos randomly and felt better to see a few folks say that you will randomly think about cutting off your locs when you have them.  I have no desire to come them but it makes me assured that I'm not a weirdo.  I made a new oil mix to help with the itchy scalp that I should probably use today.  Saw it online and I think I need a dropper but didn't grab one yet.  Something shifted at work but it may work out to my benefit for a few months.  Just gonna sit back and enjoy doing nothing today.  I need to take a nap y'all lol. 

April 17, 2021

Hair in The Time of COVID

Y'all I'm off cycle with an update because I'm off cycle with my hair getting done.  Last week we had a conflict and this week we do too.  I'll be at least two weeks off with this retwist.  And I say at least two weeks because next week I gotta get my second COVID vaccine and if it lays me out then I may not be recovered by Saturday to drive anywhere.  In the mean time though.  My hair feels good, it's long enough that it's mostly not hitting that irritating the back of my neck phase BUT I'm not sure that I'm good with leaving it down which was my thought initially.  It's kind of in the way but my scalp isn't as itchy because hair is resting in the same position.  I'm weird I know.  There are one or two I'm a little worried about because the base is small but the base also look solid so I may be overreacting.  Not doing a whole lot is making my hair keep growing but it's not to get back to the gym like seriously. 

March 14, 2021

This Whole Adulting Thing wooo

Y'all I had words here, nice lovely words that went away as I was trying to understand Blogger's new layout that moved something was easy to find to somewhere that literally is not intuitive at all.  Now I'm annoyed and I'm not ever sure if we won't end up in the same place in a second.  Okay so I can breathe again.  This time it appears as those the words have stuck so I can just add to them.

I have not been updating here as routinely as I used to do and I can't say it's for any other reason than I've been lazy.  I post to Facebook, which is where most of my friends are, and then I go to bed because life has been hectic.  I will say this.  I love my hair.  I mean I've said that before but I really love my hair.  my locs are healthy and growing and are at the point length wise that my loose natural or relaxed hair hasn't been at in years, decades really.  We've had it up because of a weak loc that is now good to go.  I've put it up the last two months just so it can be out of my way while I'm doing 50 million things and just not wanting to mess with my hair.  A few locs have been combined to make sure they had a stronger base which is good because the back of my hair is a totally different texture than the front and thus don't want to let that loose hair not be able to support the locs there.  It's slightly more uniformly gray now as well which I love but even if it wasn't like I feel like good energy is in them and me as a result.  Anyway, enjoy the Google slides update on my hair.  It goes in order of hair updates so January, February and March.  Hopefully, I'm back on track next month.

December 30, 2020

Long time, new product

I haven't spoken about them in a minute but Influenster kept opting me in to campaigns I either couldn't participate in because of where I lived (products not available at the local branches of the stores they were were working with) or I was disinterested in entirely (like testing a product to help me quit smoking except I've never smoked).  So color me confused when a box arrived yesterday.  The box below to be specific.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE free things that make sense for my life and will happily report on them.  However, can't do that when things just aren't in my lane.  The box said it was fragile and there was liquid inside so yeah I was nervous.  But upon opening the box my fears were laid to rest because this was inside.

So I just realized that's a horrible photo but I'm tired and you aren't getting a new one right now ha.  It's Dark and Lovely Hair Hydrator with Rice Water Complex.  If this had been a different brand I may have rolled my eyes a bit but Dark and Lovely is a Black hair care line from way back.  Before anyone asks, no it is not Black owned anymore.  It's part of the L'oreal group of brands now but as far as I can tell unlike Shea Moisture or Carol's Daughter the Dark and Lovely brand has not tried to be super inclusive of every hair type.  That's important because it means they know their base and haven't lost focused on that target.  Ok moving on from that brief detour.  Looking at the ingredients in this product and it looks like something a natural hair having Black woman would probably use.  First ingredient is water and then there are a bunch of oils that I would or have mixed together with water to spray on my locs over the last few years.  The directions instruct you to use it daily, or as often as you would like, to keep your hair moisturized and encourage growth.  Since I just got it yesterday, today will be my first day using it and I will alternate between it and my own spray bottle of goodness to see if I notice a difference.  Regardless, you will get an update and this should prompt me to revisit my hair regimen especially over this winter which is intent on being cold with no snow which seems like a waste.

I'll update with my thoughts in a few weeks.  Have a great rest of Kwanzaa and happy New Year.

December 28, 2020

End of the Year Update


It's not quiet the end of the year but it is approaching right.  Three more days and we will hopefully be done with this train wreck of a year even if the fall out from it won't be over for quite some time.  I got my hair done last week and I'll share photos of that in a second.  It's been a year.  There has definitely been good things that happened but conversely the bad has been so bad it's exhausting.  I won't say I'm hopeful about 2021 yet because folks are intent on showing their whole entire behinds for the next few days which will only amplify if someone is forcibly removed from office.  This is also my last week of indiscriminate eating.  I've gained back most of the weight I lost and since I'll be home for a few months before we can get back together face to face on campus I need to eat less and move more to get a handle on things.  Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful new year.  I'm prepping an Asian feast or just knock off versions of P.F. Chang's items so we can eat without having a ton of food left over when we don't need it.  I really wanna go back to sleep but that is not possible right now.  I'll be up all night if I do.  Anyhoo, here are photos.

November 15, 2020

I Kinda Disappeared

I realized the other day that I had been sharing photos on social media but not on here since well my last post in August.  That wasn't intentional necessarily.  It was just easy to throw them up from my phone while I was sitting still for a minute.  Teaching during the pandemic, trying to take my own class and taking care of myself plus mom took more out of me than I thought.  My hair is growing quite a bit, mostly because it's locked into a style where I'm doing even less to it.  I'll show you photos of that in a second.  Part of that is to protect a weak loc and part of it was I had a ton of speaking engagements over the last few months and no desire to keep pushing my hair out of my face.  I like it, just hard to get to sleep initially for the last few months because the hair is getting longer which makes the spot in the back where they join up lower.  So I'm going to just dump photos in here for you to see and then I'm probably going to fight taking a nap so I can do some homework and grading.

September Photos

October Photos

look a little crazy in that last one lol

November Photos

August 30, 2020

I'm Struggling Right Now

There's never a good time for anyone to die.  Literally never.  But given the other million things that are going wrong right now, Chadwick Boseman's death is crushing me a bit more than I thought anyone's death might after Prince died.  You shouldn't assume that people you admire will always be there but that's what you do when you're a fan.  Y'all couldn't have ever told me Prince wouldn't be around to release my next favorite Prince song.  And you couldn't have told me someone who became a superhero for Black folks across the planet, and let's be honest quiet a few non Black folks too, wouldn't be around for the next opportunity to be a superhero again.  I'm hurt, like for real hurt.  And I'm going to say something in a minute that is gonna make y'all go--come on now sis.

One of my sorors and good friends asked tonight essentially why we are losing Chadwick when so much other fuckery is allowed to run unchecked and bad people continue to do worse things with no repercussions.  Where was God in all of this?  And that's where I got stuck.  This has been an ongoing struggle for me as of late.  Black folks are a praying folks.  We stay in church.  We tell folks to take it to God all the time.  Black folks in America don't universally have a connection to religion that may have been part of our heritage.  Our forced importation to be the free labor force for hundreds of effing years stripped us of language, history, memory, traditions and religion.  We're Christian because we were indoctrinated and part of that indoctrination was to keep us docile.  I hate most churches because they feel hella judgemental and nosy as hell sometimes too.  And right now, some Christians are the worst ambassadors of their faith.  I want to believe as fervently as other folks do but my brain goes but they keep using that to eff us over.  And I shouldn't question God theoretically but for real unless he's ready to light this one on up in a blaze of glory I am trying to figure out what the end game is here for people who continue to be oppressed for no other reason then they are readily visually identified as different.

Don't get me entirely wrong, my life is better than I probably deserve and I'm not struggling financially right now while a lot of people are but that doesn't account for why are all these other folks struggling.  The world is at a point of extreme wealth but also extreme wealth disparities.  Like I need it to make sense and depending on faith can't get me there right now.  It's not just this moment I promise.  This is an ongoing what in the hell man.

I'm going to try to go to sleep now cause I cannot process anymore.  Travel well Chadwick, I hope you are free of pain and with people who love you.

August 23, 2020

New Interface, Hate This

Two of the primary platforms I utilize are switching the layout and I have to say I kind of hate them both.  I didn't default back to the old Blogger interface because they said it was going to disappear soon but that new Facebook had to go after I couldn't really control what I wanted to see on my feed.  Right now it's gonna stay "classic" until I'm forced to make the switch.  In other news, I got my retwist done by Sarah who started my locs in the first place.  Two years and one month or so into the game at this point.  I'm happy with the outcome and the drive is actually a little more straightforward.  I need to hang out under the dryer longer next time because dead center on my big head was still a little moist when I got in the car.  Anyhoo here are some photos.

And the comparison to last year