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October 20, 2013

Yes I'm very sorry for disappearing

Juggling more free time is actually making me less productive in some realms.  Grading papers is taking up more time than I anticipated but I do have 140 ish students so that could have been me underestimating MIGHTILY how much time that would take.  I also had to go do something else homeowner like and had to purchase the liens on the land next to my house so that hopefully sometime in the next year I can either negotiate with the original owner to purchase them or in the event he is unable to be found yet again that it becomes my land officially and gets linked to my home.  That was a really long sentence.  Anyhoo, mom really wants to build a garage and I don't mind that either.  There's actually a storage area that could be a great pass through to the garage if we can keep it right next to the house.  If not it's not a huge deal cause really any place that there is to park my car out of the impending snowy winters will be appreciated.  I also sent off my first mortgage payment and trying to make sure that I stay on top of the very minimal bills we have right now.  For the moment I am relaxing, washing clothes and hoping my fantasy football teams hold on and win their respective matchups.

Today was wash day too and instead of being sick--which is why I was MIA most of last week--I was able to make it to the gym and do cardio rotating exercises for at least 45 minutes.  Can I say whomever designed the elliptical machine is an evil genius.  I covered the same distance on it that I did on the treadmill but was feeling exhausted and sweating like I had been jogging instead of briskly walking.  I have no idea how much I weigh now because I still haven't found the scale in the boxes that are yet to be unpacked but I feel a tiny bit smaller, clothes are a little loser or bigger than it feels like they were before and best of all my lower back hasn't been hurting much if at all.  The back exercises totally rock.

My hair is doing okay.  Today was not a buttery smooth detangle but my hair was curled most of the week and while I skipped the gym the first half of the week, I made it on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and today.  For sweaty moments between wash days on top of sleeping like a semi dead human thanks to the cold medicine.  I figured I'd include photos of the hair loss and my freshly detangled hair for a change.  Nothing stellar and it may actually be a little darker than I want because I didn't have the lights fully on when I was moving around today.  How has life been treating everyone?

October 6, 2013

Another Busy Wash Day and I Ain't Got Nobody...

Forgive me.  For some reason Another Saturday Night by Sam Cooke just popped into my head.  I love Sam Cooke but really me and single hood are okay with each other right now.  Anyhoo, wash day went pretty smoothly today.  I got up and did a bunch of nothing.  Then ran to the gym.  45 minutes of good sweating and then I grabbed dinner for mom and I, well lunch and dinner, and then came home.  My body is fighting my brain sometimes with the working out.  Sometimes not, like today I was really tired and just wanted to go home.  It felt like a shin splint was flaring up and I really just wanted to hop off.  Then all of a sudden a wave of good feeling hit and then the right music came on the Zune and it was on a popping.  Before I know it 20 of the 30 minutes I had set on the treadmill were done.  I did the full thirty and contemplated doing the back workout again but opted to believe the trainer and put a day between muscle sessions.  I then hopped on the bike and did 15 minutes on that before calling it a workout day.  I feel great when I leave the gym, even when I get rained on trying to get in and out.  Good thing I was coming home to do my hair.

Wash day consisted of:

Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil on scalp
Two deep conditioners on the length of my hair
All left under a cap for about 2 hours
Wash like normal with the spin of the Shiny Silver to remove any more yellow tinting on the gray
Quick post wash deep conditioner
About 40 minutes of air drying before adding leave ins and oil to trap the moisture
Wrapped on flexi rods and under my bonnet now

I finished about four hours ago so I SHOULD be dry when I wake up in the morning.  And another minimal hair loss day.