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September 30, 2012

There's something about well conditioned hair

This post is likely to wander all over the place so you've been properly warned and can continue at your own peril.  Today is wash day.  There was no co-wash this week because of the traveling and actually the combing out of the flexiset instead of leaving it curly and cute, made for less tangles so that was good.  There was still a knot that was annoying during the detangling process but the double rowed comb came through in a pinch after I had properly conditioned my hair with my leave ins.  My hair feels amazing right now and if I ever venture into trying to dry it straight without heat I'll love it even more.  My scalp feels nice and healthy and as I mentioned a few weeks back it feels like the longer my hair gets the less product I'm using.  Today I think I even used less rollers which I hope doesn't come back to bite me in the butt later on cause I put too much hair on a roller and it's not quite dry.  Either way I'm enjoying my salt and peppery brown hair right now and that's a good thing. 

September 29, 2012

Long Flights Make Me Congested

Well not really.  I was fine when I got off the plane I was just a little tired after two flights on Thursday, dinner and a full day of interview, seriously 9 to 5, a tour of campus and two more flights.  I will say the weather yesterday made me think there would be delays but there was nothing.  Just me on puddle jumpers sleeping beautifully most of the flights.  If you can sleep on planes I highly recommend seats over the wing since the vibration makes me pass the heck out.  Got home late, opened a ton of email and seriously passed out.  I didn't want to eat cause it was late and I was thinking about getting up and going in to the office.  I woke up and can't breathe so that's probably not happening.  Heck I woke up at 2 and got over my aversion to food but there was nothing quick to eat or that I wasn't afraid would do a number on my tired tummy.  I've taken some meds to help and because my stomach is empty the meds hit it like a brick.  Praying for clear nostrils lol.  I had planned on leaving my hair straight but I took some flexi rods and curled my dry hair up on Wednesday night.  I had a nice wavy do until the humidity hit it and it was mostly straight by dinner.  I tolled it again that night and it helped up mostly okay on Friday.  Last night I didn't do a thing to but throw a bonnet over it so I need to be nice to my hair today.  For some reason the styled hair on my shoulder wasn't bothering me as much as the straight hair so I need to take note of that too.  Hope everyone is doing well and I'll let you know how the job interview went.  I think I did fine but it wasn't exactly making me excited the whole day.  Ahh well such is life.

September 23, 2012

Wash Day, Delayed but not forgotten

Today was not at all what I expected it to be when I woke up.  I did do my hair but after a happy delay.  My aunt, cousin, his partner and son stopped by after seeing his oldest son play in a game last night.  After joking with them for a while and letting them partake of the black walnut ice cream that I made for mom.  I prepooed way longer than I intended because I got a case of the "Idontwannas" after I took the Hair Therapy wrap off.  Plus my cousin who traveled all over the state when he was competing on the collegiate level in sports confirmed what I thought about the city I'm heading to interview in.  If it's not going to be as good as here then it may not be worth the relocation stress and leaving the clients locally but I committed to going and they may be able to change my mind.

I did remember to take photos in my length check shirt from Just Grow Already and it looks like I'm an inch or so from line one if I remember correctly.  The pictures are all right after I got my deep condition in.  I'll see what it looks like dry if  I do flat iron it to see what it looks like.  I'll know for certain when I add the photos.  One closer up and one from when I just turned the camera on and shot.  Even though there was more hair loss than I would like, considering I did a flexi set and didn't wash it all week it was better than could be anticipated normally.  Because of the interview I didn't want to do a curly set in case I got lazy the night before the flight and didn't want to redo my hair.  It will be as straight as I can get it this week and hopefully won't have to put heat on it in the morning.  I wrapped it and used setting lotion because the front was being difficult.  You know that's not even something I would have noticed a few years ago.  Just would have hoped it all worked out lol.  And my hair is actually about three different colors.  There's the shouting to be noticed grey mixed in with the mostly dyed black hair but with undertones of brown from where the grey is fighting with the black.  I can't always see all of them but today I noticed and I just am glad that there is hair on my head lol.  My cousin had to cut his hair because the bald genes were rearing their ugly head.  Ahh good old genetics, I'll take grey over bald ANY day.

Corsets Make Me all Gooey Inside

I bet that wasn't want you were expecting to see tonight.  Let me just say now there will be some stream of consciousness kind of blogging right now so if you aren't prepared for some meandering tis best to click the x right now cause this whole post will probably be random as hell.  I did take my nap, it was okay, woke up congested which I hate.  Didn't make ice cream because mom and I started the nightly what do you want to eat dance and unlike normal it felt like a scene from Friday.  We had one thing but not the other to make almost every dish we would have liked to eat.  That prompted a store run and then someone (not me) didn't want to cook so a KFC run ensued as well.  Anyhoo, I've been thinking of this post for the last few days.  It was prompted from a tiny marathon of the Tudors.  First let me say if Henry the VIII had really looked like Jonathan Rhys Meyers then I totally understand the fascination with him.  Of course we know he did not and yes power is sexy and all that but Tudors Henry would have made me pant as well.  A few weeks ago I also saw Anne of the 1000 Days I think it was called which solely focused on Anne Boelyn's pursuit by and then pursuit of Henry the VIII.  By her count, of course hours before her death, she had hated, seduced, fell in love with and had been discarded by Henry in a mere 1000 days.  That's not even four years but he abandoned one church, banished his first wife, created a new church all to marry Anne.  Now it is widely shown on film that she really won him over by not giving in to his wandering eye and demanding more than fleeting status as a mistress.  After all, at least one story has her sister doing the same thing and just ending up with a child that could never become king because he was illegitimate.  And I have seen more than my share of men who are fascinated by being turned down and then pursue all the harder.  I know you're wondering what this has to do with corsets but really the dresses depending on them.  So snug while being ornate and huge usually left just enough cleavage on display (depending on the dress) to entice and made the waistline dainty enough to make men feel all manly when they embraced you.  Now the fact that you NEEDED several people or some odd machinery to get yourself into a corset with a "good" fit means I probably would have hated them and I liked breathing but I love the look of them.

September 22, 2012

Very Busy Day=Wash Day Delayed

I could have washed my hair yesterday but I was having some hitchawheniwanna kinda pain yesterday that threw me up under the bed it felt like.  And this morning I had to get up early to go be a good sorority girl.  We had our youth mentoring kick off and I'm glad we have bodies but I think we need a few more to make it a good year for everyone.  Even though I was surprised to see so many boys there when this is the first year we're doing a more intensive program with them.  Anyhoo, had to run a few errands and then headed home.  I'm debating making ice cream or taking a nap.  If I do the first the ice cream will be ready before I wake up from my nap.  If I don't I may break the machine cause I fall asleep while it's blending.  Sleep feels like it's going to win.

I also got my Zune back yesterday and had to spend SEVERAL hours reloading all the cds back on it but the hard drive isn't making that I'm struggling noise and it looks a little different without it's silver back.  As I was taking the photos to share with you I also saw my old cookie brownies that have since been absorbed by my stomach that I meant to show you too.  So after the jump you can look at my sugar fix and my adored mp3 player.  And just a note, pray that you never have to load 700 plus cds back onto a drive ever.  I hate hate hate that it crashed.  But I love ABC Zune Repair and highly recommend them.  The Zune shipped within an hour of them fixing it seems like.  And it was working and was ready to go out of the box.  Love love love them.  Okay sleepy mcsleepenstein is going to take a nap now.

September 19, 2012

Your Results May Vary

I am having a good day.  Didn't get to see all of my clients but it wasn't a wash of a day.  I feel like I'm making good connections with them and the social workers/directors of nursing in each facility.  I heard back from the private practice opportunity and will look forward to chatting with her sometime first week of October probably since we're both busy the next few weeks.  I have the interview out of town next weekend ish and still not sure that's what I want ultimately even though it would let me get somewhat closer to the family.  And this morning I got a call.  I get to teach a class next month and maybe in November too.  Either way I'm feeling better about my October than I was last week lol.  And to top it all off I heard back about my Zune and its ultimate fate.  It was the hard drive and it is nevermore.  But they can replace it easily and may have already done that if the shipping notice from Paypal is correct.  They tested everything else too to make sure it's working properly and while the down button that has been bonked for who knows how long is not working if you just scroll down with a light touch it works just fine.  They said they could fix the whole front panel where the button is but that seemed excessive if everything else is working fine.  Hundred bucks later and my red baby is headed back to me ready to be loaded with all of my music and help make my drives much more fun for me.  I may take a photo of it when it comes back since I've talked about it so much and it's coming back red and black instead of red and silver cause the back casing died a painful death in the repair.  Okay so I don't know if electronics feel pain but you get my point.  And I tried the steak and bacon flatbread melt at Sonic today.  It was quite tasty but I could probably scrap the bacon.  I think I'll make it home one day with a touch more barbecue sauce.

September 16, 2012

Mission Wash Day: Accomplished

Even though I was up against a self imposed deadline to make sure I had time to air dry and be ready for work in the morning, I got it done.  Remind me to never go to Wal-mart on a Sunday again.  I truly hate going there at all when it's likely to be crowded but really really don't know what I was thinking going today.  No major updates to share from the wash.  I lost more hair today even though the two rows of teeth on the comb still worked great.  It was my fault for not co-washing after keeping my hair in a flexi set all week.  I actually didn't do anything to my hair last week besides tie it down and try to pineapple it a bit while I was sleeping.  So it wasn't as nice to me when I was taking care of it today but that's cause I hadn't been nice to it.  Since I was on a time table I didn't take the photo in my Just Grow Already length check shirt but need to as soon as I can.  So either mid week during my co-wash or next weekend during my wash.  I'm also debating running by the hairdresser before I leave for the out of town interview but not sure on that.  Trying to consere funds until I know what I'm doing and where I'm going for sure.  And I am paying off the credit card I charged the ticket to as SOON as they give me the reimbursement check.  I may let the interest float for a month but that's it. 

September 15, 2012

Absolutely Nothing to Do With Hair

So I was being a sad sack earlier.  I've been feeling moody randomly as I've mentioned before and I think it finally dawned on me tonight what the issue is.  And I have to give my mom credit for it because laughing with her about the Stevie Wonder episode of the Cosby Show made me just smile.  So work has been very up and down again as I've mentioned.  The days I've loved it the most were days I saw all of, or 80 percent, of my clients.  I felt productive and like things were going well.  When I can only see three or four no matter how much time I put in that drives me nuts.  And really it's because I'm one of those odd type A people.  I've been in chronic overachiever kid mode since elementary school.  From the age of four, mom lobbied to get me into school before my 5th birthday cause I had a late birthday lol, until earlier this summer I've had maybe a few months of downtime that may at this point as I'm nearing 37 total a full year of life.  I've been working, taking summer classes, in school, teaching, seeing clients, working on research, studying for licensing exams, working, taking care of my mom, uhhh you get the idea.  The more time I mentally took over the last year to take care of me the more I checked out of a job that was killing my spirit.  Wasn't totally the job's fault.  I had made me life the job and was starting to do that again now.  I think part of why I want to stay here is that I think with the right job I may be doing the same work load but will be able to reconnect to the rest of my life.  It's not the greatest place ever but my commute is negligible, I love my sorority sisters, and if I can stop stressing a bit I might actually get the yard looking the way I want it to.  Granted I may just be trying to stay here because my military brat must move gene has finally become dormant or I'm afraid of what awaits me somewhere else but I would like a year or two to operate in a different gear.  I found it extra ironic that I'm always preaching to clients about balance and I have so not taken that to heart in my own life.  Tomorrow is wash day hopefully.  I may throw on my length check t-shirt to see where my hair is on it now since I'm a few weeks post fresh perm and wouldn't have to flat iron it.  Ok back to my random obsession with Hollywood Heights.  OMG yesterday's episode was out of control.  And the synopsis for the next week provides no resolution to it.  Dang it.  Anyhoo, I'm off for now.  And if anyone has any ideas or restoring balance to a completely unbalanced life let me know.

September 13, 2012

Overstressed and overtired

I have to start off with this, I LOVE the clients that I get to see on my new job.  I do not LOVE the company I'm working for.  There has been so much confusion and turnover since I started working or them in July (read it's still early September and I was only doing a day a week in July) that it's making my head hurt.  Then I get a frantic call about something two days ago that JUST resolved itself this afternoon and not in my favor.  All while trying to coerce me into driving several hours each day to cover an area that isn't covered for them.  Driving through town is enough when I'm covering several parts of town as it is, hitting the road for a trek and then trying to do what I do is not even on my radar.  I have a job interview later this month that I was feeling guilty about because as I stated before I LOVE my clients.  However, I also see why the turnover with this company has been what it is.  If I can find something else I'll probably take it.  After seven years of not getting what I needed out of my job, I can't do that again.  And I was feeling very good about everything last week.  It's amazing what a few days can do.  This could mess up my teaching options for a while but I have to trust that things will sort themselves out the way they need to.  Now off to nurse on this headache that had momentarily abated.

Edited to add: I need to be grateful that I'm still employed and have options for other employment.  I may not end up doing what I want to do what I can end up doing more than I am currently doing now.  I just have to stay focused and remember that this too shall pass.

Edited to add one more thing: my poor Zune has been received by the repair company.  They'll let me know if it can be salvaged over the next week.  Pray for my red buddy lol.

September 11, 2012

Shabby Apple Loves You & Me Too

So I'm checking my email today and got a little surprise from Shabby Apple.  For anyone that has been holding off purchasing for whatever reason now you have an incentive to reconsider.  From now until Friday, September 14, you can take 10 percent off anything in the store.  Just enter the code favorite10 in when asked and you will receive your discount.  And just in case you're one of those folks that like to compare your fashion sense to their current bestsellers, here's the list of those that are doing the best right now.  Let me know if you find the cutest thing ever while you're shopping.  I may want to grab it too.

1-  Alice
4-  Ingrid

September 9, 2012

And finally it happens..

I thought yesterday when I came in from ripping and running would be wash day.  But after underestimating what it would cost to fill up my tank and my trips to pick up some from Lane Bryant and trips to two Wal-Marts I stopped to top off at the gas station closest to my place.  All was going along normally until I couldn't find a song I liked on the Zune and my precious red 120GB baby died on me.  Apparently, it happens after awhile because the hard drives aren't flash drives.  However, they don't make Zunes anymore, I hate ipods (like a burning searing hate of almost everything Apple) and no one is making any mp3 players with a hard drive that big.  Do I NEED 120GB?  Probably not but the biggest alternative I saw was 64GB and it was a yucky ipod.  So after some soul searching I decided to ship it to a Zune repair company lol.  For about a third of what the new smaller devices are running (or a fourth of what it would cost to replace my old Zune with a new replacement) I could have it repaired IF it's fixable.  If not expect serious morning here and then complaining because I may have to downgrade to a 30 or 80GB version if I can find one.  But none of the ones I saw were red.  Oh the trauma lol.

So since yesterday got me completely thrown off I waited and washed my hair today.  I was amazed at how great my hair felt during the wash process.  And this is the weirdest thing, it felt like I was using less product as my hair gets longer.  I used to remark on that to myself when I was watching women with much longer hair as it seemed like they were using about half of the amount of product I was using.  I kept the product routine pretty much the same except I did a prepoo and a deep condition today.  I prepoo'd as normal with my Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil and skipped the coconut oil.  Along with the Hair Therapy mask's yummy comforting heat I almost took a nap.  Wash went fine and I opted to deep condition so I got out and of the shower and applied my products.  I combined my Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask with the Organix Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask.  When I looked at both they have the same consistency and approximate color but product list is a wee bit different.  And their time for application was different but both probably went over cause I had to watch the end of the Novak/David Ferrer match at the US Open.  Washed out fine, hair still felt great.  I grabbed a two rowed comb yesterday that said it was good for detangling and pulling water out of your hair.  Didn't really care about that but I did want to see how it went on the detangling side.  Today it gets good reviews but I'm only two weeks post right now.  I lost next to know hair and there were no massive tangles at all today.  After being a lazy bum for probably 30 to almost 45 minutes and letting my hair dry a bit, I got up and applied my leave ins and then flexirod set my hair.  I've noticed that the left side of my hair tends to dry faster than the right.  Not a clue why but it does.  Even with all of that my hair set pretty easy and felt like it absorb the products more.  We'll see how it looks tomorrow.  But it's already been drying for two hours so if nothing else it better be dry lol.  Oh I've also tried using the Coco-Shea Spray from As I Am.  It's pricey for the size of the bottle but it's Shea Butter and Coconut oil in a liquid spray.  So far I like it.

Mom is allegedly finally willing to listen to me to see if we can get her hair growing.  I'll keep you updated on that too lol.  On that note I have to get back to tennis.  Serena is playing Azarekna so I have to scream at the tv.

September 8, 2012

It's Almost Wash Day

Today was more productive than I thought it would be when I woke up.  I still had remnants of my migraine from yesterday but made it to work.  Sessions felt good, had a weird conversation with one of the LPNs afterwards (not weird in the sense that it was so dang on crazy but weird in timing and location), had to rush home to take care of mom, had a GREAT time hoping the power wouldn't go off during the storm and fell asleep lol.  After I got up I loaded the dishwasher and made myself some cookie brownies while I watched Hollywood Heights.  Can't wait to see what the twist is next week on that show and I think I finally figured out what part of my fascination with the show is.  As I was tidying up the kitchen one show was briefly interrupted for the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon.  Tim McGraw started singing Live Like You Were Dying which I seriously absolutely love.  I cannot tell you how many times I've listened to it and cried or got happy or whatever.  It of course makes me think of my dad but regardless it's a great song.  Anyhoo, as he was singing I just felt myself calm down and tune back into the centered part of me.  I love music.  Always have.  My parents played music when we were growing up so we could dance around and play together.  Granted there was nothing else available at the time really but 8 tracks but I LOVED vinyl records and the hisses and pops that came from overplay.  Even if I don't always want to be doing what I'm doing when I'm able to find the right song at the right moment I am a one woman show in the car lol.  I've done my last check in on mom for the night, have sampled several cookie brownies--probably won't use the brownie pan for that again, remembered to moisturize and seal even though I will hopefully be washing tomorrow afternoon/night, wrapped my hair and got my bag ready for sorority meeting in the morning so there will be no last minute rushing around.  Oh and I used my other Denman brush that I purchased a few months ago.  The one I've been using is great for smoothing a style into place--especially my edges.  The other brush is wider and I guess more people would call it a wrap brush which is what I needed it for tonight.  My hair liked it SO much more and there was next to no hair in it when I was done.  Like I said much more productive and tomorrow I get to see how the Macadamia Dry Setting Oil did with my hair before it gets washed out lol.  See ya.

September 5, 2012

And I'm feeling good....

I completely heart Feeling Good, usually no matter who sings it, except JHud.  Her versions of most songs annoy the crap out of me.  Great voice, does TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much most of the time.  Not that I was watching Idol when she got the boot but it was one of the only times I agreed with Simon.  She could be flawless when she learns how to control her range.  If I want folks screaming at me I'll check with Patti Labelle who is at least entertaining for me.  Okay enough of the side tangent.

My hair is doing fine still.  I was thinking I could wash it Friday night but I can't.  Have chapter meeting on Saturday morning and it will so not be dry if I try to wash it Friday night.  So sometime after chapter I'll wash it and set it to dry.  I've been using the Gro Aut Oil and my Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango butter to keep it shiny and moisturized with a final shellacking from my Argan Oil.  My scalp is itching for the wash though.  When my shower is steaming up the joint my scalp starts doing that don't you want to get me wet sensation.  Can't do it--have no blow dryer and the hooded dryer is NOT the business when my hair is super wet.  But biggest surprises are as follows.  My hair on my neck and shoulders IS NOT bothering me anymore.  It's all my hair and man it's such a nice feeling to see and feel that now.  I think when I was wearing weave I always knew I could detach it at any time but short of cutting all this lovely flowing hair off that ain't happening right now.  However, I should write an ode to the weave.  It was part of the first wave of hair growth a few years ago before I got serious about all of this.  Second surprise for me is that it's still looking pretty good post relaxer with just the nightly wraps and every other day or so moisturize and seal.  I'm happy with the stuff growing out of my scalp.  Ha go figure.

I also semi forgot and sneaked in at the last moment on the Lane Bryant BOGO sale yesterday.  For my LB girls you know their pants tend to fit well and hold up for a rather long time.  However, they are RARELY on sale and even then even more RARELY on a buy one get one free moment.  I got 5 pair of pants and a blouse for 185.  Yes I'm usually pretty cheap for as many things as I can be but with work clothes I have to invest or replace more frequently.  30 bucks an item isn't bad though and that's including tax.  So glad I semi remembered at the last minute.  I bought two pair of pants a few weeks ago when they were having a different sale (free shipping too) but didn't realize how many of my now 5 year old pants were saying give me free lol.  And I kept them in my standard color schemes to mix well with my tops and other items in my wardrobe.  The day before I probably wouldn't have bought it but after indulging in my food processor finally I said, rightfully so, I hardly ever indulge in items for myself so let's be mindful of what we need for ourselves.

Random highlights that don't require my brain to make whole sentences:
  • Mailed out the dvd to my Lots and Lots of Thanks post winner
  • Mailed out 12 or so new additions to the Thank You project which generated another two or three people that need to be added to the list
  • Watched Mirror Mirror with Lily something and Julia Roberts---LOVED IT
  • Stepped on the scale yesterday trying to check on something totally unrelated and without any effort I'm down 5 pounds 
  • And I had a kick ass day at work and a decision to make about more work, my initial impulse is no but I want to sleep on it
And that's it for today boys and girls.  Have a GREAT night and fabulous rest of your week!

September 3, 2012

It's an honor just to be nominated lol

Well lookey there, two awards in the same weekend.  I appreciate it because it means people are reading all this randomness and not running for the hills.  First let me thank Vee over @ Growing In Style.  She's a new fashion/hair blogger who you should really take a peak at when you get a chance.  It's always good to support one another when we can.  So again thanks Vee.

1. Thank the Blogger that nominated me.
2. Share 7 random facts about me.
3. Nominate 15 bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
4. Let nominated bloggers know they have been nominated.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award to my post.

  1. I am totally obsessed with Hollywood Heights.  It's a teenage but more entertaining and less incestuous version of Young and the Restless on Teen Nick.  I have the series set to record so if I forget it's on at 7 that I don't miss it.
  2. I have more books than pairs of shoes, I hate shoes.
  3. I have only had Hyundais for the last 11 years.  Two were horribly destroyed by bad drivers but I love the company because they do great work, are always willing to listen and fix things in a nanosecond.
  4. I love vintage clothing, I need to get rid of my belly so I can wear some of them.  My boobs and butt would work great with them lol.  
  5. While I hate shoes, I love vintage shoes and if I can find a few pair that don't cost a small mint I'd stock up on them.
  6. Caffenated products make me sleepy, all of them, which is why I don't take anything with it if I can handle it.
  7. I can probably recite almost the entire dialogue to The Princess Bride.

I Tag(everyone from earlier and a few more):

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Thanks for your consideration

Sue me it's late.  I don't have a catchy title tonight.  Last night before bed I saw that Naturally Nae of Naturally Curly Kinky had nominated me for the Liebster Award.  It's a blogging award that is for blogs with less than 200 followers--it sort of like a highlight reel for those of us that are just getting started but seem to have a positive or helpful perspective.  Well i guess I shouldn't say before bed because I went to bed and wasn't able to sleep so I'm up again and blogging.

How the Liebester Award works:
1. Each person must post 11 random things about themselves
2. Answer the 11 questions that the tagger set for you.
3. Choose 11 bloggers who you would like to give the Liebester Award.
4. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you have tagged with the award to answer.

Eleven Random As Hell Things About Me
  1. I love statistics and took two more stats classes than I had to in order to get my degree
  2. I think I've seen Prince in concert around 15 times and when he had the last Celebration I tagged along with him and 300 other people to a theater that was nice enough to open so that we could assemble in several rooms and watch Minority Report
  3. I hate shopping LITERALLY and can start to feel sick if I do it too often or for too long
  4. I watch cartoons more than live tv, unless there's a good marathon on the ID channel which is addicting
  5. I like true crime shows but hate Dexter which I find creepy as all hell
  6. My grandmother used to say I wasn't black because I'd eat Chinese or Italian food before traditional soul food
  7. I have a nickname that only my dad could call me so I haven't heard it in the last 11 years.  Anyone that tries can't finish saying it without me giving them the evil eye.
  8. When I really want to concentrate on something I need to have the tv going as white noise and possibly the radio
  9. I'm a military brat that at last count lived in four different countries (including the US) and 7 different states
  10. I have four tattoos all hidden under my clothing so you won't see them unless I want you to
  11. I am totally obsessed with cupcakes right now.

Questions from Naturally Nae

1. Who inspires you the most? I don't think I have a who but my brother makes me smile and proud of him all of the time if that counts.

2. What encouraged you to start blogging? I wanted to have better documentation of my life and my hair journey.  When I journal I can shove that aside when I get anxious or sad and I feel more responsible to blog.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? I don't have a location but I'd like to visit somewhere secluded with great internet connections, limited phone access and a kitchen to die for so I could cook, relax and clear my head.

4. What is your favorite dish to make and why? Even though I don't make it often lasagna.  It feels homey and like a dish that must be made with love.  And my house smells great while it's cooking.

5. In school, what was your favorite subject and why? It ended up being psychology because I like to think about how people think and to help them.

6. What is your favorite song and why is it your fav? I have several by several different people, kind of depends on my mood but Prince, Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5 get the most play on my Zune because they sing most of my favorites.

7. If you could read one book over and over again, which book would it be? And This Too Shall Pass-I just love it, was well written wasn't overly dramatic and didn't pull one of those Tyler Perry endings

8.  If your life were a movie, which movie would it be and why? Under the Cherry Moon maybe, it's quirky, in black and white, is a kind of corny tragic love story where there is no happy ending

9. What two items do you never leave the house without? My cell phone and Zune

10. if you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be and why? Prince, I want to talk to someone who has had a career that spanned the last four decades and can play a gazillion instruments

11. If you had access to a time machine, would you travel to the future or to the past and why? I'd go back to the past, probably when I was about six or seven years old when my brother was old enough to play with, my parents still liked each other, our house rocked and all was right with the world.  And I'd try to get dad to write down the African spiderman story he kept telling us that we can't remember now.

Questions for my nominees

  • What's your favorite Prince song and why?
  • What was your major in college?
  • What's the last thing you do before bed at night?
  • Old school Scooby Doo or new school Scooby Doo?
  • E. Lynn Harris, Terri McMillian, Toni Morrison or anyone else?
  • What's your favorite number and why?
  • What's the last thing you baked?
  • Do you like your job?
  • Soda or water?
  • When's the last time you told someone thank you for something unexpected?
  • The Voice or American Idol?
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September 1, 2012

Happy September

I've been meaning to post for the last few days.  As is the case lately, I got distracted and sleepy and then my brain go sleepy.  My two phone calls on Thursday went well.  I don't think I said anything inappropriate and we actually used most of the 30 minutes allotted.  I was told they were early in the selection process--which I now remember because I was surprised they were doing a phone interview that early when I think the deadline was yesterday.  Anyway, I may or may not get called back on that one for a campus interview.  If so then yeah, I think I need more structure.  If not, then the second call gave me hope that they want me to stay here and are willing to support however they can.  After looking over some caseload issues and discussing a few things, maybe I'm not trying hard enough to push session length but I've always been a big believer of letting them lead where the sessions go and when they are done they are done.  I think I mentioned Monday or early in the week that the University of Phoenix classes were officially done.  It took a few days but I've been notified that I passed everything and have been cleared to go on with mentorship.  Thursday I filled out most of the HR paperwork and Friday I scanned and emailed everything in.  Tuesday or Wednesday I expect to hear if it's okay to go ahead and mail everything in so that I can move forward with teaching my first class.  I was terrified for a moment because I had been assigned a class that was supposed to start in two weeks but that's been removed now--I think it was an oversight.  Either way I'm thinking more positively about my options now.