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March 14, 2021

This Whole Adulting Thing wooo

Y'all I had words here, nice lovely words that went away as I was trying to understand Blogger's new layout that moved something was easy to find to somewhere that literally is not intuitive at all.  Now I'm annoyed and I'm not ever sure if we won't end up in the same place in a second.  Okay so I can breathe again.  This time it appears as those the words have stuck so I can just add to them.

I have not been updating here as routinely as I used to do and I can't say it's for any other reason than I've been lazy.  I post to Facebook, which is where most of my friends are, and then I go to bed because life has been hectic.  I will say this.  I love my hair.  I mean I've said that before but I really love my hair.  my locs are healthy and growing and are at the point length wise that my loose natural or relaxed hair hasn't been at in years, decades really.  We've had it up because of a weak loc that is now good to go.  I've put it up the last two months just so it can be out of my way while I'm doing 50 million things and just not wanting to mess with my hair.  A few locs have been combined to make sure they had a stronger base which is good because the back of my hair is a totally different texture than the front and thus don't want to let that loose hair not be able to support the locs there.  It's slightly more uniformly gray now as well which I love but even if it wasn't like I feel like good energy is in them and me as a result.  Anyway, enjoy the Google slides update on my hair.  It goes in order of hair updates so January, February and March.  Hopefully, I'm back on track next month.