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July 24, 2013

Pre Move Update

Hey everyone,

looks like everything is finally on track for us to relocate now.  Movers will be here Friday morning.  As soon as I can confirm the car transport then we will fly out on Saturday.  Stay in a hotel until either late Sunday or Monday morning.  Do some running around to process my information so I can get paid.  Set up the cable--hopefully get the car delivered that day, finish negotiating some things that have come up from the home inspection provided that hasn't been done already.  Nothing major but things of concern for me.  And then a few days later start work.

I've had my last wash day in this house.  Or at least my last planned wash day.  I have closed up the big pump bottles and figured out I need to replace my conditioner.  I always run through that so much faster than my shampoo.  I did a flexi set and need to figure out how to get it to dry faster.  It's taking forever even when I let it mostly dry completely before adding my leave ins and detangling.  Unfortunately since I was being a lazy bum I did lose a lot of hair this wash day (which was actually Monday after an overnight prepoo).  I'm going to donate some more hair products to my hair dresser who is coming to look at a set of china momma is finally parting with before the move.  Even though nothing major has left the house it's feeling somewhat emptier with the things we have donated, given to the neighbor for their help, sold at the garage sale or flat out trashed.  I still haven't worn my giveaway prize but when I'm up and moving it's packing time and I don't want to break it.

And I just saw something on FB that makes me know I did the right thing a few months back when I finally broke things off instead of letting them drag on and on.  He seems to be happy and things aren't complicated for him any longer.  I'm feeling a little lonely but not for that relationship or even the promise of what might have been.  Things move on because they have to.  I've talked to a few friends and my brother and really it's time for this chapter of my life to close.  And that's a good thing honestly.  I'm looking forward to developing a new routine, learning a new city and just engaging life in a different way.  What's up with you guys?

See ya maybe before the move but probably not until after we get situated at least at the hotel.

July 16, 2013

Today has been hectic but good

So this morning I woke up nervous because we were still waiting to hear back on the offer we made on the house.  After our counter to their counter, they accepted early this morning and I was ready to do a dance of joy and run some errands and then sort through again what needs to be moved and what doesn't.  I called the movers to push things back because we can't move into the new house until the end of the month and then I got a panicked call back from them that yeah that wouldn't work.  I alerted mom and we went into packing overdrive for the few things that were left and was ready to get back to that when the phone started ringing again.  It twas the movers again and at that point turns out they would prefer if we moved as well cause they already have three moves in the area this weekend.  So with a little cushion to spare I'm taking a break and telling you the other good news.  Between the offer acceptance (yeah) and momentary stress from movers (boo but then yeah) I got a knock at the door.  It was the FedEx guy who never stays long enough to make sure you are home, just leaves things and takes off.  Problem was I wasn't expecting anything from FedEx and I didn't see a box when I peeped through the keyhole.  Well that would be because the box was TINY and it was from Origami Owl.  I was a little confused at first because everything was in separate bags and let me just say my fingers are not super delicate.  Anyhoo after I figured out how to open the locket and assemble everything I took some photos.  Then I decided to flip the family plate around because my motley crew was completely blocking it out on the front.  Without further adieu here are the photos and thanks to Lauren and Lauren again for the giveaway and the cuteness that ensued.

July 14, 2013

Today had been such a good day

I haven't talked about George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin on this blog at all I think.  I've mentioned elsewhere that I think what he did, Mr Zimmerman that is, was beyond the pale and could have been easily avoided.  However, given what was known of the crime, and no matter what the jury said tonight a crime was committed, I was pretty sure that he would have to face the music for what he did.  I was wrong in one sense.  There will be no jail term, no long days spent wishing he had made a different decision in a tiny cell amongst the other murderers and felons.  And I can't comment to how he feels about what he's done but what his family has shared on their own about the case makes me doubtful remorse of any kind will be publicly forthcoming.  That thought alone has kept me somewhat paralyzed for the last few hours.  Not just because of what happened to Trayvon, the grief the must be feeling as there will be no punishment for their son's death, or yet another shattering of the trust I place in the justice system.

July 11, 2013

Revisiting Bucket Lists

Okay ladies (and the few gents that stop by) a few weeks ago I posted a guest blog about bucket lists.  I may or may not have mentioned that I was creating one of my own but eh it doesn't matter cause here we go with my own list.  Because I'm horrible about creating inspiration boards and lose them in random things until I'm packing to move (yes this has happened recently) I decided to see if there was a way to do this online and let me check things off from time to time.  Turns out yes there is.  There's a site called bucketlist.org that lets you create your own list, borrow things from other lists on the site, add photos, and revisit them to edit and tell the world when you have completed them.  Yeah for my lazy factor but also yeah because randomly if people add things to their own list from yours it reminds you that your list is there lol.  So here's my LIST and feel free to add your own, tell me about your updates, and share on your own sites.


July 9, 2013

Hey People

Sorry I've been in the wind lately.  I'm trying to finish packing, move money out of savings and into my primary account for the movers and oh yeah find a place to live.  Things were so much easier when I moved her cause it was just me with the possibility of my mother moving in.  Eight years later I happened to stumble upon the last moving contract I signed--for less than 1600 pounds of stuff.  They are projecting this move to be around 6400 pounds.  Guess how much of that is mine now?  Still around 1600 pounds.  Probably less than that because for once I'm letting go of things especially if I don't use them or they are so old there's no point in keeping them.  Clothes, books, letters, old bills and taxes (I tended to hold on to those under the premise that I would eventually shred them and didn't want anyone stealing my identity).  One more round of purging and I will just have a few clothes, books and collectibles to pack.

I've missed updating you on two wash days but nothing major happened.  I think the Great Detangler is working wonders but I'll give it a few more weeks.  I guess I have to pack up the hair stuff too but I may ship that just to make sure it doesn't explode in the back of the truck.  I'm almost done with the Origami Owl necklace creation process and I will share it with you when I get it.  I'm having a family piece created that I'm excited about.

I'm finding lots of other random things too and those are making me smile.  I pushed the movers back to see if the nice realtor mother found can close the deal on the house otherwise back to apartment living we go.  That will be a straight pain in the ass but I'm tired and need to get moved.  I'll update more when I get a chance.  What's going on in your world ladies and gents?