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December 31, 2012

Tomorrow is the First Day of The Rest of Your Life

Well I guess that should be my life but really it's another day with another chance to make it a little bit better than the last one.  First let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL.  I am a Texan (i.e. I was born there and I didn't just live there--Texans understand that distinction lol) so I have to say y'all every now and then to retain my position.  As everyone else around the world does on December 31st, I started thinking about what I learned over the last year and what I could hope for in the next year.  This has been an interesting year.  After leaving the only real grown up job I'd ever had in July, I realized just how unhappy I'd been in it recently.  I loved my clients but hated the people I was working for and the system they were constructing was just gonna make me more miserable.  Turns out they are crapping on the staff even more than they had been so I got out at a good point.  I have a new job which I found relatively quickly and while it feels like I've been lied to about just about EVERYTHING concerning it, it made sure I wasn't unemployed, gave me insurance again and allowed me to do my side gig.  The side gig has help offset bills and random expenditures but so has saving like the dickens.  I have a new campus interview coming up soon which may lead to relocation back to the family I like and the state I tolerate which would be good and bad.  I love my brother and his family but I kinda like a lot of things about my life here.  If I could take a few of those things with me it would be ideal but hey such is life it's always changing.

For those of you that have been around for a while then you know this blog is about my hair care journey.  My hair from July of last year to now is completely different and not just because I'm letting it go grey.  My hair dresser says the black dye isn't as hard on hair so I may think about spiffying it up but I'm not sold on that.  My hair had gotten pretty thin and was really damaged and had hit what I thought was it's terminal length cause that's the point it always broke off at.  The first few months didn't net major growth but my hair got full and thick again which was great because it meant I was doing things well and the length has slowly but surely come so that now I can say my hair is on my shoulders.  If I can get the one spot in the center to grow out like the hair around it then all will be good.  And I need to develop tolerance for new hair styles and possibly developing the two day wash and style process if I am going to keep avoiding heat like the plague.  I haven't used my sit under dryer in so long it's dusty seriously and when my blow dryer died I just opted not to replace it.  I only use my flat irons in an emergency.  But this whole hair care thing gave me new insights into how much I ultimately valued me too.

I had avoided taking better care of me because I was tired, lazy, didn't feel I deserved it, whatever the case may be I was crapping out on the self love stuff.  Since leaving the job and even taking slightly better care of myself I have fallen in love with parts of my life all over.  I'm listening to to new music, enjoying new shows, reading books from the library and best of all cooking.  I've baked and made more home made ice cream in the last six months than I have in the last three years seriously.  Even when the experiments didn't work it was fun for me.  And clearly I have been missing fun.  I've slowly but surely worked on part of a project that I need to get back to work on.  But that rocked when I did it.  I'm doing all those happy homemaker things that I envisioned myself doing as a child save you know the husband, 2.5 kids and four bedroom house.  But I had been ignoring that part of my life because I didn't have the husband or kids.  Correction I had a husband but he wasn't my husband and while his kids were great I never got to see them because his ex didn't want me in their lives.  I won't spend too much time on that because even thinking about it makes me take a deep sigh but I was waiting on him to take care of things so that we could be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wonder coupled up and the problem is/was there was always going to be something else and after four and a half years I felt defeated.  I'm not sure if we were good for each other even though were good to each other.  I miss him and the cute kids but I also knew/know that if I want the husband, 2.5 kids and four bedroom house before I die waiting on someone else to figure their part out isn't in the cards.

So I'm single again, in pursuit of a new job, watching my hair grow out of my head and be all healthy and beautiful and it's time for phase two or three or twelve whatever it is.  My weight has been pretty stable but too freaking high for at least the last five years.  I'm sure stress and underlying dissatisfaction with parts of my life added to the weight not coming off in any meaningful way or my ability to stick to any kind of workout routine.  I wear oversized clothes so I don't look five months pregnant constantly.  Well that and I'm always very conscious of my boobs which have been in the way since 5th grade and have only gotten bigger since then.  My FIRST bra was a 32/34B or so.  I was all out of the cute training bras and into the you got boobs bras.  The last time I allowed myself to partake of the Cacique bra sale at LB I bought a 42DDD.  Yes three Ds which is actually much different than an E as E is still thankfully too big.  Because I knew that reboot started in January which is now less than 48 hours away I allowed myself to eat as much of anything as I wanted before the 1st.  That stops tomorrow and it's back to watching portion sizes and eating sensibly and drinking as much water as I can without making my bladder bitch slap me all day long.  I drink a fair amount now it just tends to be after work instead of throughout the day.

So to keep myself honest I'm going to post my starting weight and add a tab to the Random Goodness box that tracks any weight loss, gain, whatever.  I hope that it's usually loss but we'll see.  Weigh ins, other than today, will probably be on Friday or Saturday--maybe wash day since I'll be in a routine anyway.  I'm also going to share a photo with you of the round wonder that is me and try to do an update photo monthly or at least every other month.  Monthly I may depress myself ha.  And my hope is at the end of the year there is enough tone and loss that the the pinup photos make me happy to shell out lots of money to look purty.

Hmm what else is there to tell you about right now. Ahh no idea why you need to know this but I'm in a sharing mood lol.  So remember all the cute pajamas Victoria's Secret used to carry?  They were cotton and very comfortable.  At the time I got myself two or three pajama shirts and two sets that had tank tops and pants.  I haven't worn either in a while because I tend to just pass out in whatever is comfy and near me.  And I hadn't worn the tanks cause I was doing some serious hate on my arms and again the aforementioned boobs that fit great in the tanks when I was still a C cup but now look like whatcha doing with all that up there gal.  I guess because of the weather it finally dawned on me sleeping in lightweight pants would help me not freeze so out came the VS pants again.  But it's cold so it's not tank weather.  Ahhh light bulb moment.  The cute tops that stop at my used to be ample now too damn big butt work great with the pants--I mean they are the same material after all.  So I've created two new pj sets for myself after not wearing either part for a LONG time.  I'm such a dork I know.

It was raining here today so my cute hair was tucked under a hat whenever I went out in the elements and the curls fell a bit but I promised myself I'd take photos so here ya go.  And there's a picture of me at my current weight of 243.8 pounds--my scale is fancy and does points of pounds.  Glad it doesn't round up though and it's too high to round down to just a flat 243.  That means I've gained five pounds in the last four or five months.  Not major just not helpful.  So the goal for a year from today is to be at 203.8 pounds or less.  I don't want to set it so high that I get disappointed that I can't hit my goal and 40 seems reasonable.  If it's surpassed EVEN better.  And I'll be grabbing my jar soon to put next to the bed and be prepared to fill with all the goodness for the next year.  Woo this was a long post wasn't it?  Now it's time for gingerbread martinis after I eat a little bit so there's more than chicken bites and a Cinnabon on my stomach.  And if you made it all the way down here let me just say again, happy new year to you and yours and hope it's blessed beyond measure.

Holiday VoxBox--Influenster LOVES me

Okay love may be overly dramatic.  I don't think Influenster knows me well enough to love me but it likes me a lot.  Today my third box from them arrived and I have to say it's a good mix of things considering how weird I am.  I'll be honest and say there's only one thing I won't personally use in the box and that's the oatmeal.  I really hate oatmeal.  But thankfully I live with someone that loves it and she has promised to give me a stellar review once she gobbles it all up.  I'm going to show you photos of everything right now and whenever I use the products in the box I'll be sure to give each their own review.  And after each photo I'll let you know what something is.  I did try the lip gloss and loved it.  It's shiny and moist without making your lips look like WOOOOOO stare at me.

 Welcome Card from Influenster

 Coupon from Sole Society--have to sign up and I was feeling lazy so haven't done this one yet but can't beat 25 bucks off.

 Goody Quickstyle Half Brush with Microfiber to pull water off your hair when it's being tending to post wash

 Eboost energy supplement in Pink Lemonade Flavor and Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask in Fruit Smoothie

 NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine in Nude and Kiss Nail dress for your nails

The Real Medleys Oatmeal from Quaker Oats.  Looks good.

The lovely card explaining all the goodies which you may be able to see clearly

December 30, 2012

Wash Day Interrupted

Ahh the joys of having a spry and slightly crazy mother living with you.  As I was prepping for my shower to wash out the prepoo I had frantic knocking on my door.  Since it wasn't stopping I went out to see what she wanted.  Kohl's was having a sale on towels.  They were 99 cents and stuff and we needed to go right now.  Except my hair is pseudo wet from the prepoo and I was not in the mood to have deep conditioner and Strong Roots on the inside of a winter cap so I said let's just do it later or tomorrow.  Wash went well.  I'm still using my huge rake from hotcombs.net along with my small comb from them for the final detangle.  The middle step is still being done with the oil infused thick seamless comb from Folica.com.  Very little hair came out during the three comb detangle and I got it set on flexi rods pretty quickly after I went to the Kohl's side to check on these fabulous sale towels.

Don't get me wrong I'm a sucker for a good sale on towels.  I LOVE the huge bath sheets when I can get them for under 15 bucks each and figured if it was a good sale we'd both benefit.  Yeah that's until I started reading the reviews.  Cheap is good, cheap and falling apart or shoddy is not.  When only about half of the people that have purchased the towels would recommend them that's a big red flag for me.  After showing that to her she declined to go out into the cold to go hunting for towels that kept getting reports of falling apart attached to them.  Back on the great towel hunt for us both.

I won't be able to wash next Sunday since I'll be traveling for the job interview on Monday but I guess Saturday will have to do unless I can sneak a co-wash in on Friday and just leave my hair set on Saturday until I leave on Sunday.  Who knows?  I'll try to take a picture of whatever my hair turns into tomorrow and post it along with my end of year/beginning of new year babbling.  Have a good one unless it's already New Year's eve for you and in that case drink heavily for me while I'm sleeping.

December 29, 2012

Dinner Bargains

So the plan was to make the Asian flavored marinated flank steak for dinner but that made me remember the whole someone doesn't cook on Sunday thing.  So the flank steak is still marinating and we pan seared some other steaks and sliced up some potatoes and put them in the oven to cook with some roasted garlic, onion powder, seasoned salt, cayenne pepper, and Tony Checheres (spelling on that not sure, and I'm being lazy so I'm not going to look it up).  Well both the steak and potatoes got the same seasoning, the potatoes just got some Italian seasoning and parsley too.  Both came out pretty good, potatoes had more of a kick.  I would imagine that was because my mother doesn't totally get the concept of rubbing spices heavily into the steak but no matter we ate good and will again tomorrow after I decide what to add to the steaks.  Any suggestions?

Oh and I forgot to add that I saw something on facebook that has me inspired.  It was a random photo but it encouraged everyone to find a jar and put a note inside of it every time something good happened throughout the year and at the end of the year you could look at what transpired--hopefully with a little less sadness and much more appreciation.  I have my Cupcake Provocateur jars I can use for now and if they all get filled up yeah for me.  Who's willing to give it a try?

December 28, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a White 3 Days After Christmas

That snow that never materialized on my Christmas updates showed up completely out of the blue today.  Wasn't on any weather forecast until I was driving home from work.  Brief aside here, I had a great conversation with the new social worker at one of my homes that may have generated a butt load of new referrals for me and had good sessions and new focus for the clients I plan on keeping there.  All in all good work day before random snow started.  It was just doing the I'm snow but not enough to care about me thing for a while and then when I got in the house good heavy flakes started coming down.  The yard disappeared but the driveway is clear so except in areas where the moisture built up enough to freeze and turn to ice overnight it should be clear sailing the next few days with a bit of melting and refreezing because of the temperature.  That's the view from the front door that I sent to my brothers who will share it with my nieces who are just enamored of all snow fall since they live where they never see any snow ever really.  And when it does come down it's enough to see it on the grass before it melts lol.

I've been prepping my hair better and while one of my clients seemed confused by it my ends were still protected which was my goal.  I'm debating going off to another home tomorrow or doing my hair.  I'm super tired and feel emotionally spent dealing with my own stuff.  I had to write one of those "it's not you it's me letters" even though it wasn't just me it was a lot him but it was my fault for not saying things more plainly sooner.  Woo that sentence was crazy lol.  I was going to use my bun thing but it broke and I think it's too big so I may try the bun wrapping thing from the tv.  Not sure.  What suggestions do you have for protective styling based on my last hair length photo?

December 27, 2012

And in other random news...

Okay so not sure where this is going to ramble off to so I apologize now.  The last two days it's been blistering cold and I was actually aware enough to tend to my hair.  I moisturized my hair and tucked them in to make a messy bun.  I got the idea from my blog roaming on Christmas about jingle bell hair.  I split the top and bottom into halves and pinned them up with bobby pins.  Today's was slightly less messy but required less pins too.  All in all I liked both looks even if it's more severe than I'm used to--I very rarely abandoned bangs of any kind pre hair journey.  Check out this POST if you want to see the inspiration even though my hair is still much shorter than all the bloggers featured on the post.  So of course it wasn't as big and pretty but my faux bun, messy bun, whatever got what I wanted accomplished the last few days.  Not that this will be the go to style all of winter but it's a step above from hoping the flexi rods stay off my sweater collars.

I got to talk to my sister in law and nieces a tiny bit tonight.  It was fun and I miss them all but I do enjoy talking to them.  And wonders of wonders, it all came about because mom actually did what I said for a change and called my nieces to talk to them about what the other set of grandparents got them for Christmas.  No home cooking tonight because someone got her cleaning days off but that's all good too.  The Chinese food was okay but when I wanted to grab it I started thinking about like some of the best Chinese food ever from when I was in undergrad.  Whenever me and my girls hook up in town one of our stops is there so we can reminisce and catch up and pig out.  They are the only people that get PLAIN fried rice that's delicious.

Wash day may move to Saturdays but I'm not sure yet.  Since I have the interview on the 7th I can't wash my hair on the 6th since I have to fly out.  Maybe it will just move that week, not sure yet.  Anyway I think that's it.  I'll do a longer more introspective post this weekend.  A lot has happened in the last few days.

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Y'all--no more updates

Okay so I've decided instead of doing on long post at the end of the day or several small posts throughout the day you're going to get a combination lol.  As things that are interesting, sad or funny happen over the course of the day you'll hear about them here.

8:18 AM I rolled over and got out of bed.  Kinda cranky about this I would have loved to have really slept in since there are no kiddos in my house but I guess that's the trade off  for not staying up till 4AM for a change.

8:40 AM got a message from my ex about how he didn't get to sleep in cause the kids wouldn't let him and my duh meter went off.

10:30 finally quit being a lazy bum and got out of bed to get some water and my leftover sausage pizza.  Mom is awake and being nice.  Not sure how long it will last.  Love when my pizza is so spicy it clears my sinuses.  Yeah buddy.  So far, it's cold but no signs of snow.  Kinda not believing it's coming.

11:45 brother calls and I get to laugh at him and my adorable nieces as they do Christmas show and tell and play with their assortment of new toys.  The girls laughed when mom opened her lump of coal gift card.  Opened the presents from the family right after.  Satisfied and not in a rush to shop.  Still mad it's just cold and no snow.

12:20 Talked to my former stepmother, dad's last wife, which made her day apparently.  Also talked to her granddaughter who I often refer to as my oldest niece.  She's 21, engaged and has a baby.  My dad would be so cranky right now which makes me smile for some very odd reason.  Good day so far I swear.

1:40 Started heating up the oil to deep fry my turkey breast.  Got frustrated cause I can't find my needle to inject it so I stabbed it with a fork and poured marinade and some seasoned salt on the bird and let it wait to warm up.  Not sure about the potatoes now.  Suddenly not feeling them.  I may make some pasta instead.  Or some mac and cheese.

2:20 realizes now that mac and cheese is still pasta, sue me I was thinking more of the angel hair when I said that lol.  Turkey breast is in the fryer and opted for the mac and cheese. Nope no veggies, I'll do better next year but right now this is the final countdown of eat how ya wanna lol.

3:20 mom made veggies, probably won't eat them lol.  Food is all ready though so I'm gonna disappear and continue to be cranky about the snow that has hit below us already but my front yard is good and dry.

3:48 yeah no veggies but I've had my first round with dinner and it was delicious.  Mom helped herself to it as well which was a surprise but oh well.  Gonna make dessert soon and lounge around for the rest of the day.

4:20 ish my Sis in Law calls and my nieces wished me Merry Christmas again.  She was happy with her gift card and they were heading out to see her parents and open up more gifts.  Ahh to be 5 again.

5:25 my dessert went into the oven.

6:30 dessert has been out of the oven, I'm going to go slice a piece soon.  I did a quick blog crawl earlier.  Will try to update the blog list with a new blog I started following.  But if you want to know what I checked out just click on Sdestra's page on the right hand side and look at her post for day about Holiday Hair.

7:32 so still no snow and the snow that was supposed to come later this week is now out of the forecast so boo hiss sucky weather people.  The wind however is doing something ridiculous and that annoying trash can lid that flaps in the wind next door I think has either blown off or is somewhere down the street somewhere cause yeah I'm not hearing it right now.  Oh and really men suck too.  At least the ones I know that are trying to date me.  I hate corny flirting.  How about you just get to know me?  If I like you the flirting will commence.  If you do it prematurely I will just joke on you indefinitely.

8:57 watching The Preacher's Wife and noticing Whitney had long hands to me.  I really wish someone would kind of drop out of the heavens and know exactly what I am looking for in a partner and how to wash my hair without tangling it all up.  Men are making me really second guess their intelligence tonight.

10:58 no snow day for me.  It hit the bottom half of the state and left us high and cold but dry.  Work is good though so that's not a bad thing right now.  I'll take some more cupcakes to a client since he and his wife liked them.  I may wash my hair tomorrow since I don't have class tomorrow night due to the holiday break but that depends on what time clients wrap up.  Watched The Decoy Bride again.  I really need to stop with the complicated love stories no matter how cute they are.  I miss my family and friends but they made today great even from a distance.  Night all and Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.

December 24, 2012

It's Christmas Eve Everybody

So I'm done for the day and I get a day of semi peace tomorrow.  Talked to my brother and I may be able to skype with the nieces for a bit to see what they got from Santa Claus and see what lovely pictures my oldest niece has drawn on her new toy.  Depending on how mom is behaving she can open her lump of coal gift card in front of them and give me another crappy gift lol.  I took off the comment luv widget thingy.  It didn't seem to come up for everyone all the time and comments magically stopped which was odd.  Before I go one here's a Christmas goodie from youtube via Kellie at Delightfully Ludicrous.  Please watch all 3 and half minutes, it may be the thing that stops you from drinking heavily before the day is out.  Maybe not lol.

So I mentioned that I had scanned the net for pinup photographers and I bookmarked five of them to keep looking at over the course of the next six months at least.  By June I'll know if I'm really gonna pull the trigger based on how my body makeover is progressing.  One of the comments yesterday asked about them and I wanted to share them with you anyway because I'd love to hear who you think of as the best one if your eyes and why.  Or if it's like I was thinking and it's a case of their all great and maybe one of them would just be better for what I'm thinking I want shot.  So here they are in no particular order.  If someone jumps out at you let me know cause I'd love feedback and the only other person I know that would care I kind of don't want to ever share the pictures with right now lol.  I am thinking three or four different looks cause this will definitely be a present to myself.  I'd love a kitchen set up cause I do like to bake (thus the partial reason for the name of this blog), old Hollywood glam since I just love the softness of the hair and the overall look, the flirty nerdy pinup look cause I'm a flirty nerd lol, and maybe a classic military inspired or cheesecake kind of pose.  If you have any other suggestions let me know.

Vintage Pinup
Shameless Photography
Girlie Show Pinup Photography
Lone Star Pin-up Photography
Celeste Giuliano Photography

December 23, 2012

Wash Day & Merry Christmas Eve Eve

Howdy folks,

not sure how long this will be.  It's been a busy day sorta.  I had my normal not for any discernible reason insomnia and went to bed around 5.  I woke up at 9 and said screw that as I went back to sleep.  I screwed around for a bit after I woke up at 11 and then started in on grading papers for my two classes.  Because one of them required me to double check math it took longer than I wanted it to but all was done by 4 ish.  I had started my deep conditioning at that stage with my fantabulous Hair Therapy wrap.  But since it's Sunday and my resident suddenly lazy and indignant human refuses to cook I was off schedule with the wash because I had to cook.  Sausage pizza and spaghetti were on tap and after the sauce was heated through I went to shower and wash my hair. 

December 22, 2012

Accepting That My Mother is Crazy & Other Resolutions

This year has lead to a lot of surprising things.  I finally left a job that was stealing my joy and found a new one quickly thankfully which let me figure out my next moves.  I've started teaching again which while busy is so much more fun than working just the one job I had prior to now.  I've started making moves to get myself closer to my family and out in the job market in general.  I'm also trying to restart my research too which is necessary if I ever want to get a full time teaching position ever.

After lots of frustration and no major changes in sight, I ended another long-term relationship.  I thought about it a few weeks ago and over the last decade I've been in a relationship with nothing in the way of progression.  And in an ironic twist there's nothing to really accuse the other person of doing that made it crash and burn.  Circumstances and commitments can screw up the best laid plans.  So now I'm single, no munchkins and I still have a crazy old lady living with me (even though I doubt she'd ever hold up her end of the bargain about leaving for two years after I got married).  Speaking of McCrazy I have now realized that no matter what I do, say, think, or imagine my mother is going to continue to behave like a hormonal teenager.  She has made almost every conversation we've had in the last two months into an argument about some perceived slight that I inflict but not doing x.  The next conversation when I do x she's mad about y.  And I can avoid fictional thing, x, and y there is g to look out for.  Yes I know that's not z but there's nothing logical about these conversations at all.  It's very frustrating but if I want to remain mostly mentally healthy and out of jail I really am just going to have to ignore her.  It's not an ideal way to coexist but nothing else I've tried has worked.  My resolution for 2013 is to just let her tantrums go by the way side.  Ok moving on.  And this post may be long so you've been warned, just stop now if you're easily bored by lots of babbling.

December 20, 2012

This Week Has Been a Blur

My hair and I have been swamped.  So I mentioned last week that I had a phone interview and I may have mentioned how I wasn't sure how it went but was hopeful.  I didn't hear anything on Monday or Tuesday so I figured my overwhelming honesty and tendency to talk like I'm running a race (in this case I was trying to not have a coughing fit as I had been having all day) had taken me out of the running.  But yesterday I got a good call and I'm headed off for a site visit in January.  They are nice enough to not make people travel around Christmas or New Year's and only one presentation.  So there was that wonderful high and two nights in a row of teaching classes.  That's gonna be exhausting the two more weeks that will happen but how about the extra paychecks make that tired all worth it.  The staff like me the students love me and all that's great.  If I take the new job if offered then I may not be able to teach the last few courses I've been tentatively signed up to teach but it may be worth the trade off.  I would be there before my brother's next birthday.  I'd be back on university schedules, no more state income taxes, and the chances that my mother would leave home increase--granted she'd be broke more often than not but not my issue right now.

My hair has been lovely but not holding a curl worth a darn.  Not sure if it's because of the weather or I just didn't do the roller set on Sunday like I normally would instead opting for my wrap.  Either way, it's soft and happy looking.  Today when the weather tanked I tucked my ends up and pinned it all together.  Kept it out of the cold air and it was freaking cold lol and kept the moisture that was in there safe.  Everything was going well until the end of the day.

One of my long term clients who had been ill for a while was finally back at the center and I was all happy to see her.  I went to talk to her and she wasn't there.  My funny slightly cranky client was apparently dying.  Staff came in two seconds after I left and confirmed that.  She hadn't passed away before I left the center but it did throw me off the rest of the day.  I mean I'm working with the elderly I do expect them not to live forever but she was a real delight and I will miss her.  So hug your loved ones and enjoy the holidays.

Oh and check out the new comment feature.  If it doesn't float your boat let me know but I've seen it on a few other sites and thought it would be a nice addition.  It will only impact posts from here on.

December 16, 2012

So Yeah It's My Birthday

And unlike last year I'm not all mopey cause my boo thang was gone.  We're not together and while I'd love to be all snuggled up, that's not in the cards right now.  Today was okay.  No major highs, no major lows, expected crappy gifts from mom, no expected good dinner out, anticipated slightly late birthday gift from brother and sister in law but that's cause I'm always late telling them what I want and heck my birthday is on a Sunday this year. 

It really hasn't been that bad of a day all in all.  Had a bit of insomnia this morning but that's to be expected.  My first birthday greeting as usual was from my brother but now I get two small people to say some version of happy birthday as well.  That was good and cute and I loved it.  Mom gave me gifts she thought I "needed" and let's just say unless we move to Fairbanks I don't need one and unless I become an old lady I definitely don't need the other.  She's quite cranky that I didn't like them but she bought them, as usual, without asking what I wanted and this year is not give me crappy gifts and expect me to like them year.  Can't wait to see what travesty is headed my way for Christmas.  Moving on lol. 

December 15, 2012

Christmas Meme--Partake if you like

There was sort of a group tag over at So She Writes that if you read the post you were tagged.  I won't do that to ya lol but if you want to join in go ahead.  I mean it's Christmas time after all.

1. What is your favorite Christmas song?
This Christmas by Donny Hathaway.  It never feels like Christmas till I hear this booming out of speakers in December.  I'm very traditional--Christmas music before December is just an abomination.

2. What is your favorite Christmas Treat?
I don't really have one.  Mom's candy cane shaped cookies were delicious as a kid but now it's whatever sweet thing is around that we all like.

3. What is your favorite childhood Christmas memory?
Probably the year before my parents split up.  I got my first Cabbage Patch kid, Rachel--most of my kids have R names because my family is full of R names--and the family got the first computer we owned.  A Commodore 64 that was cutting edge at the time but was a brick really and only did word processing and a few basic computer games.  Oh and my brother got Star Wars stuff he quickly abandoned to kidnap Rachel until we could get him his own CPK later.

4. What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever given?
I seriously don't know because I tend to shop to list and that makes everyone pretty happy.  I know my dad really liked homemade gifts so I tended to make his but I think those were more for his birthday and Father's Day. 

5. Do you make or buy keepsake ornaments for your family every year?
No I really hate decorating the tree, does nothing for me.  I think it's because my birthday is like a week before Christmas and I don't like anything stealing my birthday thunder.

6. Would you rather be one of Santa’s elves or a reindeer?
I'm short enough to be an elf but the wardrobe is limited, you can't tell anyone what you are working on, and when do you vacation?  I mean there are BILLIONS of people on the planet it's not like you can do all that production in one more or two.  Plus everyone remembers the reindeers' names--well most of them and you really only work one night a year and get well taken care of.  I'll be Donner everyone remembers Donner, you're screwed the further you get back in the song.

7. Gift wrap or gift bags?
I totally suck at wrapping gifts but I have an aversion to gift bags.  It makes me feel super lazy to not even try.  Remember I sent badly wrapped gifts to my brother yesterday lol.

8. Do you own a Santa hat?
No and don't send me one please.

9. Do you prefer Black Friday, or Day-After-Christmas sales?
I really hate shopping.  Like I think my dad wished for a non shopping girl and his prayers were answered because if it's not on sale, when I think I need something, and convenient I can seriously do without so much.  Plus I can do most of them online now so I avoid the crowds like the plague.

10. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?
When I'm in a cold climate I like hot chocolate.  I don't like egg nog at all ever.

There ya go, more useless trivia about me lol.  Have a great Saturday.

December 14, 2012

Today, randomness personified

The weather here has been throwing me for a loop.  Some days I'm just fine and others I wake up and can't breathe for crap.  Today was the latter.  Nothing I took helped and I ended up hoping not to sleep through my phone interview.  I didn't even though I think I didn't necessarily answer their questions as fully as I could have or I was talking fast like I normally do--which I do a LOT.  Brevity is definitely one of my strong suits.  They seemed like nice folks though, not remotely weird and no one mentioned church as an activity, so we'll see how that proceeds.  They plan to meet next week and have site interviews in early January.  You know I'll let you know if I get to go back home again.  In the middle of the non breathing fest I ran the big box of badly wrapped Christmas presents for my brother to the post office.  They aren't that far away and things tend to get there in a few days but I didn't want to risk them getting there late in the Christmas hubbub since there are presents for him, the sis in law, the adorably cute nieces and the pseudo in laws.  I say pseudo because they are always sending us stuff but they are my brother's in laws not mine.  But heck they've been around the last almost twenty years, at least 15, of my life so they may as well be family.  And after the phone interview and the still lack of solid clear breathing I got the weekly whine fest about what is in the house to cook--mind you she buys it all and never seems to figure out she'll get tired of eating the same three main dishes she buys--followed by my weekly response of what do you want then.  The mere mention of me making homemade pizza ceased all whining so that's what's for dinner.  And a salad for her but none for me cause she used up all the salad mix lol.  Oh well, food is done, I'm going to try to go see some clients tomorrow, grade some papers and start on my hair.  Have a great weekend everyone.  Oh and check the new blog I added today.  Deliciously Ludicrous is freaking funny and she's giving away a free book so that's a win too.

December 10, 2012

Marvelous Mail Monday the Redux

Today wasn't actually a bad day save the fact that it's freaking freezing and I need to read two chapters for the class I'm teaching tomorrow with absolutely NO desire to do so.  I stayed on schedule, saw most of my clients, grabbed two more cds from the library--no illegal downloading for this girl lol, and when the mail man showed up he brought me more stuff to love.

First up a new vox box from Influenster.  I will be honest in say I was a little underwhelmed when I opened the box because I haven't had a Ferrero Rocher anything in like a month of Sundays.  I gave a sleeve to mom and then cracked open one of the remaining two.  Oh in tiny chocolatey heaven right now.  Since it's so cold out they were almost frozen and so delicious.  The box is totally cute even though my bow fell off.  Granted it would have probably fallen off with the repeated opening and closing of said box but it's a pretty box I'll probably keep after the candy has disappeared.

I also got my necklace from Shabby Apple.  The chain is a little shorter than I like to wear but I love the stone so it's a win regardless.

And I got my Despair 2013 calendars.  Hope those Mayans are wrong or that's a waste of money.

I also picked up my new glasses which is making everything really sharp and clear and now I'm kinda pissed that I didn't get some last year.  I hate that first hour or two that you have on new glasses and feel like good Lord was I really that blind before.  And for those that are maybe NOT having the best day head over to Filing Jointly..finally and please enjoy the photos and laugh your touchie off.

December 9, 2012

So again it's wash day

After a busier week and weekend than I imagined at the start of the week, I finally got to wash my hair today.  I even got to break out the Hair Therapy wrap which was lovely.  I miss how nice my head feels when I use it versus when I don't and I think the prepoo and deep condition both worked better too.  The new gel packs heat a little more slowly but the heat sinks in a little longer.  I'm being careful not to overheat them right now though too so it could be I just didn't let them warm up enough initially.  My hair is still SUPER straight.  I mean I guess it should be as I'm only two weeks post but detangling, washing, conditioning all that good stuff didn't even seem to hint at a tangle.  Lost a little hair as should be expected but not enough that it made me nervous.  I thought about just wrapping it and calling it a night but it's time for my ends to get off my collars again.  If I look presentable I'll take a photo of the outcome in the morning. 

Despite feeling like a bum I actually got most of what I wanted done today.  I washed a load of clothes, marinated a bunch of chicken, deep fried said chicken several hours later, washed my hair, graded papers and published their grades, cleaned my bathroom and got in a few games of Wii Bowling.  I haven't been doing the 100 pin lately for some reason but was doing the Mii happy dance yesterday when I broke 221 lol.  My best game today was 187.  I am a week away from my 37th birthday.  I'm looking forward to it in the sense that birthdays are better than no birthdays but no one willl be here to snuggle with, going to dinner with mom will not be fun, and there's not a lot locally that I want to do.  I can't tell you what I want to do because literally I have no idea.  But it would be nice to not be snoring alone.  Ahh well.

And I'm pretty much toast for the fantasy football league so I don't even have to worry about getting those games running next week.  Got my butt handed to me.  Everyone but Jamaal Charles was underwhelming.  But I will just take that energy and focus on the classes for that week before we start our winter break.  And I have a phone interview on Friday for a position closer to my brother.  Forgot I applied for it, I tend to assume that if I have heard nothing in two weeks people aren't interested.  Not that they want to hire me but at least some acknowledgement that they got it and are looking me over.  There are still two teaching positions that I should apply for too but I'm being a bum.  I need to finish fleshing out the life reboot I'm planning for the first of the year too.  Hoping that things go smoothly soon in all aspects of my life at the same time.  That would be nice.

Ahh well no more ramble now.  I'm feeling stuffed from the two and half pieces of chicken I ate along with my mac and cheese.  Have a good one.

December 5, 2012

Ok so it's Wednesday (not a hair post at all lol)

I woke up sick and was trying to sleep in when my office called.  Let's just say that just made me feel worse and as all of their calls do made me go looking for work again.  I hate feeling coerced into doing anything and whenever more than one of them calls it's total we're stalling on one end and pushing on another end.  Oh and to add icing to the proverbial cake I get an email from someone else I interviewed with sent me the obligatory HR email saying they were going with someone else.  Which was totally fine cause again it wasn't the right fit but considering I interviewed over a month ago a simple hey we're not inviting you to campus email or call would have been acceptable.  I said as much when given the chance by their feedback form.  It's okay to not get the job but to not let someone know is just kinda rude to me. 

But today was going to be screwed anyway because I had to take mom to get her MRI.  No matter how long I THINK that will take it inevitably takes more time than that.  That of course was followed by I need to go here here and over here even though I don't NEED a single thing in either store but I want to buy stuff and if you don't take me I'm gonna show out in public.  And yes my mother does throw tantrums like a 5 year old.  There was another mother and daughter in the waiting room and while there were tinges of the same kind of irritation I have with my mom between the two of them--the mom seemed much more light hearted than my mom.  Now that is probably the same thing I saw about my mom--she's hilarious and sweet to everyone else cause they don't live with her.  Three hours after the appointment started I finally got to my house only to see the requested material from said office STILL not here that was allegedly mailed on Friday.  That's amazing cause I got three things from New York that were mailed on Friday on Monday and my office is in Texas--not far from here at all. 

I'm just in a funk with work.  My hair looks great even though the great American detour meant no co-wash today and based on the adjustment to my schedule, provided I don't wake up sick again, I won't be able to wash my hair until Saturday if I do everything I should.  I watched the cutest movie tonight, I love accents and awkward humans, called The Decoy Bride.  If you like the former Dr. on Dr. Who check it out.  I loved David Tennant, not so much the new guy.  He's funny looking to me.  And after I made my knock off Sonic dinner, I had one of my lovely Cupcake Provocateur cupcakes.  Oh yeah for red velvet goodness.  I'm feeling better about life but I hate feeling out of sorts in general.

December 3, 2012

Marvelous Mail Monday & Other Stuff

I've been feeling blah for the last few days.  Maybe the month of blogging coming to an end was an emotional letdown or something but whatever it was kinda sucked the happy out of me.  I was really productive this weekend.  Got paperwork in for work on time--early even.  I worked on my statement of teaching philosophy--big fancy words for how I see myself as a teacher.  I scanned about 30K things 20K times to get it to the right file size so I could apply for two teaching jobs.  I asked people for recommendation letters instead of being a great big old chicken and everyone responded in the affirmative.  I prepped for my stats class, created a powerpoint to cover all the crap that the materials do not cover and tried to get to bed early after moisturizing and sealing my hair.  I'm still wrapping it right now.  I'll wash on Wednesday if I get home early enough which is my normal amount of time post relaxer.  I did everything I was supposed to and it felt disappointing.  I even wished my ex a happy birthday and tried to cheer him up when he was clearly feeling funky.  None of that made me feel remotely better.  Like at all.

This morning I woke up with cramping fingers and less than stellar mood lol.  But I went out to work, went to TWO different stores and got the STUPID shepherd's hooks for mom to put crappy decorations up in the yard, got lunch I wanted, got lunch she wanted and got hit with random pain and gave up for the day.  BUT I forgot in all my cranky mood funk that my box from Cupcake Provocateur would be here today.  And it was along with an envelope from CP and a package from Shabby Apple.  Who got lots of cupcakes and cute aprons?  This girl here.  Who got her first commission check and hope the rest of you keep clicking on the nice links so she can get another one?  This girl here--sho nuff.  Thanks Cynthia for great service and great products.  Who got a fabulous dress that fits great and that this time next year I want to be fitting totally different?  This girl RIGHT here.  My necklace shipped separately and I didn't want to take a picture of the dress all shlepped on the bed so I'll link copy a photo from Shabby Apple and show you what it looks like.  The dress feels so great.  It's smooth and fits great on my frame.  And I may be getting another one based on a promotion they ran last week to keep promoting the sale that ended Friday.  I did not however get the paperwork I've been asking for at least for the last month from my job but I think this is just another reminder that the things I did this weekend I have to KEEP doing otherwise I'll be stuck forever.

I won't bug you about the Voice tonight.  So far I'm loving my man Nicholas and Terry as usual.  Trying to see how everyone else does.  Photos of my goodies and the dress.

November 30, 2012

30 Days Has November...

April June and September all the rest have 31 except for February which has 4 plus 24--leap year brings it one day more.

That poem has been stuck in my head for HOURS as the end of the month and the National Blog Posting Month.  I wasn't sure I'd make it the entire thirty days posting because let's face it I can be a bit spacey.  But I did and now that it's over it was fun.  Can't say I would be able to do it every day every month cause I'm bored often and easily distracted.  Turns out though, this was such a rousing success (or it could be every month and I only caught on for November--edit yeah I just looked back at the site to make sure yep I'm super late lol) that it will reboot in December for those that are interested in joining up and trying to take on the challenge for themselves.  Next month's theme is WORK.  I am seriously looking for a new job and have ups and downs with this job but don't think I have 31 posts about work in me at all.  For those interested in signing up and joining the blogroll click HERE.  You need to fill out a quick form but then you're added to the other tiny legion of blogs that will gain new readers for the next month.

I'm super excited because my order from Cupcake Provocateur shipped today and will be here early next week.  That means if I space it out right and don't go into massive OMG yummy mode I will have a cupcake left to enjoy on my birthday because I'm sure mom won't be buying me a luscious birthday cake and sure as heck won't be making me one.  She's kinda mean like that.  She used to have one every year on my birthday at work but in seven years with me no cake lol.

Yesterday I was checking out The Bloggess's page and she posted a great charity group.  For some reason I haven't been inspired to get my annual angel this year but this touched my heart.  Project Night Night is a group that creates gift bags for children living in homeless shelters.  It gives them a book, a toy and a blanket that's all theirs.  Twenty bucks creates a bag for a child.  And you can donate in honor of someone else if you so desire.  Check it out.  And if you are so moved as well there's another little girl in need of some help.  She's eight and is fighting brain cancer.  If you're in her area there will be a party.  Tickets are 100 dollars for that event.  If you're not then you can donate via PayPal if you like and any amount large or small would be appreciated.  Her name is Jada and she looks like a sweetheart.  The links will both take you to the same place--a site called Giants of Generosity

November 29, 2012

Cute Kid Video-Dino Lingo

For the parents out there if you are looking for a new video or learning tool for your cutie pies you should check out Dino Lingo.  It's apparently in SEVERAL different languages but my French is rusty so I only watched it in English.  It's kind of in the vein of Dora the Explorer in that the friendly creatures (dinosaurs) go on random adventures together to explore the world.  Except I really hated Dora after a while and these characters seem much more friendly.  There was a little gap between the initial conversation the dinosaurs had but they were very friendly and had a good time as they explored together.  The language is appropriate for youngsters and easy for them to follow along to while they watch.  My initial thought was it may be more boy appropriate but for lack of a better phrase they are pretty cute dinosaurs that girls will like as well.  Check it out below.

Random Hair News

Okay so I was recovered enough to get back to work today.  Work was good, devised a new system for when I need to take a wee break in the day and I'm on this side of town--quick trip to the library.  Let me write my notes in peace, pick up a cd I had on hold, and scour for a few books.  Side note I know that people love their ereaders and digital books but I really don't.  I'll be really depressed if and when there are no more paper books.  I love the pages and the smell and book shelves damn it.  Okay back on track.

It was windy today but not so windy that it was annoying like a few days ago.  My hair was blowing around and being a tiny bit of a pain for a few seconds until it settled.  And when it settled I discovered something.  My hair is just long enough to not annoy the crap out of me like it did last relaxer.  I think the point on my neck that it was hitting in August is just a sensitive area and doesn't like anything there.  When I had weave that length it was annoying to me then as well.  Today not so much, it felt nice brushing against my neck and top of my shoulders.  I will be getting it up and off my collar soon as the weather keeps changing and the collars keep getting higher.  I've been better at moisturizing and sealing before bed as well so that's another plus--especially as it is wrapping so much easier now as well.  And while I was in the library I saw a strand of my hair on my sweater.  It was perfectly even in gray/black combination.  So clearly it was broken off of another strand cause the strand wasn't that long.  I saved it cause it made me smile for some reason.

Ahh well that's all I got for today.

November 28, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well it is for advertisers and stores and Charlie Brown.  I really do still like to keep my holidays separate but I did enjoy the Prep and Landing short in the middle of the Charlie Brown episodes.  I did not win the ridiculously large powerball so I guess it's back to work and the ever present hustle.  I did get an interview in with a local agency that seems interested in my credentials.  A few opportunities there but they are gonna double check what makes sense for both of us.  I may not get offered a thing but at least it's an interview.  Tomorrow I need to work on stuff for my class and an application that is pending.  I really just need to write a teaching philosophy statement but that just seems unnecessarily crazy since you'd have to interview me and talk about those things with me.  I'm recovering from another round of the weather going crazy and hope it doesn't crush me again in the morning.  I hate being this kind of sick, just makes me achy and cranky.  And I eat too much lol.  And for those who like myself were hoping Lauren over at Filing Jointly finally would get her Christmas wish and her post would get the requisite likes to get her husband in a Santa suit on a jaunt around Chicago.  Turns out 1500 likes and the earnest please of people like myself got him to agree to do it well before the deadline.  So we'll have Mr. and Mrs Claus along with two friendly elves to giggle at sometime next month.  Oh well enough of my moaning.  Nothing else to tell ya.  How is everyone doing?

November 27, 2012

Life is Terribly Funny

As the blogging month comes to an end soon I have to admit it hasn't been too hard to keep up.  I will most likely slow up again in December cause I feel like I'm boring the crap out of people.  Work was slightly better, saw more of my clients and touched base with all but one who will be in the hospital for quite a while longer--hoping she fully recovers.  I left and went on day two of my mission to get some much needed new glasses.  My prescription keeps changing a tick but after not getting a pair in two or three years it's time.  I contemplated going home and getting a cheap pair on Coastal.com but in my ongoing desire to stop being so cheap with myself and make sure they fit and could be altered if needed I went ahead and got the pair I wanted.  A cute pair from Jessica McClintock.  My vision insurance is actually pretty good.  It didn't make the glasses FREE but it took about half off to make sure my lenses were really thin and anti reflective and had transitions.  It covered all but fifty on the frames and gave me 20 percent off those.  I could have gone cheaper but ehhh the only cheaper ones I really liked were plastic and I have an aversion to plastic frames.  I think because I had to wear them as a kid and be careful so they wouldn't break.  Ehh just not loving them anymore.  When I get them I'll take a photo.

So my precious Cody went home on the Voice tonight but I can't wait to see what he does next cause I heart him totally.  Dez went home too but he's not my style.  I'll let the 21 and under crowd handle him.  The New Normal and Go On were both hilarious and priceless tonight.  Gotta love em both.  Not a lot else to tell you tonight.  No need to recap the craziness that is living with mom.  It's just another day in crazy town.  Oh and I didn't forget the photos I was just being lazy but here they are.  Not the best shots ever but you can see the length better without the curls.  And you can see all the pockets of gray too lol.  Oh well such is life.

November 26, 2012

It's time for the Voice or Why I totally love Blake Shelton

Okay so it's Monday and that means the first two hours of my prime time (for now) are occupied by The Voice.  I will admit that I had maybe heard a song or two that belonged to Blake but had not really a clue who he was before the first season of The Voice.  However, watching him, Adam (hey scruffy hubby to be), CeeLo (my funky soul brother) and Christina (hey girl, totally love you) over the last three cycles of this show has endeared him to my heart.  Let's face it he's a strapping young man who's nice to look at BEYOND being totally adorable with his wife and possibly one of the funniest parts of The Voice.  He says and does all the inappropriate things I'm always thinking when I watch the show.  And surprise for me, I actually like him singing.  Honeybee and Drink on It are two of my faves.  The show is fantastic.  The judges seem genuine and are enjoying each other as well as their contestants.  It's gonna suck for me when Christina and CeeLo take their break.  I'm hoping that Blake and Adam take one too cause really I don't want anyone else with them.  Unless of course it's me and you REALLY don't want me to sing a thing outside of the car with the music blaring.  Anyhoo, here are the numbers for tonight if you would like to vote.  I won't no vote anyone tonight but Team CeeLo is where it's at.  And one final thing, I'll take a picture and show you tomorrow but after the curls fell I could see where my hair really is.  Yeah for growth and health.

Amanda Brown (Team Adam) 855 VOICE 01 / 855 864 2301
Cody Belew (Team CeeLo) 855 VOICE 02 / 855 864 2302
Terry McDermott (Team Blake) 855 VOICE 03 / 855 864 2303
Melanie Martinez (Team Adam) 855 VOICE 04 / 855 864 2304
Dez Duron (Team Christina) 855 VOICE 05 / 855 864 2305
Trevin Hunte (Team CeeLo) 855 VOICE 06 / 855 864 2306
Nicholas David (Team CeeLo) 855 VOICE 07 / 855 864 2307
Cassadee Pope (Team Blake) 855 VOICE 08 / 855 864 2308

November 25, 2012

Fantasy Football and Cupcakes

I still haven't rocked my aprons when I'm cooking but it's no fun when the only other person here is my less than wonderful companion--mom.  She's still cranky about not going shopping on Black Friday and I'm so beyond over it that I can't begin to explain.  I made a nice brandy infused marinade for the steaks and sliced up some potatoes and added some garlic salt, soy sauce, Italian seasoning and butter.  And I'm making cupcakes again cause I'm almost out and I love them.  Last batch is done and they are cooling.  The leftovers are in the fridge and the kitchen is mostly clean save the dirty dishes and I'm not touching those.  And my fantasy football win is teetering on the last game of the day.  I'll probably lose at the rate it's going.  Had I gone with my gut and not the expert recommendation it wouldn't be so tenuous but such is week to week in the stupid league.  Ahh well enough rambling.  I really don't have much to tell ya at this point.  I am thoroughly loving my recipe binder though.  I still have to consult it before I make things but I don't have to run back and forth to the laptop now.  I'm in flux about life again but I think I know what I want to do I'm just over thinking it.  I know I'm over thinking it but I always do.  Sue me.  Back to tv and not the game so I don't make myself nervous as all get out hoping for fumbles.  I'll turn it on in a few hours and suck up the loss lol.  See ya

November 24, 2012

The Wonderful thing About Tiggers

Well you know the rest.  I actually got in and out of the hairdresser in under two hours.  Minor miracle yes I know especially on a Saturday but things are good.  We had another good conversation about what I'm doing well, both remarking about how well my hair (and her hair since her big chop) is growing out.  Knowing that I need to do better in some areas and giving me some tips on what else I can do to keep my hair healthy and growing.  Love my stylist really.  We also talked about Cupcake Provocateur, may have snagged her another customer lol.  So I relaxed at 13 weeks post and knew I was in need of a trim. For a while I was thinking it was a slow growth three months and with a trim of around an inch I was prepared for no net length.  However, the longer I was away from the shop and subject to the wind I could tell it was longer than I thought but still not quite where I would mark it to claim full shoulder length.  I'll find my last relaxer pictures and make a comparison shot in a second.  I never know why I type that.  You don't care if it's in a second or five years, just want to see the photos.  And I was right, there's some net growth just not a lot of it retained in the way I would enjoy.  I'll keep tending to my ends and try to do better.  But hair in the back was above my necklace after the last relaxer and is just under it or touching it after today's relaxer.  The side shots show more fullness to me not necessarily a lot of growth on the side I shot but more on the left side.  Either way growth and thickness is good.

I also boxed up all the gifts for my line sisters and after another address check I'll get these out into the US mail.  Without the fresh dye job the hair is looking a little dull in these shots but it could also be the lighting.  I know I took them in the same location so I must not have had on the same amount of lights or did something goofy with my camera which is so not out of the realm of possibility.  Oh well, I think that's it for today.  I love being able to touch my scalp without getting into that mini afro that was hanging out there lol. 

November 23, 2012

Who Gets Sick on Black Friday?

I do I do I do.  Felt like I was being smothered when I woke up and I did a bit of nothing when I woke up before I gave in and took some cold medicine.  Which knocked me out and means I was really sick because cold medicine usually does nothing but clear me up for a while.  I woke up four hours later and scrolled back to the post right below this one.  I picked up the Truman dress and a pretty necklace at Shabby Apple.  Then I went back to Cupcake Provocateur and got another Harlow apron in a pattern I love oh and some more cupcakes.  I did the math and based on my previous order, current order and just placed order I'll have a nice round number to return at some point in the future if I ever return them.  Remember the jars were freaking adorable so I may just turn them into something else.  I need to grab something else to eat so I can take my meds for the night.  Tomorrow is creamy crack day lol.  I'll try to post a photo when I get done.  It will be a few week shy of my birthday but that means by birthday the volume will be back.  I may take some photos to commemorate my 37th year on this earth and I can send some photos to my nieces.  Plus it may help me really kick start the healthy physical side of things in the new year.  Ok, all done updating the world now.  Have a great day ladies and whatever gent stops by.

Oh and I deleted the link to makin' cute blogs.  The page hasn't been updated in a while--which doesn't really bother me--but the tutorials don't work and neither do most of the other pages.  Just gives a 404 error.  So sorry if I referred you there recently and if it ever gets up and running again I'll let ya know.

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Phase Three--Black Friday Shopping from the Sofa


For those of you that are like myself and truly hate going out to shop or the things you want are no where near you I have a treat for you.  Both of the sites, that I adore, that I am an affiliate for are having sales tomorrow and both of them are for the ENTIRE site.  For the Shabby Apple lovers just click the link below to go the sale/site and remember to type in JOYFULSEASON at checkout to get your discount.  The sale WILL NOT start until tomorrow so don't get angry by clicking all early and getting frustrated because the code doesn't work yet.  The sale won't end until November 30th so if you need to wait till payday go ahead but don't forget.  I'll try to remind you again before it ends.

Dresses from Shabby Apple

And in hot off the presses news Cupcake Provocateur has also joined in the Black Friday fray.  Not only are they doing 30 percent off the ENTIRE site they are tossing in free shipping as well for US & International orders.  Use code THANK30 to get your discount and free shipping.  This sale also WILL NOT start until tomorrow so do not head over the minute you see this to get yourself some goodies.  Yes I know I just bought something for myself but I may have to indulge in both of these sales, within reason, as part of my not being cheap with myself mindset besides you can't beat the discounts AND free shipping.  
Okay that's enough out of me.  Get ready to get your desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones ready to do some retail therapy in your pajamas.  I'll be doing so after I get out of bed in the morning and/or after I get in from a day of work.  Either way I'll be clicking away.

Happy Thanksgiving Phase Two

Dinner was delicious.  I haven't had seconds yet and may not, I'm not super hungry today.  I got to talk to my cutie pie nieces and understood almost all of what both of them said so WINNING there.  I'm watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving after seeing how may fantasy team is doing.  I was worried cause my opponents players for the day severely overperformed.  Thankfully the only player I had playing today did as well, almost doubled his expected points.  So yea winning there too.  I managed to get a co-wash in and was only a little off my normal be done by schedule.  Granted it may not have been the best idea to wash two days before a relaxer but my hair was looking a hot mess and I didn't want to put heat on it since I haven't in the last six weeks at least.  I'm pretty sure I did it the last time I went in for a relaxer as well and short of super curly hair to work through to base it was okay.  Either way one more day of work, extra payday tomorrow and fresh relaxer on Saturday.  Even more winning.  Plus hair loss was minimal today thanks to that lovely three comb detangling method.

Nothing else to tell you about the day but there is one more post in me because of things I just found out and it deserves it's own post.

Happy Thanksgiving Phase One

Okay I've had a post in my head for the last few days that was sounding kind of morose.  It wasn't my intention but that's how it was dancing around in my head.  So here's the deal.  I am cheap, I think I've mentioned it before but I'm all for a good deal.  My parents were both cheap too so I think it wore off on me and my brother.  We'll splurge on things that make sense and that will last a long time but in general big silly expenses we skip.  And almost anything can be classified as silly.  My brother is a little bit better than me but I am just flat out cheap.  Then a few days ago I restocked my gingerbread creme Oreos and got my custom cupcake and apron order from Cupcake Provocateur.  And a few days before that I bought myself a cd and the small humans (and myself) a copy of Brave.  And in a few days I'll get my quarterly dose of creamy crack which shouldn't be an expense that I'm quantifying but recall the previous I'm cheap statement.  Then it occurred to me.  I don't do that when I make donations.  I mean I don't make huge ones but I donate without blinking if the cause is important to me.  I usually don't do that when I'm making gift purchases--like I didn't think twice about buying a copy of Brave for the ex's kids cause that's just not something to be petty about.  I am the cheapest freaking human being when it comes to me and me alone.  I make the money that's making all of those purchases for everyone else but for me I limit my expenses as much as possible.  And that made me sad.  Why was I such a low priority for me?  Honestly there's not a good reason but I am cautious with money and the things I tend to want seem frivolous as a result.  Mind you I have more money in the bank now than I've had at the end of a month in God only knows and I'm working very hard to keep it that way (yeah side hustle a.k.a. teaching lol).  And the cheap is beyond money, I've not done a great job of taking care of much other than my hair and my teeth (very recently) and I need to do better.  Some days I'm just in need of a break and other days I deserve to have the unnecessary lunch at P.F. Chang's.  Either way I'm thankful for recognition and I need to do better.  Are you being cheap with yourself?  If you are what are you willing to do in order to take better care of you?

Thanksgiving cooking update: Cupcakes are done, breakfast muffins are done, duck is in the oven, turkey fryer is prepped with fresh oil and when the duck is closer to being done the turkey will get dropped into a vat of hot oil.  Then the fixings will get the hookup along with crescent rolls.  Somewhere in there I need to make a fresh pecan pie cause the one from last night went to hell.

November 21, 2012

3D Crest White Update

I'm in the middle of cupcake baking in preparation for tomorrow but while round two is baking I went ahead and took pictures of the results of the 3D Crest Whitening Strips.  Looking at the photos I can see a slight difference but they look whiter in person (at least to me).  They aren't WHITE but it's only been 20 days and I haven't had a whitening in forever because they are so darn expensive.  However, from the tinge of yellow when they started to the last treatment yesterday my teeth are on the path to white.  Because of that I'll probably revisit them again in a month or two to make sure I start the month off with them and go for the full 20 days without getting distracted because I forgot what day I'm on.  No more stalling, here's the photo of my teeth and extra full lips.  I also noticed I was giving you less gums in each shot lol.  Mom would be proud she hates the gum shots lol.  There will be another post tonight maybe after I'm done baking.  I've got 42 Gingersnap Crumble Cupcakes cooling and a pecan pie in the oven to destroy the whitening power of the strips.