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April 17, 2021

Hair in The Time of COVID

Y'all I'm off cycle with an update because I'm off cycle with my hair getting done.  Last week we had a conflict and this week we do too.  I'll be at least two weeks off with this retwist.  And I say at least two weeks because next week I gotta get my second COVID vaccine and if it lays me out then I may not be recovered by Saturday to drive anywhere.  In the mean time though.  My hair feels good, it's long enough that it's mostly not hitting that irritating the back of my neck phase BUT I'm not sure that I'm good with leaving it down which was my thought initially.  It's kind of in the way but my scalp isn't as itchy because hair is resting in the same position.  I'm weird I know.  There are one or two I'm a little worried about because the base is small but the base also look solid so I may be overreacting.  Not doing a whole lot is making my hair keep growing but it's not to get back to the gym like seriously.