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May 28, 2012

Random Hair Questions

I've been roaming KISS this weekend now that I am just in a holding pattern to find out about next phase of employment and some things popped into my head tonight and others I've been wondering about for a while.

My blow dryer died probably four months ago.  I haven't really missed it and wasn't using it that much before it died.  Should I replace it or just keep going with the hood dryer as needed?

I've been around for almost a year and still don't fully understand the whole moisturize and seal thing.  I moisturize my scalp as needed but specifically what is the seal portion of this equation lol.

I prepoo but don't always deep condition afterwards because my hair feels great usually after my conditioner routine in combo with the prepoo.  What's the benefit of deep conditioning if you prepoo?  Or is that an unnecessary step.

For anyone using more than one leave in, do you mix them up or just put one on and then the other?

Anyone else understate where they think their hair length is because they don't want to get overly excited about progress?  Like right now I think the front is at my shoulders but I keep second guessing cause the back isn't as full or long.

Anyone else using the kimmaytube leave in?  How's it working for you?  Feels like that boost of castor oil has made all the difference in my hair overall.

I think that's it for my randomness for tonight lol.

May 18, 2012

Long long day

I have had an interesting week.  I have officially put in a resignation for my job to disappear in a few months.  I'm actively looking for a new job (thank heavens there are openings where I want to go).  Feeling a little betrayed by people who I used to love and respect.  And it's the anniversary of my dad's death.  And in my push to reach 12 weeks post I forgot that until I was waking up and remembered my hair appointment.  I was the only client for my stylist so that didn't take long and we always have a good conversation about everything so it was good to see her, get some outside perspective and get some prayers from a good friend.  Spent a while talking about any and everything after she was done and went home.  I also dyed my hair with a black rinse because the contrast between the salt and pepper hair and the used to be blowout burgundy hair was bothering me.  No more after this though.  I kinda like the salt and pepper so it will be allowed to come back in on its own.  My hair feels a lot healthier, thicker and it's still growing.  Not sure how much, I need to take a photo to compare it to the last shot.  But it wont happen tonight.  I'm so sleepy I can't see straight.  I was a little sad I may not be able to use my length check shirts with my current stylist but the Lord is telling me this part of my journey may be at an end.  Nothing wrong with moving forward to something new.

May 12, 2012

Length Check Shirts

I had been debating getting one since I wasn't sure I'd keep taking care of my hair for any length of time.  But now that I'm two months away from my first full year of hair journey I figured it was time to take the plunge.  Just found affordable and cute length check shirts unexpectedly so I'm happy.  Spreadshirt.com has them from lots of folks (including Hairlista) but I chose http://justgrowalready.spreadshirt.com/ for the shirts I would pick.  I found the store through the main Spreadshirt page but the shirts were 2 or 3 bucks cheaper through the link I shared.  I'll say this too these shirts mostly start at NL but there are some on the main Spreadshirt page that start at a variety of lengths (SL, APL, BSL) with cute designs all around. Ahh well enough spending money for the day lol.

May 6, 2012


I have just finished washing my hair and I'm really enjoying it looking healthy and happy lol.  I haven't been cowashing as much but the As I Am Coconut co-wash is great when I do and my hair looks and feels great.  I think I mentioned that I grabbed the As I Am leave in conditioner but that has been added to the leave in part of what I do and that feels amazing on my hair.  Smells pretty good too.  My hair looks like it's grown a bit since the last perm but I'm not sure if it's the milder weather or my hair is just cooperating for a change.  The biggest thing I've noticed is my new growth isn't feeling like its out of control or super dry or not holding my hair styles like it could sometimes in the winter.  It's more tightly coiled and actually just feels strong and healthy.  I can't say I've mastered the flexi rod set but I'm enjoying it when I do it.  The perm rods are hard to sleep on and I was getting tired of the basic roller set.  Now I have to learn a different style lol because I'll get bored with this one eventually too.  Maybe I can try the bantu knots or twists out next when I have patience to get the twists SUPER tight so they don't come undone as I air dry.  The lack of heat is still clearly helping out and I enjoy that.  The other thing I'm getting a kick out of us is I have a clear demarcation on my hair of when I stopped coloring which is around the time I started my hair journey so I can see where my hair has come in almost the last year.  I'm two much shy of my year ha, hadn't thought about that.  I think I will rinse or dye it the next time I go in for my relaxer but to a black likely.  My hair is growing in salt and pepper and I don't think it will be as shocking to people who haven't seen me in a while.  Plus right now it's making me a look a little older only because it looks like my hair just gave up and went gray lol.  I'm a full ten weeks post now and I'm not having the same kind of issues I normally do at this point.  My hair is normally on poof patrol and begging for creamy crack.  If I hadn't been so exhausted recently it would be doing better than it is but it's still holding up well.  I'm going to try to make it to twelve weeks this time if this next week goes well.  I think a full three months may be all I should do right now.  But when I go in we're also talking about potentially just going natural which could mean a texlax or continued stretching.  I'm not up for a big chop now that I've finally got my hair growing but I also may just keep my perm as I feel like I've learned how to work with it now.  I'd take a picture but it's just me in flexi-rods right now so nothing to show.  I want to thank everyone who youtubes because you help inspire me when I'm super tired of the 90 minutes it takes to wash and detangle and set my hair.  And that's just with my hair grazing my shoulders.  No telling what it will do whenever I actually hit shoulder or armpit length.  Oh that's just amazing to think about.  So excited about what's to come with my hair.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.