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July 29, 2017

Living as a Curly Girl

So there's lot of randomness to share with all of you.  I'm taking a break from organized weight loss and meal planning until the week before classes start.  That's the plan anyway.  Next week it's back to before more deliberate about what's going in and out.  I'll be at a conference as well which means I'm normally moving around much more than I am at work so there's that.  Come August 13th it's time to get back on the grind though.  I feel a little fuller which I'm not digging and I would like to just have the health and mental wellness benefits that come when I work out regularly.  I'm giving myself between August 1 and December 31st to get back into the losing weight camp again.  If that doesn't happen I may have to cut all my hair off and move in with monks.  Okay that's not happening but I will be pissed.

July 4, 2017

Twilight Zone Marathons rock

So I logged on earlier with the intention of just giving a brief update on what's been happening and to of course go overboard with my happy for the tv show that makes all the random fireworks tolerable today.  Except when I got to my page things looked off.  Turns out Photobucket, who clearly is tired of giving away things for free, had replaced a few of my hosting images with one of their own saying that I needed to "update" my account in order to restore them.  So I click over to the site and look for something to update and there's squat.  I at that point am getting annoyed and start doing some searching before going directly to the website the image referenced.  In order to keep using the images as I had been the previous few years this blog has been active I would have to upgrade not update my account.  And that upgrade wasn't going to come cheap.  I had to be willing to shell out at least 40 bucks a month, or 400 annually woo two months free, to keep my links active in the way they had been.  Most of my images of my hair and stuff I upload directly to blogger so thankfully I wasn't losing a ton of stuff there but my divider bar, signature and a few things in the side bar were MIA.  I just had done some digging about other images and remembered I could embed the images in this site and just did that but then had to edit the HTML code.  Many cut and pastes, a random error that I had to look on how to fix and many saves to be safe and the page is mostly restored.  Some of the image tags for different posts will be absent until I go in to fix them but the page itself is good.