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October 11, 2011

Yeah for Hair Growth

So today I went in for my almost quarterly dose of creamy crack.  I was going to try to stretch another week but after this last wash cycle my hair was just screaming for a touch up.  10 weeks of actually taking care of my hair and almost no heat and there was noticeable growth and more importantly for me thickening.  I was bopping my head around in the car and felt something that my own hair hadn't done in a while--swing and brush my cheek lol.  I'm still tweaking the regimen a bit but it's nice to see progress.  Still no hair dye and short of the spiral of gray overtaking my crown I'm semi enjoying seeing the pattern of my new growth against the old color.  Might be able to try a few more protective styles after this next ten weeks, especially if it keeps thickening up.  Will post a new photo tomorrow but appointment was late and then I had to eat.  Time for Family Guy and bed.