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October 6, 2014

Firmoo Review Part 1

 photo BeautyCorner_zps8c31481b.png

I was contacted a few weeks ago to give a review of an online eyeglass store, Firmoo.com.  In exchange for a free pair of glasses I was just asked to give an honest review of the process, glasses themselves and so on.  I was also asked if I knew any bloggers that my like to partake in the offer and honestly I wasn't sure if anyone would or if anyone needed a pair of glasses so I have yet to follow up with that piece.  However, if after seeing these glasses you are interested let me know and I'll pass on your name.  Even if you don't want to do a review, Firmoo has reinstated their free first pair program so if you want to explore their options please do.

I was due for an eye exam otherwise I would have probably gotten these before the end of September as I was contacted early in the month.  I got a new script and the change was negligible again but I felt better having a more accurate view of well my vision.  That night I came home and ordered my free pair of glasses.  They would have totally been free had I not upgraded the lenses to progressives and the fingerprint resistant coating.  All told though even with those upgrades the glasses themselves were 45 bucks.  Compared to the pair I got at the store, totally cute retro glasses lol, I paid about a fifth of the price for the same type of glasses.  The process was pretty seamless but unless you are good at measuring things like your pupil distance or are fairly certain of your prescription I would recommend having all that measured by a professional before you start.  Payment is through Paypal so you don't have to pony up a credit card.  The company is based in China so while the glasses are made and shipped quickly it could take a few weeks for your glasses to arrive.  By my estimate it was under two from shipping to delivery, maybe a little over a week.  They are shipped well in a hard case and protected in a wiping cloth.

This review will focus on my current glasses and the new firmoo pair but when the others come in I will revisit the whole shebang.  Now the first thing I noticed was the difference in weight between my old glasses and the firmoo pair.  I haven't had plastic frames in years so I was unprepared for how light they felt.  These frames are also wider than my current pair so I would need to have them adjusted to wear long term so they stayed in place without me readjusting them.  Other than that though the prescription was a tiny bit sharper as it should have been and thus gave me the requisite headache that always comes with new glasses.  This is another reason why I am holding off on the final comparison.

The lens thickness looked about the same as my current glasses.  There was a little overhang I think because the lenses are plastic but it wasn't something that would make the glasses unwearable.  And they also included replacement screws and nose pads which is great as well.  So far so good on the firmoo glasses.

There was only one thing that I wasn't expecting and it could be the result of the new coating, or using my camera phone, that is not on my current glasses.  As I was preparing to take the up close and personal shots of the frames on my face I noticed that I could see myself in them and their was a green haze to it that I couldn't explain.  I walked around the bedroom and through different parts of the house to see if it got better and for the most part it did not.  I finally had mom take a photo of me in the new frames to minimize the green thing the most.  I only saw that when looking through the phone though and didn't notice it otherwise.  I will check it out again when the new lenses come as they have a similar coating on them.  I look asleep in the top photo with the new frames and cranky in the photo with the old frames lol.

All in all I think these are decent glasses and as soon as I'm ready to transition over to the new script they will be part of the rotation.  I think Firmoo.com would be a good option for those that want a glasses to go with their personalities without having to break the bank when a new mood struck. Or for those that are in need of a new pair but not wanting to shell out a few hundred on designer frames.  Be careful with fitting and measurements but otherwise I can see why others have used the site repeatedly.  I seriously had no issues from the start of the process to the end.  The new glasses should be in hopefully this week and then I can follow up with the more complete review.

Who needs a new pair?

October 5, 2014

Wash Day: Lace Em Up

 photo HairFrenzy_zps227f41c9.png
So I didn't have swim classes yesterday so wash day was confined to a late night prepoo and early morning wash.  Wash day went mostly like it would normally:

Prepoo with my Organix and Moroccan Oil deep conditioner with scalp coverage provided by the Strong Roots.  I slept with that on my hair and got up about 9 and started my wash day.

I did one wash each with Organix Macadamia Oil and Moroccan Oil moisturizing shampoo.

I mostly follow time directions with the Moroccan Oil and Aphogee 2 minute conditioners and my hair was feeling pretty good. I let the Mizani MoistureFuse stay on a bit longer as I was showering at that point but everything went off as normal.

I deep conditioned with Dr. Miracle's for about 90 minutes then rinsed it clean.  I t shirt dried from about 11:30 to 2 when I stopped being lazy.

I have been meaning to try new styles but have been too distracted to do so.  I saw these new rollers a few months ago and bought two packs when I caught them on sale at Folica.  You could think of them as less bendy flexi rods but they tend to give a different curl pattern and after having laced my hair through them are dramatically lighter than the flexirods.

At least for this first time I didn't need both packs but this is a test run so we'll see how it goes.  Here are photos.

Me after the hair was all good and detangled

The lacers.  They come 20 to a pack.  As you are working your hair through them it kinda sounds like you are playing with foam rubber.  The longer your hair is the more this will feel like a massive chore to do but it was actually not too bad for me.  Mizani recommends pinning the end of your hair with bobby pins.  Another hair blogger was using rubber bands which I think I like better but I need to grab some.

And this is me before the bonnet went on and the hair was pinned as well as I could get it.  Taking the photo let me know where one bobby pin had come undone.  All in all not bad and not much longer than a flexiset to do.   I will try to take a photo tomorrow when I take my hair down.   How was your wash day?

Update:  So I managed to not rush out the door today and took photos, albeit not the best ones lol, of the results of the lacers.  I can say I loved the shape of the curls and how much easier it was to sleep on them than the other rollers I've used.  I may use more setting products next time for the comb out process cause it felt a little loosey goosey but surprisingly for me, considering the rain today, the curls are still holding well and they feel pretty defined.  I am thinking about making the sections bigger next time just to see how that turns out but we'll see.  Here are some photos.  What do you think?  Side note, I look slightly deranged in that first photo lol sorry.

September 28, 2014

The Weekend Just Won't End & Other Jokes

 photo WorkingItOut_zps3b12a038.png
So this has been one of those standard there is no down time to be had.  Friday night I just needed to let my brain decompress but since then I've been on the go.  Let me just start this by saying I didn't even get closed to the gym before yesterday.  But as I had planned I got up a little earlier and climbed four flights of stairs to go to yoga before swimming.  The twisting wasn't as bad as thinking about my breathing.  I tend to always breath the exact opposite way people tell me to do when I am learning something the first time.  Turns out I started out that way again.  But I caught on soon enough and started to enjoy the stretching and the new challenges my body was trying to respond to.  I was glad there were fans in the room (and that the woman next to me turned the on) cause it felt like I was out in the Texas sun for a bit based on the amount of sweat that came off of my forehead.  Got a makeshift massage towards the end of class which was nice and was told I had done a great job for my first class.  I took her at her word because really I had to scoot on down to the pool.  It was a good lesson.  We spent most of the time in the deep end and trying to swim around without feeling like I was going to drown.  I enjoyed myself and did a few laps in the shallow end before coming home to start on my hair and promptly falling asleep.

 photo HairFrenzy_zps227f41c9.png

As I alluded to before my brain was tired as hell.  My body joined the tired ranks after my workout.  I did manage to coat the length of my hair with conditioner and my scalp with Strong Roots before covering up my hair in a plastic bag and bonnet.  My intention was to wash it out quickly and then get to the other stuff I had to do.  No such luck.  I woke up a few hours later and just got to work on my grading after I grabbed a bit to eat.  Seven hours later I was done reading two classes worth of painful reading and giving feedback.  I nodded off a few hours later after debating washing my hair at 2 in the morning.  I woke up around ten, washed my hair including my chlorine stripping combo before letting my hair deep condition for about 90 minutes with the Dr. Miracle's.  I rinsed my hair out and t-shirt dried from about noon to 5 when I finally finished grading all tests, another class's writings and given them feedback along with doing early alerts for school.  5 is way too late to do anything with my hair except let it air dry so I got up, LOC'd, detangled with my 4 combs lol, took a few photos and am now relaxing.  My dinner is marinating now and sooner or later I'll get up to cook it lol.  Depending on how my hair dries I may blow it out slightly and then flat iron it before work.

 The hair loss for this week.  Seeing a lot of gray in there lol.

This is me with freshly dentagled hair

September 21, 2014

Modified Wash Day

 photo HairFrenzy_zps227f41c9.png
Hey folks I have to say that I noticed when I'm swimming I do different things with my hair when I'm done in the pool.  This go round of classes is going well and my hair has grown quite a bit since the last set of classes so I have been more motivated to take care of my hair when I get out of the pool.  The last two weeks I have been putting JOICO reconstructer on my hair as soon as I get to the locker room and take off my swim caps (yep I wear two).  I comb it through a little and then pin my hair up with a clip.  I leave the Y with a wet ponytail and usually grab a bite to eat and head home.

The last swim sessions I tried to keep my wash routine as normal as possible with the addition of the chlorine stripping shampoo.  Neither last week or this week did I come home and do wash one and then set up for the next twenty four hours of prepoo and washing.  Instead I went through the rest of my wash routine and deep conditioned for a while yesterday.  After I rinsed it out I t-shirt dried for a few hours because I couldn't decide what to do with my hair.  When I did I got up and ended up doing an LCO instead of LOC basically because my brain was tired.  Wash day note here, the last two weeks I skipped the It's a 10 Keratin leave in and noticed that my hair was much softer at the end of the week.  With that knowledge in hand I returned my giant unused bottle of Keratin leave in for the regular version.  I used it for the first time yesterday and I'm interested in seeing how it works for the upcoming week.

After I LCO'd my hair lol and detangled it, I tied a scarf around my edges and let the length air dry for a few hours.  Eventually I roller set the length at the back of my head so I may have a funky bun tomorrow when I finally take it down.  Saturday wash days ensure my hair is dry before work on Monday but it somewhat throws off my mental plans.  Oh well.  The swimming is worth it and next week I may add in a yoga class.

September 13, 2014

Wash Day and Workout

 photo WorkingItOut_zps3b12a038.png

This may be short.  Work is killing me thus the lack of posting or anything else around here lately.  However this morning I got up and went to the first round of swim lessons for the fall.  I was worried that I wouldn't remember anything and be starting over from scratch but turns out I hadn't taken off that much time and everything save breathing to the side when I'm swimming came back relatively easily.  I love the class and my teacher rocks and my spring class buddy was back so it was a great morning.  It was not without faults.  Because I hadn't done much in the way or working out in about two months I got cramps in both of my hamstrings a few minutes into the lesson.  My instructor showed me a trick to work that out and then it was back to swimming.

 photo HairFrenzy_zps227f41c9.png

I was prepared to go home and do the whole chlorine strip and then start on my hair but I agreed to go get my nails done and a much needed massage so I decided to roll my hair into that process as well. So let's start at the beginning.  I came home and took a shower.  I did do a chlorine strip but opted not to do much more to it.  I got started with a manicure and pedicure.  My hands and feet feel like butter.  It's ridiculous how good they feel right now.  I may have to go back there for that routine maintenance in the future.  I love the small rooms and all in all it was a good spot for that to take place.  I moved on to a Swedish massage.  I was a little doubtful about how that would work given I had already had a fabulous deep tissue massage in June.  Oh my goodness it was the best ever too.  I fell in and out of a light sleep repeatedly.  I am always sad when they end but it was then on to my hair.

Can we say yeah for wide tooth combs and patient stylists?  After she washed my hair and shampooed it she grabbed a large double toothed comb and detangled my hair.  I'm not sure what products she used during the wash but they are an Aveda salon so I'm sure that's who made it, had a nice tingle is all I can tell you.  She added a smoothing cream for naturals to my hair and then blew it dry on medium heat.  Didn't take very long and honestly I could have left after the blow dry but I had asked for a flat ironed do and she obliged.  I was concerned that she didn't put on a heat protectant but the iron wasn't super hot and she only passed over each section of hair twice.  My hair feels amazing right now.  I'm going to wrap it today and then if I'm so motivated I'm going to hit the gym or the Y to get in a workout again.  My body was screaming for one with all that cramping clearly.  More swimming next week for sure and I need to FINALLY update my workout count.

Oh and here's a photo of today's hair

The Wash Day Experience

August 31, 2014

Liebster Award


Hey people,

I got a shiny new award thanks to Natasha @ Sew Short & Crafty.  I think I may have gotten one before but it's been a tiny eon ago if I did and I'm not going to make you go looking for that information.  Instead I'm going to answer her questions and figure out who to nominate after I share more random facts about myself than you probably ever wanted to know like ever.  So without further adieu here is more information about me, myself and I.

1. How long does it take you to wash your hair (full wash day routine)? It takes anywhere from 3 hours to 10 hours depending on how long I take with my prepoo.

2. What is your #1 hair tip? Be kind to your hair and be careful with trends.  Yes it may work for 10 other people but your hair may hate it.  Do the extras at night to take care of your hair.

3. What’s the worst product you’ve ever tried?  I am one of the few people who genuinely get no benefit from Shea Moisture products.  My hair didn't look or feel any better after using any of their products.

4. What is your #1 hair regret? Not starting my healthy hair journey sooner and not paying attention to the whole M&S process.

5. What is your favorite kitchen product to put in your hair?  I don't think I have one.  I used to add in aloe vera juice and I like Olive Oil in my Elasta QP but it comes in the product.

6. Who is your current favorite blogger?  I can't pick a favorite because people have added something at different stages of my journey.  Tracy @ Kiss, Jen @ Just Grow Already and Nadege @ Relaxed Hair Health would be among my favorites

7. Why did you start your hair journey? I was tired of my hair being healthy and strong until it got to my neck and started breaking like nobody's business.  After talking it over with my hair stylist we picked the new relaxing point and started working on better products and practices for me.

8. Are you relaxed, natural, or texlaxed? Relaxed

9. What is your current hair length goal? Bra strap length would be great

10. How long is your hair currently? Shoulder length but longer in the front and sides than the back

11. What is your favorite protective style?  I like flexi sets.  My hair is still technically down but my ends are off my shoulders

Twelve Random Facts:
  1. I am a middle child and only girl if you look from dad's side of the family (oldest and only girl from mom's side)
  2. Prince is like my musical godfather and I love him dearly
  3. My music collection looks like I have multiple personality disorder but I promise I'm ok
  4. I love to bake and cook
  5. I am highly competitive in nerdy pursuits
  6. I am in the process of making my own pickles
  7. I enjoy making my own ice cream
  8. I bought my tablet mostly for reading books while traveling and on vacation
  9. I am one of the biggest tomboys I know with the rare exception of my vintage leanings
  10. I used to run track and play volleyball
  11. I tend to talk in therapist speak even when I don't mean to
  12. I have an irritating tick about numbers being even when I tip or play games.  8s must become 10s or 15s lol
Rules for those that choose to play:
  • read the post
  • copy the questions
  • create an award post
  • answer the questions
I nominate:

Relaxed Thairapy
Hard Mashona Type

Fitness Updates

 photo WorkingItOut_zps3b12a038.png
Hey everyone,

I haven't done a legit fitness update in a while because I haven't been doing anything legitimately fitness oriented throughout the month of August.  I have been the ultimate in slacker bum which is disappointing but it's not the end of the year.  I am now paying to take classes at the Y along with my Planet Fitness membership.  I have signed up for the next round of adult swim classes after taking the summer of and I am super excited for that.  It was a great way to end the week.  Right now I think I'm going to try a yoga class and maybe a cross fit class.  Due to my interesting work schedule for right now this may work best for the moment.  I also reached out to get connected with one of their personal trainers.  I'd like to stay curvy but there doesn't have to be as much of me to curve lol.

I am also calling to see a PCP this coming week too.  I'm indifferent to my dentist at the moment but I love his staff lol.  My new gynecologist rocks.  I even like the dermatologist.  I do need a PCP though.  Maybe they can help with the weight loss and check on the random thing my knee does from time to time.  Gotta take care of myself before I turn 1000 years old and people mistake me for a 200 year old or something.  This is happening without the exaggerated age range.  They think I have grayed early for some reason and that I have to be in my late 20s at best.  While I appreciate the compliment, I never lie about my age so I'm embracing the nearly 39 years of life I've managed to live.

Okay enough for now.  Back to drinking my water and prepping the brisket to be slowly cooked tomorrow.

August 24, 2014

Updates & Randomness: Yep I Disappeared

Okay so I did kind of vanish for a while there.  Whenever I thought I had time to sit down and blog something else got in the way like sleep or eating or dealing with the random mood swings of my mother. I had a few undocumented wash days there and have a photo to share of one of the last ones before I got my much needed relaxer.

So ignore the collar cause clearly I was in the getting for work mode and wasn't worried about that.  This is from the last wash day in July.  Since my schedule was all over the place I took my hair down on the 30th and shot this.  It actually held up for quite a few days but it was clearly getting time for the next dose of creamy crack.  I didn't take photos of the first wash day in August because I forgot honestly and nothing was feeling terribly great anyway.

I got my last relaxer on August 9th so I'm two weeks post now.  My hair has grown more than I thought it would.  I'm going to include photos of that relaxer plus from the same time last year because really I'm dumbfounded.

So yeah lots of growth clearly.  I couldn't make a ponytail last August and now I have a strong healthy ponytail and when I'm good and motivated I can bun my hair up.  I can't completely complain about the hair cut because my hair is doing much better now but losing all that growth last year was painful.  I should be glad it's still growing even if it's growing out in ways I wasn't expecting.  My front/sides is still much longer than the back which is apparently atypical.

Now I have to say I wasn't super happy post relaxer.  It felt like she was rushing and my hair felt underprocessed and VERY dry.  it got better after I got home and added some Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter moisturizer to my scalp and hair.  It was great for my trip and I used a few flexi rods to give me a soft vintage bump.  I didn't take any photos of that though lol.

Which brings us to today and the current wash day.  The 3 Comb thing has turned into a 4 Comb detangle.  I am using both of the rakes to run first passes through my hair before proceeding to smaller and smaller toothed combs.  My hair felt pretty good considering I hadn't washed it since the relaxer and I had been on vacation since then.  I ran through most of the normal wash day routine but I cut the prepoo time in half at least by wearing my heating cap.  And I didn't use my Dr. Miracles Deep Conditioner after my wash but before the tshirt drying. Instead I used part of my last shopping haul.  It's a 10 masque.  I also restocked my It's a 10 leave in treatment which turns out there are two and the one I had been given a sample of had Keratin in it. 

My hair is set on flexi rods now and detangled like butter thanks to the minimal product and those fantastic rakes.  So final three photos: post t-shirt, actual hair loss for the wash day and post detangle.  Things are good, just sleepy now.  How are things with you?