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December 14, 2014

Pre Birthday Wash Day

As I mentioned yesterday, my birthday is on tap.  This week I wasn't sure what if anything I was going to do with my hair.  I have a few weeks off from swim class so it will just be normal gym sweat for this week.  The more I think about it the more I think I'll be heading to the day spa and getting rubbed down and dolled up.  But in the mean time I had to take care of my chlorinated hair.  It didn't feel as good today in terms of my hair in general.  It's a little rough to the touch.  I should have grabbed the Roux Porosity Control shampoo I bought at Sally's to see if it helped but I was on a mission today and it wasn't worth going off my rhythm.

Washed with: Moroccan Oil Moisture based shampoo, Organix Moroccan Oil and Rusk Bright shampoo to minimize the brassy

Conditioned with: Moroccan Oil, Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor and Mizani Moisturefuse

Deep conditioned with: Dr. Miracle's this week since I finally repurchased it and for the second wash day I used my new heating cap, the Hot Head that I got from Etsy.  It was totally different from the old one with the gel inserts and really soft wrapper.  It still heats up in the microwave but seems to heat better and since it fits like a bonnet I never feel like there's a spot not being touched.  I gave up on Hair Therapy Wrap.  No matter how I stored it or heated it the gel packs kept bending or doing something funky.  I have to say this feels much better and I really do like it.  It shipped quickly and arrived within five days of purchase.

I put my hair on flexi rods since it's finals week and I don't really have to look stellar the next few days.  If I go in for a spa day I will take photos of that as well.  Here's one of me after the t shirt drying and detangling.  One side always behaves in photos and the other is like chick please.  Ahh well.  There were minimal tangles and knots this week so that's great but I'm still not sure about what protective style to shoot for before swim classes begin again in mid January.  How was your wash day?

The Wash Day Experience

December 13, 2014

Pre Birthday Updates

So I am now on countdown to my 39th birthday.  I'm not sure what I thought I'd be doing at 39 but I can almost assure you my current life isn't it.  That's a good thing though as I am genuinely enjoying my life right now.  Are there things that need to be improved on?  Well most assuredly but I also have the passion and drive to continue to improve.  The best part about being nearly 39 though is that next year, God willing, I'll be 40.  If things keep going the way they are going it will be the best birthday ever but then again I'm making plans to make sure every birthday gets that distinction.  Just because this is more of an introspective post about lots of things not just my hair I'm going to insert a page break here.  If you don't want to go any further not a huge deal as I tend to be wordy sometimes.  Just know that I'm in a good place and enjoying life.  If you are nosy and got time to kill continue after the break.

December 7, 2014

Final Firmoo Review

I have been meaning to get this up for a while and keep forgetting.  So as I mentioned in my earlier post I got a pair of glasses to review from Firmoo.com.  I wanted to wait a few weeks after I started wearing the new prescription to give an honest review. 

Quality: The glasses were just as sturdy and well made as the glass I got at the local store.  Both frames were plastic and while that was disorienting from the metal lenses I had been wearing but something easily gotten over.  The lenses looked about the same and darkened as they should have when I went outside.  They were probably a little too big for my face but that's my fault for not measuring my current glasses before picking them out.

Prescription: This is where things go off for me a bit and I think it's because my prescription is on the stronger side.  The firmoo lenses continue to feel much more intense than the local lenses I bought at the same time.  The new script hangover wore off within an hour with the local lenses.  The firmoo still causes a bit of a headache that just gets worse if I need to be active.  If I want to sit and read not a huge deal but if I turn my head quickly it's back and not so much with the fun. 

Overall feedback: I think if you want fashion lenses or need a weaker prescription then they would be a great option.  Also if you have to wear glasses regularly make sure that you measure your face well and pick a frame that suits you.  Firmoo makes a good product though and I think you will be happy with your purchase.

December 3, 2014

Hair Updates & Other Stuff

 photo HairFrenzy_zps227f41c9.png

So if you track my hair and weight loss updates you will see the numbers have been adjusted in both cases. I will get to the weight loss piece in a second but let's start with my hair. My poor tired hair.  I wasn't bone straight when I left the salon a month ago.  I was going to roll with that since my plan post this round of swim classes was to be braided or weaved up and try to enjoy some stress free time with my hair as the temperature continued to be crazy.  However, 10 days later after swim class you wouldn't have known I had a relaxer at all.  Now don't get me wrong my hair is never bone straight after swim class.  I don't expect it to be.  The level of tangles and knots though was ridiculous.  I thought maybe it was a one week fluke but nope there were more of them this week after swim class as well.

That's also why I haven't taken that many photos of this travesty.  I do have some to share today of working through wash day but without some serious heat my hair is going to be fluffy.  I have considered doing a corrective relaxer after swim classes end next Saturday (the 13th) but haven't decided for sure.  I'm also thinking about just going with braids.  I'm worried about what that would do to my hair and that could mean I'm in a styling chair on my birthday instead of relaxing which is what  I would like to be doing.  And this will be the most shocking.  I've even considered doing it myself because I'm tired of haphazardness with who does my hair, how they do it and what happens post relaxer since I know what my hair should feel like and the last two relaxers it has definitely not gotten there.  Input please oh and if you use Affirm Fiberguard relaxer where do you get it.  Can't buy it on their website and not sure about Amazon.  On the upside I was able to roll my hair without looking at a mirror and keep it symmetrical the entire time.  Photos in order: hair loss, rollered up and a pseudo close up of nothing resembling straight roots.

I am nursing my hair right now.  Keeping my ends tucked away as much as I can.  I'm moisturizing daily at the moment and resuming my vitamins.  Soon enough I hope to see some progress.

As for the weight loss, can we just say that is rocking right along.  I'm down almost 15 pounds since Nov 2 when I started training with Elizabeth.  I'm not eating much more/less than before but pulling that together with the working out at the same time has been stellar.  As of today, I'm 28 workouts past last year.  I may not hit 100 like I wanted but at least it won't be flat and barely equaling last year.  Even going out to eat I'm being more cautious and while I've had a day of less than stellar snacks it hasn't derailed my progress.  My pants are getting a little roomier which is different but now I need to grab my belt and make it work.  Even though no one believes me when I say it I'm still over 200 pounds and that's not good for a number of reasons.  My target goal right now is to hit 180 and see what I feel like.  I don't envision going too much smaller but maybe I'll become one of those goofy fitness nuts.  How goes life around your neck of the woods?  Yoga, swimming, gym rats anyone?

November 28, 2014

Black (and Silver) Sports Bra Fitness Friday

 photo WorkingItOut_zps3b12a038.png

Hmm that looks way more awkward than I planned in my brain, oh well. So I held to my annual tradition of avoiding all things Black Friday shopping like the plague.  I lounged around longer than I should but after breakfast and a bit of time on Farmville 2, yeah I know, I got up and went to Planet Fitness.  Turns out it was the only parking lot that was not packed today which is saying a whole lot because most days that gym parking lot is like the Hunger Games with slightly less violence.  I got a spot right down front with no hunting.  I went in and there was no line, no crowd in the women's locker room, and no fighting whatsoever for any of the equipment.

In short, it was a great day and I loved the sweating.  I had an epiphany later too which is just that I'm getting comfortable in my own skin again and I'm kind of loving it.  Now the workout totals haven't been ticking up as much as they did a few weeks ago an that would be my fault but for a different reason than you would might expect.

Last week I was having the mother of all cramp fests which killed the Wednesday workout.  Thursday I thought I'd make it up but I was just exhausted after the cycle of work.  And Friday I followed through with a major decision that had been looming.  I'm no where near menopause apparently, gotta screw the family curve there too, and all of the birth control options are contraindicated for me based on age, possible risks (blood pressure can be wonky every now and then), and whatever else the universe wants to include.  That left me with the option of an IUD or the Novasure Ablation.  IUD seemed scarier than the ablation so I went with the ablation.  I did debate it for a few months before I made a move.  The ablation basically moves there will be no little Southern Girls or Boys springing forth from me.  I kinda knew that already but it was confirmed that if I moved forward that was where life would end up. So yeah last Friday ablation won out.  Which wouldn't have been so bad except I couldn't eat all day prior to the procedure which wasn't until 2.  But by about 1:55 I was doing the happy drug express and by 3:30 I was up again and hungry.

My trainer gave me the go ahead to skip that workout since I'd be damn near a zombie by then and we weren't sure who the drugs would impact me.  Turns out I slept a lot.  I felt better in the morning but not good enough to trust myself in the pool so I slept in.  I did get back on track workout wise on Monday but I have to say that I haven't slipped up on the diet.  As of my last weigh in on Tuesday I think it was I'm down 12.6 pounds from where I started at the beginning of the month.  So yeah I'm totally endorsing the trainer option.  I'm learning better options for food, better ways to keep myself busy in the gym and better ways to just enjoy me.  I've just gotta slip by my birthday and Christmas without sliding completely back into dessert hell lol.

How was your day folks?

 Fitness Friday

November 18, 2014

Influenster SUPERstar!

Okay so yeah I have been an Influenster kind of girl for a while.  I read about the site on someone's blog and while I couldn't snag an invite from them, a few weeks after I initially tried to sign up I was sent an invite.  Not too long after that I was sent my first VoxBox and could say without a doubt that the program was super duper free and legit.  There's never been a dime exchanged between us and I have managed to get a fair number of products to review, use, and in quite a few cases make part of my staple products.  The food in particular has been great.  Even the things that I haven't loved someone in my house (usually my mom) or network really enjoys them.  We all LOVED the Nonni products.  We were sent the THINAddictives and woosah they were amazing which led to the biscotti and other things.  The hair care, skin, and nail products have been good as well to see how my mood and palette work with things I wouldn't have normally bought myself.

I think that's one of the best things about Influenster truth be told.  They don't send you things you'd never use but they attempt to push you beyond your standard fare.  As someone who was committed to doing better this year in that regard Influenster is a big asset to that.  Even when I had an issue because I moved to like super small town in not a Wal-mart kind of state they worked to get me the product so that I could review it and I have to say it's been the best foot care product I've had in a while.  My feet are always silky smooth after I use Freeman Barefoot Spa line.  I heart it. 

I have invited quite a few friends to join and I'll be honest for some it's harder to commit to the process of getting products, reviewing them and trying to speak about them in a good honest way.  I talk too much as it is so there's not a huge issue there for me.  I was worried that a negative review would smack me on the hand for future boxes but in my experience they want honest feedback  While the CC cream I was sent didn't match my skin tone in the slightest I was able to say that AND talk about what it was able to do for me regardless.

Best product from them EVER is probably not one that anyone else would think of really.  Last year I was sent a Goody product, I've gotten those before and like the brand outside of reviewing, that was a new Dri Wick like product that was made into a headband.  Now I'm not a super pink kind of gal but i was excited at the idea of this headband as I tend to sweat a LOT and mostly in my scalp when I workout.  If little baby angels could have descended from heaven and sang after that first workout they would have.  While the rest of my body was definitely in sweat mode and my face was glistening no sweat came from my scalp onto my face.  No it doesn't stop my scalp from going yeah exercise and downpour but it definitely isolates it and makes me less of a mess post workout.

All in all I can say it's been a great ride with Influenster and if you are interested and not part of the program yet please let me know.  I'd be happy to invite you.  We can review off into the sunset together.  Like for serious, just let me know.

Have a good night all.

November 14, 2014

Fitness Friday: First Full Week of Training

 photo WorkingItOut_zps3b12a038.png

So I officially started with my trainer on the 2nd but I totally forgot about the 90 million things I had on tap for last week so it meant I didn't really get a full week in on the training schedule and managing my diet without a lot of distractions. I'm going to give you a sectional update as I think I will make more sense than blabbing for the next few paragraphs.

Meal Plan: Is actually really flexible and is helping me work on eating 1) on schedule and 2) enough so that I'm not starving and 3) not so much that I'm overindulging.  Tracking everything I eat has shown me some days I'm hungrier than others but have managed to stay within my allotted daily calories all but one day and I was 20 ish calories over that day but really who has ONE fajita and goes to bed?  Best of all I'm learning a lot of fantastic new recipes that still indulge my major food craves but aren't horrible unhealthy.

Workouts: When I was having a better time of things at the gym this year I was there three to  four times a week for at least an hour and while I got a good sweat in I was also getting bored and losing motivation often.  I've managed to make it all three scheduled days this week and each was a different challenge but perfect at the same time.  Although I'm slow sometimes it seems like Monday is more of an ab and upper body day plus cardio.  Wednesday is a good general workout day.  Today is a butt and cardio day.  All of it was good.  I think I was sore a few weeks ago because I hadn't been at the gym regularly in a WHILE.  This week my body feels great, I can tell what the exercises are honing in on and I feel accomplished when I'm done.  Sweaty too but accomplished.

Trainer/Elizabeth: She rocks, not a lot else to say but who am I to stop talking prematurely.  She's very encouraging, supportive and answers my questions about workouts and food like super fast.  I know it's early in the process but she really is fantastic.  And if nothing else it seems like I'm losing weight.  Things aren't fitting the same and six pounds isn't enough to account for all of it.  Can you lose weight in your feet?  Cause really shoes are feeling a little BIG lately.  Regardless this feels like the best present I've given to myself in a while.

How goes your journey to healthy?

Fitness Friday

November 10, 2014

Fitness Friday Late Update

 photo WorkingItOut_zps3b12a038.png

So I haven't checked in for a few days my bad.  I mentioned in my last posts (October 31 and today) that I had hired a trainer from fitorbit.  I need the guilt/encouragement/guidance of my trainer.  Yep I'm claiming her.  Before our week together really started I made sure to start cutting back on what I was eating and how I was eating and I made sure to get into the gym because I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be able to squeeze in the full workout this past Friday and Saturday because of work stuff.  From that sad weight I posted a few weeks ago I am officially down six pounds.  I have already had six workouts, including abbreviated ones on Friday and Saturday when I was in conference mode.  If I hadn't stumbled upon the brownies I MIGHT have done better with the weight loss this week but any weight off is great at this point.  This week I can focus again and attend to both diet and workout.  Today felt great and while I'm a little sore but feeling great.  Back to the gym on Wednesday and Friday and Saturday.  Let's see what the next weigh in gives us.  How's life treating your workouts?

Fitness Friday