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November 12, 2023

Well damn I disappeared

This time last year I ended up getting some goofy traffic on my other blog.  Goofy in the sense that someone was arbitrarily flagging posts that were over a decade old.  As I had no desire to keep defending the reports I eventually moved the blog to a different host and that meant I wasn't logging in simultaneously to update both sites.  I kept saying I needed to post but I forgot until tonight when I went looking for a recipe.  This Pecan Cobbler recipe that I made three years ago but couldn't find for some reason tonight.  Wasn't in my email or on the blog.  It was only book marked on my tablet so yeah for me being kind of weird in that regard.  Since it looks like I have to make cornbread for mom's dressing I'm going to make my dessert as well.  

So let's get back to why I started this whole thing.  My hair is still amazing.  I haven't been taking as many photos each month so there's less to give you in terms of photographic evidence but let me see if I can grab one and add it to this post before I forget.  When it's down, it's past my bra strap which is great cause length but not great cause it is literally in the way.  I think I'll cut it on the sixth year anniversary because if my only option is to keep it up that's not great.  The middle photo is the oldest.  The top photo is from July and the costumed photo is from Halloween.  There's been a few week spot repairs over the last year and maybe one combination but I don't remember exactly on that one.  There's also been a moment or two when I thought let's just chop it all off and start over and then I went nah that's not the ticket.  I probably will trim then above my bra strap or at least back to where they are now.  I won't trim them now because I'm tied to the idea that any major changes should sync with my graduate students.  The next cohort will start shortly after my six year anniversary so that will be decision day.  My mother is firmly in team no cut so we'll see if she sways my decision as well.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving mostly because outside of the cornbread and the cobbler, I don't really plan on cooking.  I will be warming things up and calling it a day.  We got the turkey from Popeye's and I'll be warming up canned veggies.  Then I'm doing jack shit.  How are y'all?

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