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January 4, 2012

Update and it's late

So went in for my last dose of creamy crack for 2011 on my birthday since I was taking the day off.  Mom went with me so that was an experience.  After fussing at my stylist and me about not dieing my hair for 30 minutes she let it go because my stylist, who rocks by the way lol, told mom several times that it's growing out much healthier and stronger and she totally understood why I wasn't fighting my gray hair anymore.  No picture because I've gotten uber lazy and have been fighting a bug for the last few weeks.  Not quite sick but it's lingering.  I lost maybe half an inch after we finished with the perm because she wanted to cut the ends that were thinning.  She cupped my hair and said the fullness and healthy was basically what she was leaving as well so I'm doing the right things just gotta keep it up.  Especially when I look at pictures of December 2010 and realized how much shorter my hair was.  For being about six dedicated months in I'm feeling good.  Just gotta stay up with moisture and cowashes.  It's work but it's worth it.  Santa only dropped by with spending money and I went on a Barbie spree (so unlike me but the Barbie Basics model 8--my line number were all brown girls that I found adorable).  The rest went in the bank until I got some snow boots and now it's looking the snow is holding off for a while.  I'm okay if I bought them and don't need them but it's a bear getting out into several inches of snow in my cute girl shoes.  Hope everyone had a good holiday season and I'll be back around scoping out hair styles and possibly wigs so I can protect this full head of hair.

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