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April 1, 2012

Good Wash Day & Trying a new Hairstyle

Thanks to allergies I seem to be developing I was in most of the weekend after a brief trip to PF Chang's to use my 20 percent online discount.  The code is DUNK by the way and good through tomorrow IF you want to order some takeout online lol.  I came back and added my Red Pimento Oil prepoo and tied it down.  I let that sit for nearly a full day and my hair was good and wet after I untied it to wash it out.  Need to restock my Aussie 3 minute miracle and my Aphogee Keratin treatment but hair felt good when I was finished with it and I FINALLY found the patience to carefully do a flexirod set and had enough of the right size to do my who hair with the exception of two tiny strings of hair that wouldn't roll up or would be silly to put on a full flexirod.  I put those on tiny perm rods and will see how it looks in the morning.  But I finished all of that by 6 after I got a workout in too.  I roll my hair a lot and let it air dry but want to see how the flexirod comes out.  If it's workable I MAY start to transition.  That will require me to stay off the lazy track but I'll have to think about it.  The only reason I got a perm in the first place was because my hair was getting so thick as a teenager that my mom was getting hand cramps trying to work through it.  Ehh I'll figure it out.  I have a good hair dresser who has been working with me about what to do with all of this hair lol.  Hope you all had a good Sunday. HHJ

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