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March 20, 2014

Co-Wash Day & Good Food

So I started the co-wash yesterday after I grabbed mom from the airport and fed her.  That part actually went smoothly surprisingly and was actually ready to take her to the store if need be and nothing came up so I did a modified prepoo.  I just did the length of my hair with one deep conditioners and before too long I went to bed.  Well it was the middle of the night but I still went to bed.  I woke up this morning feeling crappy but went ahead and did my hair.  No shampoo just hit my conditioner line up save the Shiny Silver or Rusk since I didn't need to strip any chlorine and my gray is actually turning a nice silver.  After I rinsed it all out I towel tried it so that it wasn't dripping and then just let it air dry for a while.  A while around here normally means a few hours.  The top of my hair was damp but the rest was pretty dry.  I did finger detangle first and was surprised by how much hair I didn't shed.  Was very happy about that.  I got up to LOC my hair and properly detangle with full intention of grabbing the giant rollers again before my brain said umm no.  Since I had an extra pair of hands in the house now I opted for medium sized plaits for my hair.  The roots and edges will be pretty straight but the rest will be a nice wavy mass of hair when I take it down tomorrow.  I'm looking like a brown Pippi Longstocking so I'm hiding out for a while lol.  I need to get back to grading but I have a funky headache that I need to work through first.  I will say as co-washes go this was pretty smooth.  My hair loved all the extra conditioning and with the Aphogee 2 minute conditioner it got a nice dose of protein without it being too much.  And better still it's managing not to fall out even with all this swimming even though I can say my new growth is MUCH more noticeable than it usually is at this point post relaxer.  Ah well, the swimming is worth puffy hair lol. 

Almost forgot to tell you about the good food.  I found smaller steaks and marinated them longer than planned in some rice wine vinegar, lime juice, a dash of soy sauce, garlic powder and seasoned salt. They were the bomb with a large salad on the side.  Yummmmy.

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