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March 1, 2015

February Final Thoughts: All things hair

Ok I am really off my publishing cycle.  Work has been kicking my butt and I have just been in a get it done and sleep frame of mind as of late.  I have had good wash days the last few weeks but have mostly opted to air dry and then do something with it if I'm motivated to do so later.  So far that motivation has been lacking so I just faux bun and get off to work or the gym.  As I have been tinkering with my hair I can tell that the same breaking point with my hair has been reached so I have got to do better.  The lower half of the back of my head is always more prone to breakage and damage.  The rest can be full and thick and will cover up the weak spot but this has happened since I was at least 12 off and on and I'm not sure what to do to fix it but I am open to suggestions.  I have yet to consult with the hair braider but that may an option if I can get to their shop.  One because it will let my hair rest a bit and protect it from the ridiculously consistently cold weather and two it will allow me to stretch a bit longer.  Considering I did the last relaxer my roots are not completely out of control as they were the last time I paid someone to put it in.  The length appears to be holding steady but I'm also sure that I am in need of a trim to help even out some of the stuff in the back and just in general.

Otherwise my hair routine hasn't shifted much.  I did finally use the Roux Porosity Control conditioner and my hair loved it last week.  This week it doesn't seem as impressed but we'll keep plugging along to see if anything changes. I was going to say my hair looked pretty much like it does in the photo below because I didn't take a picture today but I am wrong.  It looks a bit longer today than it did a month ago so maybe I'm wrong about the length holding steady.  My hair has been ridiculously dry which I know is partially do to the weather but I'm being super lazy every day except wash day so someone please smack my hand on that if you don't hear me discussing healthy hair habits.  I did add a new hair vitamin the last time I went to grab the natural body wash from the health foods store.  I've only been taking it a few weeks and it hasn't been super consistent.  That's the issue with me lately consistency.

For those that asked yep I plan on self relaxing again.  I just may wear my old glasses next time so that I can be sure to get all the wavy bits covered without it being a touch only process.  When my hair is doing its own thing I also consider whacking it all off lol but I haven't had the motivation to do that either.  Plus as I mentioned it's super duper cold so more hair keeps my head warm.  I haven't had swim class to derail the whole hair journey right now either because the coach has been really ill but in the future that will be back on the agenda I'm sure.  How goes wash day and healthy hair journey for you?
The Wash Day Experience