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January 2, 2016

Fitness Friday Weekend Again

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Yeah I know this is late but there's a good reason for that.  I was trying to psych myself up to make sure I made it to the gym today and go figure I did.  I came back renewed and energized from my vacation and my new found spiritual awakening--ok that sounds pretentious but energy is too mild--said it's time to get focused on getting and staying healthy.  I wanted to get in two more workouts before the end of the year so that I'd hit 100 and I did that on Wednesday. I figured what the hey let's shoot for one more and got one in on Thursday too which set me at 101 for 2015.  Two more than 2014 so not dramatic but all the same some improvement.  As I had done so well I was considering skipping Friday but the gym was open and I was bored so in I went for an oldie but goodie combination of 30 minute express, 12 minute abs and a bit of time on one of the bikes before I made it home.  And today I went in for a scheduled workout as part of Operation: Get Serena Fine.  It was a great workout.  Loved it.  That's five workouts for this week in case you were trying to keep track lol.  Here's a photo of me post workout.  And now I'm going to enjoy my Sunday of prep and sleep lol oh and getting ready to go back to work.

Fitness Friday

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