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February 26, 2017

Tell you all about it....

.....when I see you again.

See I'm back to being corny.  So I mentioned last post that it's been a full year being natural with lots of protective styling I've gone from tiny fro to larger fro and loving it.  I spent the last week natural and tried my first for real wash and go that didn't to hell immediately.  There was some shrinkage of course but not as much as normal thanks to Jane Carter's products, which I did have to order from the site directly and Amazon.  Now I could have gotten it all from the site but I assumed my local Sally's had some products I wanted and they were running a 2 for 1 deal so yeah gotta take advantage of that but locally they have no love for me and my hair texture.  I'm better off at Kroger of all places.  Anyway I got all of my stuff by Wednesday but really just slept in a baggy all the days that I was teaching and then Friday afternoon came home and  planned to wash my hair again because it was almost time for a new twist install PLUS I had plans and wanted my hair to be shiny since it was going to be out.  I didn't actually get to my hair unitl Saturday morning.  Wednesday was the 13th Anniversary of when I became a Delta.  We met up yesterday to hang out and catch up.  Love my sands, I'm down front if you are looking for me.

So last night I came home and skipped the baggy because I knew I'd be blowing that out a bit to help with the install.  It's always more painful when they are working through my tightly coiled hair.  Side note, I love the new hair dryers options in terms of speed and heat but I miss with all that is in me my old dryer because of how it's held and the wide comb attachment that this doesn't have and I'm not sure it could support.  Ok anyway I did that this morning after pulling off my literally done two days ago gel manicure cause it was a hot damn mess save the one nail I had fixed yesterday.  I redid them myself and while it's not as neat as I would like I just proved to myself that I could do it myself.  Just takes longer than I want.  I don't want to pay for the big OPI cure lamp but I may have to do so.  This one worked but it took longer than I wanted since it's a small lamp and only cures for 30 seconds at a time.  Ebay got the hookup on the dryers though so that may be on my agenda soon.  Photo of the new paint job below.  Yeah my thumb looks a mess but this shade of gray is closer to my hair color so I'm a happy strange girl lol.  And yes those are Minions stealing the TARDIS.

Here are all the products I swiped before I give you a recap of the hair adventure Saturday and Sunday.  The first two are Wrap and Roll, meant to help soften and style, and Condition and Sculpt which I didn't use this weekend.  I liked the Wrap and Roll.  Then there's the Curls to Go which are products for tightly coiled hair (or at least that's why I copped them) to help do a variety of things based on product.  This weekend I only used the Untangle Me which OMG worked like a charm and totally loved it.  I mentioned the Slumber Party before.  The scent and softness this adds is totally worth the price tag.  Not to mention it helped my hair stay well moisturized in my twists last cycle.  Re.Store is my go to day to day spray along with the Slumber Party but I've been using it more and longer.  It coats well and keeps hair moisturized.  The last product is from Dark and Lovely and is meant to be applied directly to the scalp.  Again I think it helped with retention and moisture the last twist install.

This wash was simple, partially because of time and partially because my hair was really pretty chill.  I clarified it with my ION shampoo which I haven't done in forever.  My hair was like yes girl hear for all of this.  It took the DevaCurl so much better.  I skipped the Kinky Curly and added a bit of Aphogee 2 Minute conditioner before I wrapped up and hit it with the rest of the Jane Carter line that I've mentioned already.  I picked it out after adding JC Curl Defining Cream.  It works like the Eco Styling gel works with no crunch and a better scent.  In both cases though since my hair is so tightly coiled I have to use more than I want to in order to get even a tiny bit of definition to my curls.  I have to work on styling options between now and April when these come down again.  All in all it was a good hair week.  Short of people being confused by the lack of extensions I enjoyed rocking my fro.  Protective styling is back on tap cause yeah y'all know I'm lazy.  See ya later.

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