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September 17, 2017

Curly Girl Back From Hiatus

Hey Folks,

I just realized it's been over a month since I posted.  Right after my last post I went to a conference, taught a week long intensive course, wrapped up my other summer class, had to prep for fall classes, and had about 18 meetings all before classes started.  My twists were meh and I can't say that I was doing the best job taking care of them but I'll get to that in a bit.  I took them down Friday after work and was having a moment of regression.  I was back to mini afro puff status lol.  I left them in puffs for the rest of the night and yesterday as well cause.......lazy.  Much more on that later.  I've been watching videos on hair care and checking out products and adding a few products to my rotation to try out so I'll try to get to all of that now.
First thing I either need to find a new protective style or some motivation.  Work is draining me and it's killing all interest in self care save a massage when desperately needed.  I lost a fair bit of hair which of course meant lost the whole (probably not whole) benefit of putting in twists in the first place.  However, post detangling of my hair it looked and felt super healthy.  Most of the loss was at the top for a change and that was interesting because as a result the sides are catching up slowly but surely.  The back when stretched, very back don't get excited folks lol, reaches my collarbone on both sides.  And it's still rocking a completely different curl pattern than the rest of my hair.  I noticed something else in that process.  My hair will rock its curls if given proper motivation.  I put on some As I Am Coconut CoWash and Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil Serum on my hair this morning to let my dirt clear off a bit, deep condition it, and soften it up before the wash started.  My hair was too damn cute lol. 

I washed it out and noticed something else.  My hair cleanses really easy with the Kinky Curly but it also starts to feel like a Brillo pad.  I was about to get concerned but my hair had lost 95 percent of its tangles and knots before I started the wash.  Instead of panicking I went to phase two of the wash and just added in my DevaCurl products.  Hair felt and smelled great but because my hair and scalp have been super dry lately I followed that up with Dr. Miracle's Deep Conditioner and MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask.  All deep conditioning was accompanied by my HotHeads cap.  I bought a few products but the ones in play today were Aunt Jackie's Knot on my Watch and Curl La La.  I was debating a wash and go but my hair shrinks like the dickens and I have no desire to have a teeny weeny fro in the morning.  I instead used both along with Jane Carter's Untangle Me and a dash of Kinky Curly Knot Today.  So since I nixed the wash and go I went with twists instead.  I have been watching a lot of videos like I mentioned so I tried to pay more attention to my own hair as I was working through.  One there needed to be enough product to define my curls and I managed to do that.  If I go for the wash and go I may add more just because I want them to hang more before shrinkage.  Two I needed to make sure the twists were smaller.  My hair dries SLOWLY as it is but the larger twists were giving enough style nor were they ever dry in the morning.  Three I needed to be willing to sit under the dryer if necessary.  I finished the twists right before 5 which gives me about 15 hours before I have to go to work.  You'd think that would be enough time to air dry my hair but you'd be wrong.  Right before bed I'm going to try to give it at least 30 minutes under the dryer and then keep my fingers crossed.  If it's a fail then it's back to a puff but I'd rather have another crack at a different hairstyle.  So right now I'm in much smaller twist heaven and hoping for the best lol.

Back to my lazy.  I gotta find a plan b for the protective styles.  I saw some kinky twists and loved them but can't find them in my hair color.  There's one site that has them but the website reputation is so far under the trash it's not to be trusted.  I've only had one good experience in dealing with shady sites and I don't want to press my luck.  I've also considered maybe it's time to leave my hair out more.  Get used to dealing with it regularly again.  Enjoy being able to get to my scalp again.  And to get over some of my curl envy.  I won't ever have big bouncy curls unless I create them.  My hair is tight and coiled and it's happy that way.  Suggestions are welcome. 

Hope you had a great weekend.

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