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August 13, 2018

No Photo Just Updates

Hey All,

I meant to update last week but I had to go to a conference.  I may write about that in this post but this is mostly an update about the process thus far.  So I'm three days away from being three weeks into this process.  I'm scheduled for my first retwist next week at the four week mark.  I may shorten that for the second retwist but I have a plan for all of this which of course you know nothing about.  So what has changed in the nearly three weeks?  Not much.  The nape of my neck is on its own plan so I'll have to talk with her about how to maintain that between sessions.  The center/crown area of my hair seems to have maintained the best.  That's where my hair is thicker and a bit coarser especially compared to the nape area.  The sides aren't too bad but since that's where the limited friction would be when I sleep they aren't as tight at my root as the crown.  The very front where the gray is in total control is probably the loosest area compared to the rest.  That's also the result of some hair breakage from previous braiding expeditions but nothing is totally undone there just needs more attention at retwist.  And the other area of breakage that is actually hidden quite well by all these twists is the least uniform but it was also the shortest hair so again that was not a surprise as I have watched a lot of videos and hair less than three inches takes a lot to hold the starter locs unless you interloc which I am not planning on doing right now. 

For the most part my scalp feels pretty good.  It's not dirty and it's so not itching anymore so that's great.  I need to clean the front area a bit but I think that's because of the few times I've been sweaty the last few weeks and it's just a bit of residue from that.  I know that some folks do wash before that first retwist but given how my hair is behaving I said nah I'm good and will let her scrub it to high heaven when I go back in.  The most interesting thing about that though is normally by now my hair would be like ma'am wash me please and my scalp would be upset.  None of that because my scalp is exposed and even when I sweat it seems to just slip on off like nothing.  I go back and forth between the Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil spray along with a Jamaican Loc spray trying to focus mostly on my scalp.  And I use Aunt Jackie's Everywhere Oil (I think that's what it's called don't come after me for that though) on my locs when I feel like they might need a sprucing up but that's not often. 

I have lost some normal shed hair and am kind glad about that because it was usually on the ends of my hair anyway so it made the loc look better.  One of the chicks that works at the deli counter at my local grocery store had to do a double take because she commented that my hair was much shorter than she was used to seeing it.  I told her what I was doing and she reminded me of why I remembered her lol.  She doesn't have patience for locs, braids, or most in depth hair styles.  So she rocks wigs of those styles until she gets bored and tries something else.  Her additional only other exposure to locs recently was a white dude who apparently has soda can or thereabout sized locs one of which is down to his butt and when she sees him she wonders if his scalp can breathe lol.  I was like nah my scalp is open so while I know what you mean my hair won't do that more than likely. 

I can't say this first three weeks/month is indicative of all things that will go along with this journey but so far I'm kinda loving it.  Had I bit the bullet earlier this summer, hmm let me stop.  Earlier this summer was all about getting mom in and out of the hospital.  Things came in the season they should have and I'm happy.  Have a good one.

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