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November 16, 2018

The Year of Many Changes

I have been a busy girl.  I've gone from planning a graduate program to nearly being done with the first semester of a graduate program--five more to go.  I've gotten another 20 ish students to conferences.  I've gone from planning a study abroad course to being four months away from heading out on said trip and have been fundraising my ass off well figuratively not literally cause my butt needs to go to the gym.  And while all the work stuff is good, the personal stuff is good too.  Earlier in the year I planned on getting Lasik cause I was tired of my glasses costing a tiny fortune and if I could I would like to opt for just waking up and seeing clearly with no assistance.  Recovery time was factored in and July seemed like the best option but mom was ill so I stashed that idea.

After that I finally decided to pull the trigger on starting my locs and now I'm four months into the growth process--see update photos below.  I love the whole thing actually.  I was anxious about it initially but the for they set and the more they become more than glorified coils I have become more confident and comfortable and kinda zen.  I wasn't all about my hair before now if I'm going to be honest but letting it just exist is freeing in a way I didn't expect.  As a result I followed back up with the folks at the Lasik center and got scheduled.

We met and they were like hold on we wanna check on something.  Turns out that long gap between appointment one and appointment two was a good thing.  When I went in during the spring appointment I only qualified for PRK which was the older procedure and had a longer recovery time with more pain.  This appointment I was just a month shy of the newest procedure being available for my vision issues.  Procedure would be the same price and the recovery time was basically the weekend.  Can we just say yes ma'am?  So now I'm a full week past the surgery date and my eyes are improving daily but biggest thing I can see like I haven't since like 5th grade.

There's one more thing on tap lol.  I have an overbite that is getting on my nerves and a creating a little gap in my teeth.  The dentist said I would be a good candidate for Invisalign so I'm gonna check with them next month and see if we can get that started too.  I like taking care of me.

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