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December 13, 2018

Loc Update & End of Semester Praise Report

So let me start this off by saying as of about 8 hours ago I'm officially done with this semester.  I cannot at all begin to explain how excited that is.  No last minute grading or negotiations with students about their grades.  I was even able to help one out on a paper she needs to rewrite for someone else.  I stayed on top of my grading this term with my two official classes, internship and research.  Proud of myself on that front so yeah do a dance there.  Okay let's move on.

So yesterday was my loc retwist and my hair keeps maintaining well.  As they get longer I can see more closely what size they will likely be as they continue to mature as well.  Loving that.  I'm officially five months loc'd as of today.  I saw someone's locs fresh off her retwist when I was just getting settled into the chair and she's probably six months plus ahead of where I am but around the same size and I was like in love.  We started talking to someone else in the shop who started wondering if the loc life was for her and it was like ma'am totally depends on you but I'm loving this process in ways I can't actually articulate.  She asked if I was saving money being loc'd and I'd have to say probably not on one front.  I'm still having to pay someone at least once a month to do my hair.  That's instead of the every two month Senegalese twist life that would be the equivalent of three months of loc visits and one month of my hair doing whatever it wanted while I let it rest.  Plus products.  At this point, I'm light on products outside of oils and my hair is doing its own thing with minimal input from me.  We both shared that sentiment and she seemed to take it to heart but probably not ready for that and I totally understand that.  It's a lot to commit to.

I completely waited to do this because I wasn't sure I was in a mental place to ride it out.  I needed to be in a place were committing to myself and my happiness was more important to me than what other people might thing about my appearance.  I'm there 98 percent of the time.  I'm not immune to wondering what people think about me but thankfully I'm so busy I don't have time to dwell which I appreciate.  I forget a lot of drama just because.  And even when I can't avoid drama I try to work through it when I can so I can move the heck on again.  Sleep a bit, have a drink and remember I'm a bad mama jama.  Here are my photos from today.  I took some last night but they were in a bathroom at a restaurant and I was sensing a trend lol.  Hmm just realized my hair is matching the background because it's so gray, so I'm gonna share the ones from yesterday too lol.

Other than that I had my five week follow up with the eye doctor and everything looks great.  I'm going to follow up with my local eye doctor and get a pair of glasses for night time driving to correct both eyes to 20/20 when I need to drive but otherwise all is going well.

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