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August 22, 2019

No Snappy Title

Life has been a bit hectic around these parts since my last post.  I was enjoying life and playing tennis and then suddenly I was playing crash your car with a large green pickup.  I'm okay, the other driver was okay, my car went to the cute care graveyard in the sky mostly because it was old.  My twelve year old car's appraised value was just about the same cost as repairs so no more twelve year old car.  Into a two year old SUV now that I have not taken photos of but will eventually and while I like it, I miss the whole no car note situation.  I guess it's a good thing that it's coming around the same time as my promotion and negotiation for my job but woosah.  Bye bye no car note life. 

On the other hand, my hair life is still fabulous and while I haven't been working out as much as I would like, I haven't gained too much weight back and can reasonably get that off again soon.  Today was retwist day and my hair was in pretty good shape because of limited workouts but what we figured out today, as some of you already know is that my hair was growing between my locs.  Not damaged or broken just new hair like what is we gonna do.  I think for the most part it was twisted into existing locs but we may be starting new baby locs at some point as needed.  Regardless my hair feels great and is still continuing to grow out very nicely.  Plus I got to play with a tiny human that thought I was a cool kid.  These are good things for me.  So here's photos of my hair including one of the back that I almost never have done because I never ask my mother to snap one for me. 

Okay that's it for me boys and girls.  I have a self-care day planned for tomorrow with my fresh hair do lol. 

Have a good one.

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