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July 27, 2020

So yeah, I've been cooking

Disclaimer: I hate the new Blogger interface with a fiery passion.  I can use the old one for another month before they take it away but that's just like elongating your breakup until after you come back from the vacation with your soon to be ex just  because you already paid for everything even though you know the ENTIRE trip sill suck.  Ok moving on.

I realized the other day that I haven't talked about cooking here in a LONG time.  Not because I haven't been cooking, especially not during the pandemic when cooking was one of the only things I could that didn't involve murdering my roommate (jokes folks just jokes), but because it just hasn't come to my mind so I am going to share some updates on random meals that I have made that I would suggest you try.  These will not at all be in the order I made them because my memory is bad when I'm bored.
So first up I made Chicago style deep dish pizza which required going on a MacGyver esque mission to find yeast but I found two sleeves and set about work.  Now it doesn't taste like Giordano's so if you want that vibe just order you some but it does taste good and it does take a long time to cook  Your biggest issue will be nailing the crust, I'm a second try is the bomb girl, but once you do it's quite delicious.  I made a sausage and pepperoni pie for myself and a pepperoni and chicken for mom.  And if you have never had a Chicago style deep dish sauce is on top and it's extra cheesy.  The crust is a mix of firm chew and crunchy outer ring which is good after devouring all the cheese and sauce.  I cut mine into fourths and called it a day.  Highly recommend the dish as an option if you have time to cook.  I used THIS crust recipe but it's really preference for who you go with just be prepared for a long cook time. 

This recipe is why I got a new stove.  The Hilton (DoubleTree) people were sad we couldn't come visit and posted their chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Warmed up they were so good I almost asked for housekeeping to skip my room in the morning so I could sleep in and then I remembered I am not going on vacation any damn time soon which made me sad so I warmed up another cookie.

I made emapandas as well because I wanted some empanadas and all of the grocery stores I frequent quit stocking the premade frozen ones.  Second go round was much better than the first but they were fire both times.  I really only used the crust recipe here as well but you can usually get a little funky with the filling as long as you don't over stuff them.  These were also oven baked. 

I've been making this dish pre pandemic but it's so good that I must share it just cause.  It's garlic steak bites and lemon zoodles.  But y'all know a zoodle is just not entering my body so I make it with whole grain pasta instead.  It's FIRE.  It can also be spicy if you make it per directions.  I have to make a separate non spicy pan for mom cause otherwise she will whine at me that it's too hot.  Do not have time to be listening to the blasphemy.

Next up is a lemon pound cake that was so good and then an upside down pecan pie cake which I have to stop making so I can still fit into my clothes.

Finally I made a steak, Italian sausage, bell pepper and pepperoni pizza on homemade crust.  Also quite tasty.

So there you go.  Food and stuff.

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