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Current Regimen*

I mentioned that I needed to update my regimen and yeah I do.  So let's makes some more edits.

July 26, 2018 I got my starter locs installed.  I have never seen that much of my scalp when I had a hair style ever.  My regimen since then has been really basic.


  • I have an oil blend for my scalp which I used a lot in that first year but not so much lately.  I do use it when my scalp is feeling tight but the weather has been mild, until recently, so I haven't needed it a lot.  I will probably revisit that over the winter months cause it's COLD.
  • Otherwise I have a spray bottle mostly filled with water with the scalp oil blend topping it off.  I shake it up to mix the oil with water temporarily and then spray my hair and scalp every few days but especially when my scalp is feeling itchy.

Wash & Condition:

  • Honestly I try to avoid doing this on my own.  Y'all saw my despair when I washed it during the pandemic lockdown.  My hair needs someone else to tend to it while it's loc'd.  That or I need a better shower--which is true--to wash it there.  Now a few locs were also weak so that was part of that stress too.  We have gotten them back on the mend.
  • When I see my stylist, it's normally two washes and one deep condition with Design Essentials products (I think) and then a natural gel for my retwists before I go under the dryer and stay there just shy of forever.
That's pretty much the whole routine now.  I've been in a loc updo between retwists for the last few months to help take care of a weak loc that is doing much better and I had a few things I was going to be on camera with so it made sense to do something cute.  My locs are great and health and long enough that it feels super heavy when it's wet.  I'm happy though and looking forward to what the next few years look like.

Every Day:

  • I drink between 48 and 96 ounces of water each day.  Heavy teaching days I drink more and being a slug days I drink less.
  • I refresh my curls as needed but gotta find a protective style to minimize manipulation.

Every Few Days:
  • Need to get back to moisturizing and sealing my hair on a regular basis.  I have quite a few natural hair products now that are better than what I was using and work better on kinky hair.  Aunt Jackie's is winning in that regard right now.
  • Revisit hair style if it's just done or just let the fro grow and call it a day.

Prepoo with:
  • I don't regularly prepoo anymore but when I do I use some combination of the following:
    • Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil and deep conditioners
    • A random hair masque that I am trying to use up
    • DevaCurl Wash Day Wonder

Wash Day:

One wash each with Kinky Curly Come Clean and DevaCurl No Poo

DevaCurl One Condition
Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor

Deep Condition with:
Whatever is handy and/or that I am trying to use up

Leave in & Finishers:
Kinky Curly Knot Today
DevaCurl gelly
Aunt Jackie's curl enhancers and Seal it Up

I haven't co washed my hair or clarified it in a month of Sunday--probably not that long but it's been a while.

I've been natural over two years now so no relaxing has happened in a long time.

Relax every 10-12+ weeks
  • My last stretch was 14 weeks and as usual with my hair that last week was just please relax me or agree to go natural.  But I retained way more length that I thought I would.  Surprised both myself and my hairdresser.

Hair Length Goals:
My natural hair is longer than the shrinkage will lead one to believe.  Before the trim it was stretching to my collar bone almost at the lower half.  The top would stretch to my nose.  They are in that general realm now but I'd rather enjoy a giant front than straighten it anytime soon.  I have new hair goals so I'll share new photos of those potential achievements.

Old goals and updates:
  • Full Neck Length--5/18/12
  • Shoulder Length--August 25, 2012--I believe I hit it and was irritated for several days with my hair on my neck and brushing my shoulders.  By the end of the first week it was fun to feel my hair and note the growth.
  • NEED to address an area of breakage at the back center of my hair without chopping it all off.  I haven't been using the Gro Aut Oil regularly so I can't say it's worked or not but I need to use it.  Still working on that spot--tending to it much better.
  • Full Shoulder Length by February 2013, after November 2012 relaxer it's clear I'm not there yet and lost some length to damaged ends December 2012 (probably won't relax until right before my birthday)~this was/is my initial long term goal--we'll see if I hit it before I set anymore goals.  If it gets hit though I will have gone from ear length to shoulder length in two years with 1.5 years invested in my hair.
updated April 29, 2018
updated July 26, 2014
updated May 11, 2013
updated November 24, 2012
updated November 15, 2012
updated September 17, 2012


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  2. One thing I hate is damaged ends, I will chop them in a minute. My hair has grown pass my shoulders, from about ear length. I went natural b/c it was thinning so bad and it has really taken off on a growing streak. I try to only use heat every thirty days until I have to touch up for something special. I have so many expensive products, I could open store. But now I just co-wash and I use coconut oil all the time, and really there is not much more that I put on my hair. My sister count now get over the luster my hair now has. Sorry, just rambling on...lol, Now meeting you how we con't to chat!

    1. I don't do heat very often but co-washes have been hit or miss depending on work schedule. Thanks for stopping by and I'll keep checking out your page.