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February 25, 2012

February Update

I am six hours removed from the hair salon and am feeling pretty good.  She's still getting rid of thinned out ends but even with that I'm fully neck length everywhere now and will need to spend some special attention the back center of my hair.  It's growing out but not at the same clip or thickness as the rest of my hair.  Still no dye but we have come up with a tentative idea for when my hair has grown out a bit more so that there's not such a stark contrast between my formerly burgundy do and the salt and pepper mix that is happening everywhere else.  We may just dye the ends a dark brown or black and leave the rest of my hair alone.  Got a good eyebrow arch in as well and let mom get hers done too since she managed to sit through the appointment without saying I needed to dye my hair.  I REALLY need to stay on the moisture because my hair is shedding a bit more than either me or my stylist would like.  Even with that though, hair is feeling thicker and fuller and I'm loving healthy hair.

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