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March 24, 2012

Woot Woot Progress

Okay this will probably seem like a silly post and make folks wonder what I'm normally doing to my hair and that's okay.  I started my hair journey about nine months ago after both my hairdresser and I were noticing some thinning and my hair was just being difficult in terms of growth.  We had both agreed to abandon the sew ins because they were aiding in me being lazy so there wasn't a whole lot going on after we cut it to even it out a bit.  I did become diligent in the cowashing, regular washing and trying to keep my hair moisturized.  First thing I noticed was thickness--love that lol--and gradually growth.  I was prepping my hair for my deep conditioning pre poo (yeah for Red Pimento Oil treatment) and felt like I should add a bit to my ends.  Before I realized it I had grabbed my hair into a ponytail and dabbled the ends and then went well damn it I have a real thick ponytail.  I never try to pull my hair up into a ponytail and the few times I thought about doing a bun on my hair I abandoned it because it didn't feel like the back of my hair was long enough to pull it off.  However, based on where I placed the ponytail I just may be able to do a low bun one of these days when I'm looking for a rain proof style.  Go healthy getting longer hair.  Definitely made the bathroom cleaning part one go faster and with less boredom.  Thanks everyone for your help and encouragement over the last almost year and keep it up for all of us that get frustrated along the way.

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