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September 29, 2013

Hair Post Woo Woo

Howdy everyone,

I managed to finish all of my hectic stuff yesterday and short of a minor detour with mom's brand of cheap crazy today went pretty well.  I decided not to skip or rush wash day and started as soon as I sent out this week's study guide for the exam on Friday.  And for a change I remembered to use my Hair Therapy wrap and slapped it on after I had the soup of prepoo things on my hair and under my plastic cap.  Didn't think much of it but let it sit for about 40 minutes and then went into the normal wash routine with the added step o the Shiny Silver shampoo to make sure there is no more tinge of yellow in my gray.  I did an abbreviated post wash deep conditioning and then waited for about 40 minutes post shower for my hair to lose some water.

I was ready to fight with my hair since it's been a few weeks since the perm and my hair did not get super straight like it normally does.  Imagine my shock and awe as the big rake went through my hair like it was butter.  The next two combs did the same thing and the net hair loss was amazingly limited.  See the photo below if you're up for a surprise.  Not bad for four weeks post especially after the last few weeks of what seemed like shocking loss post relaxer.  I know my hair is getting adjusted to the weather, water and my new schedule but lots of shed hair is not sexy.

I was able to meet with the trainer and figure out how to use the equipment beyond the treadmill.  Thanks to a skin condition flare up I haven't been back but I should be back to it tomorrow.  And surprisingly save last night I have been eating pretty healthy and avoiding all the feel good foods just cause.  I even abandoned my lovely big philly cheese steak sub at Subway in favor of a plain chicken strip sub (the teriyaki looks weird to me lol) and have been pleasantly surprised at how tasty it is.  I even made this last night so as not to give in to my super lazy must eat now routine.  And after finding some of the lettuce soggy remembered to check how to layer it properly so the next batch will be delicious and crispy.

How does things in your parts of the world?  Short of students not being equipped in all aspects of young adulthood, things are good here.  Inching closer to my license, mom's vacation and being financial again with my sorority.  Oh the delays of processing dues.  I could have paid them before I moved but I didn't want to have them transferred.  Oh well back to the grindstone.


  1. Is that a salad-in-a-jar? My mother used to make me those!

    1. Yes ma'am it is salad in a jar. I think that's the one I added the southwest chicken strips to but these are all the healthy don't be lazy meal craze right now.