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September 8, 2013

Wash Day, Exams, Tennis, Gym Time and Ex-Boyfriend Season

I'm sure you are wondering what any of those things have to do with each other but please let me enlighten you.  So last Saturday was much needed relaxer day and that warranted a cut and for several days all was well in my world.  By the end of the week of humid classes and really hard sleeping my hair was feeling kinda funky.  So instead of utilizing my normal "my hair feels great I'll wash it in two weeks" fresh relaxer pass I had to wash it today.  I prepooed for about two hours and then altered my wash routine slightly.  Instead of starting with my Organix shampoo I used the Shiny Silver shampoo I bought from Sally's the other day.  I'm sure some of you are wondering why I bought Shiny Silver shampoo but remember that some of my gray was tinting yellow which isn't attractive and since I hadn't yet decided if I wanted to see the stylist again I figured I should try to take care of it myself.  Turns out this is pretty common and there are tons of shampoos for silver and blond hair to remove "brassiness" and the unfortunate yellow tinting.  Ok moving on from the aside.  I then followed my normal wash routine and just added the Shiny Silver conditioner to the mix.  I deep conditioned twice after letting my hair air dry a bit.  I first used the protein deep conditioner from Tropic Isle Living (Coconut) and after letting that sit for 20 ish minutes I did my normal As I Am deep conditioner for about the same amount of time.  I air dried a bit again and then put on my As I Am leave in and the Great Detangler leave in.  There was surprisingly more hair than I'm used to being in my comb right after a relaxer as well so that didn't make it me happy.  I opted to wrap it since my freshly relaxed hair tends to behave in a wrap and because really I don't have to go in very long tomorrow and can get it together before or after that if I need to.

Now I told you the rest of it would make sense shortly so here we go.  I have been watching a ridiculous amount of tennis lately because it's the last few days of the last major of the year and people I like are still playing.  My Serbian boyfriend will be playing Nadal tomorrow in the men's final and Serena is playing right now even though she seems to be falling apart a little so it's adding to my collection of gray hair.  I watched the men's semis and got a few more then pulling for Novak and rooting against Nadal.  All while doing that though I had to get through my first round of exams to grade.  Thankfully most of my students are bright and tried.  A few others made me sad and yet a few others made me wonder if they had studied at all before coming to class.  It took a half hour longer than both matches were on to finish grading all 90 ish papers and reading through some inaccurate responses to something I said couldn't be true in the first place.  Oh for those that don't listen.  We'll see if it gets better the next exam.

As for the last one.  It was something I made up a long time ago but I swear is bearing out as true over and over again.  Last night I was minding my business when an old HS buddy, someone I mean I dated for a nanosecond, asked if I had moved and where in the state I was.  I confirmed I was in the same area as another HS associate and he was off and running.  He wants to see me when he is in town and maybe we can plan on a future together.  I have just graded 90 papers so my sense of humor is kinda not in place.  He keeps pushing and I keep gently deflecting.  He then does what men do when they are stupid as hell, ask why I don't want to sleep with him anymore--but not in such gentle language.  Well since gentle was out the window on his end I figured I could drop it on my end too and just told him not today, tomorrow or anytime this lifetime.  He wouldn't be able to entertain 20 year older me and to quit asking.  He still didn't seem to get it but it was late and I was ready to log off for the night anyway.  I started watching tv and then get the dew drop notification on my phone.  An ex who I had disappeared from on FB many many moons ago found my public profile for work and sent a friend request and message.  First my brain wanted to know why he was 1) up at 3 in the morning, 2) just figuring out we weren't friends/or went looking for me at 3 in the morning and 3) if I could patent this ex-boyfriend season thing because really it seems to occur whenever the seasons start to change and they feel a compulsion to reach out and touch someone.  I know women do the same thing from time to time but I never do so I am always confused when they do.

Ohh ohh and something totally unexpected happen too.  So I had already pretty much decided that the working out at home thing was only going to happen in extreme circumstances so I was going to try to join a gym soon.  Not because I HAVE to lose weight but more because as I've been more active walking around campus and pacing when I teach I am feeling better.  I had decided to put off the pin up shoot cause of the lack of working out but then when I got the mail on Saturday I got a surprise that say nah not really.  I had entered a contest a few months ago to win a free shoot with Lone Star Pinup.  I never win stuff (except the one time I did here) so I hadn't worried much when I hadn't heard from them lol.  Well turns out I wasn't the big prize winner but I was one of the lucky runner up folks who get a 40 buck gift card.  So yeah me and back to the gym.  I have to use it by New Year's Eve so my bucket list of doing it this year and next is likely going to happen.  Gotta find a gym and a potential trainer too.  Woot Woot.


  1. I swear men always wanna feel like they can "get back" no matter how much time has passed. Delusional. Your title sounds like my life this summer, just interpreted differently. I have played a ridiculous amount of tennis (I obsessively watched the Open also), joined a gym, am losing weight, taken up a lot of time with school.

    1. I have really bad hand eye coordination so I need really big balled sports--like volleyball. I want to learn how to play tennis though considering how much I watch. I'm joining the gym tomorrow since I booked my photo shoot for when I anticipating being home for Christmas. And yes men always feel like at some point you may just be interested in seeing them again. It's usually only an issue when they are still cute and sound sexy like this year's crop lol.