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December 7, 2013

We have achieved Creamy Crack & Other things

The time has flown by this year.  It has seen major improvements, some bad habits returning, a job loss, a new job, and some random maturing in ways that were not anticipated in January.  All of which is good.  Really good because I am finding out that achieving some goals aren't impossible and that other things are more important to me than I would have though.

Let's get down to it.  I have been back in the gym again which is great, I need to update the total again because I forgot that we are into a new month.  And I'm sure I didn't update the total for the year.  Be right back.  All right, that's all updated now.  I would have gone more this week but fun with mom has prevented one trip and Thursday was creamy crack day and Friday was dinner with some advisees (is that spelled right?).  Today I am in a wee bit of pain but am going to try to get out of here at some point today or tomorrow to get back on my hustle.  I clearly am not focused but here goes.  I kept holding on another week and another week because I really didn't want to go back to the other woman that relaxed my hair shortly after I got here.  Between the billion and one texts about her specials to my general feeling that she was basically ignoring my wants in order to get me back into the shop more often were causing some extreme resistance about caving in to see her.  Plus after texting my former hairdresser I found out the perm that my hair actually likes and realized it definitely wasn't what was pulled out of the giant pink tub and applied directly to my hair after using same tub and comb on someone else.  I went hunting for someone in town that used the same perm and confirmed that Ulta locally did and after several days of forgetting to make an appointment I stopped by on Wednesday and lucked into an appointment on Thursday.  My appointment, as seems usual with stylists late night was overbooked at best and I never actually met with the girl I was supposed to see.  Someone else volunteered because that stylist was so backed up and I have to say despite not being a short brown woman she did a great job.  My hair feels great, she was attentive and funny and just let me be quiet sometimes as the best thing ever to make you relax is someone playing in your hair.  Plus at some point during my wash out she lathered on a big dose of heaven and it felt and smelled great.  Turns out it's a Mizani product that left my hair so easy to comb through it was like butter.   And my hair had done an amazing growth turn around in three months.  I was super worried since I have been in the gym so much but it seemed to help along with potentially the inversion as well.  Either way I need to keep it up and we'll see what my hair is looking like come my official 10th line anniversary in February.  I also got my eyebrows done and everything is on schedule to go be a pinup later in the month.  I'm definitely thinking about doing it again in 2014 after some more time in the gym.

My last two gym trips included 30 minute express and 12 minute abs which isn't a full hour of working out but my body feels great when I'm done.  Planet Fitness is going to get me sexy again if I let it lol.  I need to find a scarf that I used to have that I assumed I packed but really I did not which is frustrating as hell cause it works so much better with wrapping my hair and tying it down for bed each night.  And I can't find the Elasta QP Mango Butter and Olive Oil that I packed but thanks to Wal-greens I didn't have to but it from Amazon again and overpay by leaps and bounds.  Four bucks a bottle got my original formula and I'm happy again.  I think I'm on course for great things in the new year.  I need to finish adding to my good thoughts jar because I've slipped on that but there are so many things to write.  Making new friends, reconnecting to old ones, my students are clamoring to take more of my courses.  I am loving my life right now.  And in a few weeks I get to see my family woot woot plus have another birthday that will push me even closer to 40 lol.

Here are some photos full of gray in all its glory.


  1. Congrats on your success in the gym chica! Keep it up! You're so worth it!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thanks, it's a ton of fun. And it's a better form of stress relief than snacking or sleeping or whatever else I have been doing. I need to squeeze at least 5 more workouts in this month, well four since I went yesterday, so that I can average one a week for the year even though I know I did the bulk of the working out during the last three months. January 2014 will hopefully not see me slipping back into lazy.