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November 28, 2013

Midweek update/Happy Thanksgiving

For those in the Eastern Time Zone it is now Thursday so Happy Thanksgiving.  This will be short but I may update it again later as the day goes on.  I did manage to get another work out in before the overeating commences.  I have made some cupcakes and a pecan pie even though I'm not totally loving the cupcakes appearance.  They smell good but we'll see how they taste.  The turkey is enjoying it's marinade and will be fried all delicious like tomorrow.  I'm going to make some biscuits and some rice to go with it.  Mom will make too much dressing that only she will eat lol and we'll make another neutral side dish to go with her ham.  I'm not a big ham girl but it should be fine.  I need to book my ticket for Christmas but that's all the major activity I need to accomplish.  I am on day four of inversion (Thursday would be five but it's barely Thursday) and so far so good.  How is everyone doing?


  1. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family! I hope you hair was in pin curls as you were making that pecan pie:)

  2. ROFLMAO that would have been adorable but alas I was just in a hair wrap but the pie is delicious so maybe that makes up for it.