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April 22, 2014

Wash Day: In Someone's Hands

Ok as you may have noticed, but didn't mention because you were being polite, my workout counter has only gone up by one this month because I was being a lazy bum.  After getting out of swim class on Saturday I was really tired and had literally no desire to do my own hair.  I did wash out the chlorine just in case I couldn't get in but after I made the call to see if I could get a wash and style I lounged for an hour and headed to the shop.

Let me just say I was glad that I washed my chlorine out because while the product used was great and my hair felt super clean it wasn't the in depth loving I tend to give my hair.  I sat under on those ionic dryers so my hair wasn't overly hot when I came from under it.  No need to blow dry and while the shampoo wasn't deep deep loving she was very careful with heat protectant and limiting the number of passes over my hair.  So I'm straight again, first heat on my hair in six weeks and so far so good.  I did wrap my hair with one of my new scarves--kept everything in place and added more of a whip to the slight curl.  Three days removed it still feels good and doing a quick moisturizing and sealing on it Sunday night still has it feeling good.  I'll probably do another one tonight.  It feels mostly grown back from the trim and fully recovered from clip happy chick when I first got here--who keeps texting me about her weave specials.  I need to figure out how to just reject her calls.  Yes I do have unlimited texts but if I haven't called you back from August you may want to leave that one alone.

To add to my take care of me day I got my first official facial and then got a pedicure which was much needed.  For some reason I didn't think about all the women who would want cute feet before Easter Sunday but who cares my feet are cute lol.  And I treated myself to a batch of smell goods as we used to call them.  I love Narciso Rodriguez to the point it's kinda silly.  I don't get that invested in that many scents but this one gets me.  And it was on sale so I had to grab two jars of lotion and a gift set.  I understand why people hate the jar.  While it's gorgeous the lotion itself is in a tiny tub that can be pulled out of the glass.  Bad for traveling via air since I'm thinking the pressure and that plastic tub won't work well together.  I could transfer it to a different container though even though it's a little maddening to pay that much for a less than stellar package design.  Anyway here's a shot of my For Her haul that was all on sale.

To recap:

No prepoo
Did a pre shop wash
Got an ok wash and ok scalp rubbing--I mean isn't that the whole point in going lol
Got a great flat iron with protection
Still feels and looks good

The Wash Day Experience


  1. The ONLY thing that I miss about frequenting the Dominican Salons is that scalp massage!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. I know some massage places will offer a scalp massage but somehow it's not as relaxing as when you are relaxing in a shampoo chair with your hair being pampered at the same time.

  2. I love facials and massages. I know do my own pedicures at home and it's not as relaxing as when others do it for me.

    1. The leg massage is too good for me to do my own pedicures but I really do need to plan out a massage day.

  3. These look like some nice products.

    1. I actually love this line but the EDT lasts longer than the other spray and the lotion is a little watery in comparison to the cream which is amazing.

  4. I don't blame you for being lazy, I have been having those days too! Great Haul. You are making me want a facial, peddy and manny too!
    Love the way you write