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May 15, 2014

So yeah I kinda disappeared

It was totally not my intent to just fall off the face of the earth there for a while.  And I promise I did wash and baby my hair while I was gone.  However, between the semester ending, chaperoning students on an out of state trip, finishing grades and getting ready for summer school my brain has been fried.  I could catch you up on the last two wash days but that seems silly in light of the fact that as I was judging my upcoming travel plans and schedules with work I figured out this was the last free day I'd have to get a relaxer without rushing headlong into month four post relaxer.  And while my hair had been mostly cooperative the last few weeks I could tell my roots were getting very very cranky.  Ulta is not where I imagined I'd be getting my quarterly dose of creamy crack but I love my stylist and appreciate that even when she suggests a trim she's not going nuts with the shears and she really does mean a trim.

Not sure you can completely tell from the photos cause my intrepid camera woman never says brush your hair this or that way when she takes a photo lol.  I may have to redo these tomorrow.  Here are photos of all my gray and my hair from this latest relaxer.

I promise the back isn't uneven.  The sides are much loner than the back and one side was sitting on my shoulder as you can tell in the first photo.  I'm not sure how she did it but my hair feels relaxed and my roots are back to behaving BUT it doesn't feel super flat like it can after a relaxer.  I think when my hair in the back hits my bra strap I'll even it all out but for now I'm ok with the style and feel to it.  How goes life around your parts?  I need to get back to stalking most of you.

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