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November 15, 2015

Updates and Apologies..again

Howdy all,

not sure who is still stopping by because I have been lackluster at best at updating this blog as of late but I did want to pop in today to share a few new things.  For one I am back on track with my trainer.  While I will mourn FitOrbit's easy to use platform, things have mostly transitioned well with my trainer Elizabeth on the new platform (TotalCoaching).  Much like FitOrbit you have to find the right person and price point for you.  The TotalCoaching app is actually working and while on my phone I can't log my meals super easily (or at all--if you know how to do this let me know lol) tracking the workouts is super easy and it has animated videos for 99 percent of them so that if I was confused on how an exercise should look I don't have to waste time searching on youtube to figure out what my body should be doing.  That doesn't mean I nail them all but I'm trying.  I was pretty good on food but getting better there.  And the last two weeks I actually made it to the gym three and four times respectively.  It feels great when I'm there even though my weight is going up and down.  I am consistently forty pounds down but there's a weird flux of those other ten pounds I shed that may just have been lax gym time.  Who knows but I am working on getting it all back off again.  Odder still, even though my scale and I are perpetually fighting my clothes and I are doing another tango.  There are days when all of my size 14 things feel too flipping big and then a day or so later things are good to go again.  And then the size 8/10 workout pants I bought to prep for the winter shed (none of the workout pants I like are actually available mid winter when I might be losing weight so I bought them early) legitimately fit and aren't snug.  It's seriously bizarre in my closet right now.

So now that you have been thoroughly brought up to date here's something else I've been debating.  As I noted in my last post I haven't relaxed since the end of June and my nifty Senegalese twists are making it so that I mostly don't care about that.  Which led me to think maybe I'm super done with the relaxer movement right now.  My hair loves me and I've been mean to it lol.  My stylist before the move kept encouraging me to go natural because my new growth was cute curly, I imagine like my nieces' hair because I never paid much attention to her and just encouraged the new dose of creamy crack .  When I take these down I'll be around 20 or 22 weeks post I think and I can either relax and see what my hair looks like nearly half a year with no relaxer, I can texlax but that's not high on my list, or I can commit to transitioning at this stage.  I am leaning towards the later to be honest.  There has been some sort of chemical on my hair since I was 11 and I would like to see if my hair can get past my shoulders again and be healthy.  No one seems to have a major issue with that, because of course I have asked many a friend and family member about that.  The issue, if there is one, is if I should just cut off the relaxed hair and start fresh--still protective styling with twists or something--or if I should just learn how to do the two step hair dance.  There are pros and cons to each for me so I would love to know your thoughts about moving out of the relaxer phase of my life.  Since I've embraced all of this change and wellness and new experiences for my life prior to turning 40, this seems like it could be another positive change but I'm of course anxious and wondering what to do first.

So if you've made it this far, I'm going to ask for your thoughts in the comments but also include a poll if I can figure out how to put it back in here lol.  Hope all is well with you and as life begins to slow down I will try to get back here more often.

You can vote once a day if you really want to lol and you can pick more than one answer during each vote.

What should I do with my hair?

Keep relaxing with the long stretches
Keep relaxing but don't stretch past 16 weeks
Nix the relaxer and chop it off
Nix the relaxer and grow it out first
Something else entirely
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  1. Welcome back to the blog world girl! I think it's awesome that you are considering going natural. But it's completely up to you what you decide of course. I'm doing the transitioning dance myself. Just over 86 weeks and still going. It's been a long hard learning process, but I still have hair on my head. Though I will say that I was in the middle of transitioning to texlaxed before nixing my relaxers completely. I think having texlaxed hair made it easier for me personally. Since it's much closer to my natural texture It is easier to maintain with less breakage. Can't wait to find out what you decide.

    1. I'm pretty sure the relaxer is over and done at this phase. There are definite benefits to growing it out. And my hair wasn't really loving the relaxers (i.e. they weren't really taking) the last year or so. Cutting it off means no mixed textures but short cropped hairdo mid winter seems like a bad idea lol.

  2. How do you plan to continue styling your hair?. For me that would determine my next move. If you're gonna keep it in protectve styles like the twists, you can let it be. Trim the ends and continue stretching your relaxers/ transition. I'm 5 months post and I know the struggle of dealing with different textures though so I wish you luck in whatever route you choose!

    1. I'll be protective styling. I need to not work on being lazy with my hair while I'm protective styling but my hair will probably be tucked away most of the time.

  3. I too have decided to join the natural team, but I'll be transitioning long term. Best of luck in whatever decision you make.

    1. Thanks and I'll be checking out your progress as you transition.