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July 27, 2016

Just So Fresh and Clean

Hey everyone,

The summer is mostly over for me in terms of workload and y'all just don't know how happy I am about that.  I've been able to get a few more workouts in over the last few weeks now that I'm not teaching for six and half hours every day.  I just got back from a much needed vacation and decided that I had to get over the time since my last install and just take down my twists.  I'm sure that as my hair grows out more the ability to leave it up longer will disappear and I will have to start tinkering with my hair more than I do now.  I took as many photos as I could because I wanted to have time points of each phase.  I knew there would be much shrinkage going on after I washed but was happy that my hair looked nice and full when I took the twists out.  I also forgot that my hair is basically stretched at that point so that's what full blown out length would be but anyhoo this is me last night after I finally was done removing all the wonderful gray locks.

I had planned on washing it but between driving back from the airport and a later than planned start on the take down I just went to bed after I took my hair down.  I was expecting a little more compact stuff going on to be honest so I was happy with the post scarf take down look this morning.  Ignore the damn it's bright in here look cause my room is woosah bright in the morning.

I decided to skip the prepoo and and just use two new products I got during my last troll through Ulta's discount aisle.  DevaCurl No Poo and One Conditioner.

I have no idea why I need the towel and didn't use it this morning because I paid attention to another new product I bought which said to detangle my hair while I still had conditioner in it and then wash it out and move on to my leave in and add this product to the mix.

I used another Kinky Curly product as my leave in as well.

This is what I looked like post detangle and then about eight hours later.

Yes ma'am there was shrinkage and the part kind of went by the way side but when I tell you my hair still feels soft and most of the curls that defined this morning are still popping.  I'm not sure if you remember me mentioning a few posts back that the shampoo and I were not loving each other.  I wasn't sure if the No Poo would do much but my hair felt great this morning just from cleansing it.  Yes there was the shed hair that came out as I moved through it but nothing major in the way of tangles like has happened with my Moroccan Oil the last few washes.  That alone got DevaCurl some love.  I had to remember that it wasn't going to do give me massive lather but it was worth the risk.  Then I moved on to my DevaCurl One Conditioner and my hair loved it as well.  I can't skip the Mizani  MoistureFuse Moisturizing conditioner because I LOVE IT but really I could have stopped after I picked my hair out with a wide tooth comb using just the DevaCurl.  So yeah great easy wash day.  Enjoying the moment but still gotta do the leave in and for once I didn't spray it half to death I just went with wet hair, again at the encouragement of Kinky Curly and just added in the leave in/detangler.  I used my wide tooth comb again to get most of the stray shed hair and once I felt like it was in a good place I added in the Custard.  I probably used too much in some spots but nothing felt hard or weird and the curls were really just too cute.  And to top it off my hair smells amazing.  Not too intense but clearly fresh and clean and looking healthy.  I might switch it up next time but I am just intrigued on the lack of oil and how my hair has managed to feel and stay moisturized all day.  Right now I'm focused on what works and if I can get wash day down to a simple maybe 30 minute experience it's going to be on and popping.

The Wash Day Experience

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