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June 10, 2017

Adulting is Hard

It's been a minute since I posted.  I did all of things I mentioned in the previous post and since then have been in on a billion other meetings, been mom's doctor appointment taxi service and almost finished teaching all of my classes for the summer.  Two weeks from now give or take a day or so I'll be super duper done and can focus on rest, working on a presentation for the upcoming conference in August and randomly do a few things for my job in July but really I want to do as much of nothing as humanly possible. 

Amazingly enough my twists are still holding on and I am likely going to leave these in until the summer classes.  Then I'm going to take them down, tending to the trauma of detangling my locks and try to deal with my fro for as long as possible during the month of July.  I think I mentioned in the last post that I finally figured out that I probably wasn't using enough product on my hair after I washed it to let it dry.  My excuse will be that for relaxed hair would have been a hot mess had I done that and I'm still learning to process this textured hair versus the silky smooth hair.  On the upside I have no desire to revert back to relaxed hair.  For one thing finding a consistently available stylist in this area is a hot damn mess but beyond that I'm enjoying my hair and learning how to deal with the mass of curls that were on my head when I was a younger human.  I am looking forward to my real Mufasa Mane of salt and pepper tendrils.  I'm just enjoying my hair. 

Weight has been holding steady but that's because my gym motivation has been nil when there are 50 other things going on.  Meal planning thanks to my trainer is good but I need to revisit my self care mantra and figure out how to get kick started again.  Okay I'm for some reason watching the Belmont race so I'm going to get back to that and hope it cools down again soon so I can take a walk.

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