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July 4, 2017

Twilight Zone Marathons rock

So I logged on earlier with the intention of just giving a brief update on what's been happening and to of course go overboard with my happy for the tv show that makes all the random fireworks tolerable today.  Except when I got to my page things looked off.  Turns out Photobucket, who clearly is tired of giving away things for free, had replaced a few of my hosting images with one of their own saying that I needed to "update" my account in order to restore them.  So I click over to the site and look for something to update and there's squat.  I at that point am getting annoyed and start doing some searching before going directly to the website the image referenced.  In order to keep using the images as I had been the previous few years this blog has been active I would have to upgrade not update my account.  And that upgrade wasn't going to come cheap.  I had to be willing to shell out at least 40 bucks a month, or 400 annually woo two months free, to keep my links active in the way they had been.  Most of my images of my hair and stuff I upload directly to blogger so thankfully I wasn't losing a ton of stuff there but my divider bar, signature and a few things in the side bar were MIA.  I just had done some digging about other images and remembered I could embed the images in this site and just did that but then had to edit the HTML code.  Many cut and pastes, a random error that I had to look on how to fix and many saves to be safe and the page is mostly restored.  Some of the image tags for different posts will be absent until I go in to fix them but the page itself is good.

So the reason I came to post in the first place was about my hair.  I took my hair down last Wednesday and lost the normal amount for me of hair but it was because my lazy was on point this last time.  Plus I left my twists in longer than I planned on doing so because yeah that lazy.  I did get a few workouts in and that felt amazing but I am trying to figure out what makes me ebb and flow so much these days.  I have been natural now for 17 months I think since I chopped out the relaxer February of 2016.  It's been an interesting process and even when I'm unhappy at losing some hair I haven't felt an overwhelming desire to straighten it again.  I've been tucking it back under protective styles like clockwork to counteract my lazy on one level but also because it wasn't at a length I wanted to do anything with or the styles I might want to rock were not even trying to act right with my hair.  I thought about that more in depth yesterday when I put my hair into a puff for the first time.  It wasn't a giant puff by any stretch but it was enough that it didn't feel like I was forcing it lol. The first two photos are one of the last one I took before the twists came out.  The second is post take down.  If you look careful in the back there is a nice tangle of why you leave me up in that braid so damn long.  I took a LOT of time to undo those tangles and was impressed that even though it took all day my hair felt great the next morning even if it was mushed and needed to be revived with some moisturizer and my comb.  I also remembered something else my hair is too damn think to be playing with hair clips anyone can wear.  I gotta come with some force or nothing is going to happen.  Thus the puff.  I have a big head just to be clear lol so the band stretching twice took some effort but once it was in I have a puff to be proud of.  The first is in the morning right after it was done.  The second is after I'd done my day of running around.

I realized something else too.  I had some comparison issues going on.  Other people seemed to hit this puff stage at the 8 month mark or just had looser curls so they looked so much nicer.  Or even the TWAs I saw curled up so nicely with just a bit of water and gel.  I was like nah that's not happening over here and that's frustrating let's just leave it up in the twists.  That was probably the main reason why I hadn't done this style or a few others (and nope I didn't gel down the front cause I wasn't worried about that) was because my shrinkage is a bear and in order to get super defined curls it feels like there's a ton of product on my hair.  I did use some on the puff but not as much as I could have even though all the curl defining creams or gels are working about the same on me.  The back is popping with almost no effort.  The front part is like shellac it on ma'am.  I may wash my hair tomorrow with the Pantene Gold Series products I got to test from Pantene and Influenster.

Hopefully all of you are well.  Have a great day, week, month, year and all that jazz.

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