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December 31, 2017

Bring on 2018

Two posts in the same month shut up.  This will happen more often I hope in the new year.  So this is just an end of the year wrap up thing.  I've spent the last few days throwing things away, organizing things, washing things and making plans for a new t-shirt quilt.  That t-shirt quilt planning has opened up a lot of room in my drawers which will help too as I have new t-shirts to replace them with as well as I want to actually get things completely put away after I finish washing them all.  In respect to the myriad of superstitions that surround Southern Black culture after the next load of clothes I'll be on washing hiatus until the 2nd.  We never wash clothes on the 1st of the year.  I think Grandma used to say you don't want to wash away good luck on the first but yeah we just don't do it.  My mother doesn't wash on Sundays but I wasn't in wash mode yesterday so boo we got one or the other.  I'm feeling better about that organizing thing cause really my room was getting a little nuts. 

We're under a wind chill advisory for another two days so not sure the gym will see my cute behind before the 3rd but I am washing new and old clothes for that process.  Found my lock and remember the combination--good looking out random number memory.  Found all of my gym shoes, one pair had been MIA for a minute, and have a bag to pack everything into so I'll be good to go whenever that is at this point.  But this weather is hella disrespectful so I'm glad that I planned well enough to have food ready through the 1st.  Regardless, this year will be on my own again.  I was sad when my trainer announced she was shutting down her online practice but it makes sense.  This isn't away to get rich unless you push more aggressive pricing methods and can attract a continuous client base.  It took me a minute to find her initially and the site that I found her on folded so yeah fitness online is a weird business.  On the other hand I had seen something before I heard from her that seemed intriguing.  I'll tell you more about it if I buy into it fully but give me a month first and we'll see how it goes.  I've done more meal planning as of late just to see if I could.  Honestly, if I cut out the snacking and think like Elizabeth lol this should be the year that Operation Serena Fine stays firmly locked and loaded.  Keep you fingers crossed for me.

OSF may go better with loose curls so I haven't gotten retwisted yet but I may do that just for convenience for a while.  I'm also ready to go get the edges redone about a month in or as needed cause my hair is not trying to leave my head like that anymore. I think I'm rambling now.  Y'all have a good New Year's Eve and I'll see ya next year.

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