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February 9, 2019

777-9311, not really 7 months loc'd

Just had to throw in a Prince song because well why not.  I may be a few days late on this officially but I just had my 7 month retwist appointment and length is what is on tap now.  They aren't super hard yet but for 7 months I'm not sure that I would expect them to be.  So let's do the photos first before I get into me being pseudo-paranoid about taking care of my hair lol.

This whole no glasses thing is throwing me off even looking at myself but let's move on lol.  The locks in the back are much longer than my hair naturally likes to hang back there.  Of course part of that is the hair is permanently stretched but that's also the area where I sweat the most and had that loose patch of hair.  I told that to my loctician as soon as I sat down and she concluded it had just come from the surrounding locs and tuck it back in well.  Haven't noticed any issues yet and I realized that I might have contributed to some of that last time when I went to get a massage a few days after my retwist and didn't protect my hair from the hot towels or table.  I asked her about the tiny little buds or separation at the ends of some of my locs and I think she patched one because it was stretched a bit and the others she said that was kinda normal.  Good deal for me because I will freak out.

The front of my hair didn't grow as much as I thought it would but upon letting it hang it definitely got longer.  I probably need to moisturize it at some point today because my scalp is a little itchy.  I'll see her one more time before I head out of the country so fresh do before I hit the plane.  We'll see how well it does after a week of traveling.  Otherwise nothing much is going on here.  How goes life for everyone else?

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